Friday, June 27, 2008

"Third Times a Charm"- unknown

Alright my dear friends, I'm sending out a red alert right now!!!! I just found out American Idol Auditions are the end of July in Salt Lake City Utah, and obviously I'd really like to hit them up, and scratch getting on a reality show off my life list.

Now my last two experiences with Idol where unsuccessful obviously, so I'm thinking my only in is an automatic audition in front of Paula, Simon, and Randi. . . . .which from what I hear you can get if you win a local contest, for example Jordin Sparks the year she won auditioned for Idol in California and had the same luck I've had, never made it past the 1st round, she then went home won Arizona Idol and got an automatic audition in front of the judges. I think I need that! So I'm asking you all to keep yours ears open (especially my Utah friends!) For any competitions that I could possibly enter that might get me a prize like that.

I just wanna get on TV that's the goal. . . . but I don't wanna pretend to be a reject, and I don't wanna do a gimmick, I just wanna meet the judges as myself and say "Straight Up now tell me I'm not meeting Paula Abdul right now!" and then I believe I could die Happy!

So if anyone has any suggestions or hears anything. . . . please please please let me know!

I still have a lot of things to figure out and a lot of work to do, but you guys all know this has been one of my biggest dreams for a long long time, so I don't wanna regret not giving it another shot, and like they always say. . . . .third time's a charm. . . . .right?

I'll keep my fingers crossed!


Carolyn said...

Oh my gosh! I am SO rooting for you. And, I live in Utah, and am going to totally listen for when something sweet like that happens! I hope it does!

Jenifer said...

Good luck! Brave girl. Not that I can sing at all, but I would never be brave enough to try out for something this big! Hope third time IS a charm!

sarakorbi said...

oh I wish I knew of a contest. Can you tell them you won "Korbi's favorite singer Award?" Best of luck, I am cheering for you!

krystind said...

i'll email the radio station to see if they know of anything coming up... i'll keep you posted.

Han*Gaert said...

Hey Emily! I don't really know of any comps. but I do know how you can get on TV. My husband and I are broadcast journalism majors ... and I've been on Ellensburgs public station several times... I know not really what you're aiming for BUT! My husband was a reporter for a Yakima station and was on air everyday until his paid internship was over. Now we're looking for something bigger. Sometimes starting small and stupid really pays off in the end! GOOD LUCK MY DEAR! :)
LOVE Nichole

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