Saturday, August 28, 2010

"Ever Been Called Fatty Emily"- weightloss email in my inbox

As most of you have noticed on my facebook, I've been on a diet and losing weight! For 6 weeks to be exact and I've lost a total of 32 lbs. Now I'm sure a lot of red flags are jumping up and some of you are like HOLY CRAP are you eating? Well please rest assure I am not starving myself and I am on a legit Dr. ssupervised diet and for the last 3 weeks I've wanted to blog about what I'm doing, mainly because many of you have inquired about what it is exactly. Let's start from the beginning.......

So right after graduation, Angie put in a good word for me at Dr. Earl's office and I got hired, and was super stoked because not only did I not have to beat the streets for months trying to find work, but I also could dress up and actually do my hair for the my job.....which after working at Safeway was a blessing and a half......but I digress.

A good friend of Dr. Earl's named Bill Waites, was on this program called Ideal Protein and lost 60lbs in 3 months. So Dr. Earl decided to try it out in his clinic and needed someone on board to do the diet as well as "Coach" other patients who eventually signed up, and I bet you can guess who got nominated......This girl!

As most of you know, it wasn't gonna kill me to drop a few pounds and I had spoken with Dr. Earl who is also my Bishop in the Singles ward about the need for a weight loss program and what do you know, everything just kind of came together I got a job and a diet all in less then a month!

OK back on track...

So what is Ideal Protein? Well, it's sort of a marriage of the Atkins Diet and Nutri-system. It was studied in the same place as Atkins and has the same premise with the low carb, high protein, but I am not allowed as much cheese and meat as I want, and I'm not consuming all the saturated and trans fats that comes along with that diet as well, so you're welcome heart!

Anyway, Ideal Protein makes a variety of packaged foods that are all powdered and you pretty much just add water, in addition you have to eat 4 cups of vegetables a day and at dinner your choice of a lean meat. I guess the thing that sets this diet apart from the rest is that because of the high protein, and limited carbs and sugars you're body goes into a state they call Ketosis which means it's burning fat, not muscle mass. Also with this protocol if you don't cheat you lose 3-5 lbs a week, no plateauing, every week you should lose if you're body is in Ketosis.

So if you can handle no dairy, bread, pasta, fruit, or root based vegetables, then by golly this is the diet for you! OK yeah the diet is really restrictive, but the results are quick, and that makes it SOOOOOO worth it!

OK picture time.......I've noticed the results mostly in my face, although my clothes fit great, and I feel great, and I'm about the weight I was when I was a Senior in High School, so in 6 weeks I lost the weight that took me 8 yrs. to gain.

This picture was taken the Sunday before I started IP.

This is last week at the Rodeo

Needless to say it's exciting to see my 2nd chin disappear....I'd like to say goodbye old friend, but I think I'm better off without it!

Now I've been on plenty of diets, but this is the longest I've stuck with any kind of weight loss program, and I just need so say that it helps immensely when people are cheering you on a long the way, so I just wanna say Thanks so much to all of you who have been so incredibly supportive, it really has been super motivating, and I can't thank you all enough for your kind words! I mean I still have a long way to go, but I'm so motivated to keep going and your compliments and words of encouragement have made this journey easier!
Thank you a million times over!