Tuesday, June 10, 2008

“Junk is the ultimate merchandise. . . "- William S. Burroughs

Stealing other peoples good ideas has been my thing for a while now, for example whenever Angie would come up with a cool saying or watch something funny and quote it, I would steal it and pretty soon everybody thought I was the genius behind the material, but not the case, it was usually Angie or somebody else I admire for their coolness, so why should it stop with blogging.

The Other day I was catching up, with some of my friends and reading what was going on in their lives and a stumbled across my good buddy Katie's blog about helping her parents move and finding a bunch of stuff she couldn't believe she'd held on too for so long, and because a lot of the time I like to one up people, I decided to post some of the most ridiculous things I've held on to over the years, because I believe I'm the hugest pack rat this side of the Mississippi! And I challenge anyone to one up me!

Pam Curnell was the choreographer for all the musicals I participated in High School and at the last performance she always gave us a little token to remember the show by. My freshmen year we did a musical called Rock N Roll (it was a dandy let me tell you!) Everything was 50's themed, so she made all the girls in the cast these little decorative boxes filled with Candy. I was a freshmen in '99 and it wasn't until about 2005 that I actually got rid of the candy inside of it, and I still have yet to use it for anything. . . . .why do I still have this thing? A side note. . . the next three years she made us all dolls that resembled the characters we played, I still have all of those, and those are completely exempt from the toss out pile, so don't even ask!

At one point in my life I believe I had in my possession every stitch of music we ever performed (or thought about performing) in choir, but for some reason I decided to hold on to these ones in the hopes that maybe someday I'd get a chance to perform them again, for what it's worth I have managed to use some of the Christmas music I saved like "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and "Oh Holy Night". But I'm still waiting for my chance to bust out "Dry Bones" or "The Sinatra Showcase".

Just like the sheet music. . . .I never know when I might have to reprise my role as Irma in "The Boy Who Changed the World, or better yet as The Story Teller in "Wishes Come True, Secrets of the Rainbow Planet." And I'm pretty sure the school may have been fined for me not sending back my Cinderella Libretto! Oh well I still got my Diploma so I guess it doesn't matter. . . .Gee I hope Mr. Hendrickson doesn't stumble upon this some day!

My first semester of College our Compassionate Service Leader in my relief society instigated this thing called "warm fuzzies" where every Sunday you would write someone a nice note telling them something you liked about them, or appreciated, and then the CSL would deliver them, Oh yeah I still have those. . . . I guess it's OK to hold on to notes especially when they say something kind, but some aren't signed and say things like "Your Nice". . . . and I can't remember half of the girls anyway. . . . sad story!

This just might take the cake for craziness! This Lamp Shade has each and everyone of my corsages from High School dances pinned to it. Let's throw out some numbers, my first dance was in 2000 and it's 2008. . . . .not to mention I've been out of High School for 6 years! Is it really necessary for me to keep these, and I'm pretty sure this lamp doesn't even work anymore! I blame my mother as well as myself for this monstrosity.

This little bear was placed in my incubator when I was first born. . . . .on second thought. . . .that isn't pathetic. . . .people keep this kind of stuff all the time. . . right? Ok I admit this bear has seen cleaner days, but the sentiment alone makes it worth hanging on too. . . .I hope!

I'm sad to say it was after high school that I started collecting these, Dee and I would play with them when we went out to eat at Perkins or Shari's, and I think at the time we thought they where pretty cool to play with during Sacrament meeting, maybe that's why I still have them, so I can pass them on to my children. I have about 5 or 6 more, but I seemed to have temporally misplaced them. . . . I sure hope they turn up!

The second to the last day of Kindergarten was Crazy Socks/Sunglasses day, and I didn't have any shades, so on the way to school my Dad and I stopped at Safeway and picked these little gems up, and he told me firmly "Now Emily, Don't you lose these!" and so far I haven't! They have survived about 5 or 6 different moves and obviously the test of time, because I'm pretty sure I saw these exact shades on The Olsen twins the other day . . . . take that! And you all thought I was irresponsible!

I tried to save a real zinger for last. . . . .this my friends is My State Report on Tennessee from 5th grade! I just recently found this on a new book shelf my mother just purchased. . . .which means she is yet again to blame for my shinigans! I didn't even get a perfect score on this report so. . . . . WHY ON EARTH DO WE STILL HAVE THIS??????

I Challenge all you, my dear blogging friends to a battle! Anyone out there dare challenge my impeccable pack ratting skills. . . . let me know, and we will see who comes out the pack rattingest of them all!!!

Keep it Real!



Brandon Dee Anne and Boston said...

OH my Gosh Emily....You made my day, I can't believe you still have some of that stuff...Funny enough I still have lil homies in one of my diaper bags and boston plays with them...and the play scripts, that makes me wonder what happend to all mine over the years. And the Warm fuzzies...what a crazy fun ward we had. I sure miss you. All this blod did was remind me of all the things we did together, even if it was a million or so years ago. Promise you won't forget me...cause I just can't forget you!

Ashley said...

You are hilarious! Question - you have to let me in on the post updates on your contact list...I NEED that! Pretty Please :)

Ashley said...

Thats a new feature! Worked like a charm, thanks keeping me up on the latest and greatest :)

Ashley said...

emily west!! I have that wishes come true book too!! What the flip! I can't believe that was so stinkin' long ago!

Katie said...

Ummmm, I love that I TOTALLY had about a zillion of the same things you just posted, but didn't put the photos on my blog. This is too hysterical!!! We need psychological help, Em!