Thursday, May 20, 2010

"After all you put me through, you think I would despise you. But in the end I wanna thank you, cause you made me that much stronger!"- Christina Aguilera

Woke up Tuesday morning with a text from Angie that said "You might wanna check your car"

This is what I found.........

That's flour mixed with a major down pouring of rain and maybe a little water by the perpetrator and get paper mache/dough all over my car.....awesome!

I didn't have any extra time to take the car to the wash, I was already running late, and Tuesdays and Thursdays are my long days at after some time in the sun.... I guess this is what happens......

 Should I have been surprised when I took it to get hosed down that night, that this is what I would be left with?

Just like new eh??

Wednesday after even more time baking in the sunshine, 2nd attempt at clean up ended with these results.....

Close, but no cigar!

Back to the manual car wash I went..... and after a million quarters and an hours worth of spraying and scrubbing............

Its still got crap on it!

Oh and that's not soap all over the car wash either....that's globs of the dough that was encasing my car! My apologies to whoever has to clean that up!

SO after 3 car washes, $30, and a new pair of windshield wipers later...this is what I'm left with......

So with that said.......

Thank you......Joe

For giving me the opportunity to annihilate you!!!!!

You may have won the battle..............but you have NOT won the war!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

"Love is missing someone whenever you're apart, but some how feeling warm inside because you're close in heart."- Unknown

 I know it's Saturday, but today's post is belated, but I consider this my Flashback Friday..... I've been thinking about my good buddy Whitney Smith, today is her birthday, and so this blog post is dedicated to her!

Back in November, Whitney left Mo-town and we all got together for what I dubbed "The Last Supper", I was was supposed to post the pictures like forever ago, so sorry very sorry this took so long, but here are some of my favorite shots from that night!

The menfolk were especially sorry to see her go!

Meredith is looking especially fierce in this pic, and by fierce I mean like a rapid dog! (Love You Mear-bear)

Two is plenty......

Three's.....a crowd?

Could my hair be bigger in this shot??


Oh puppy dog face........

This is our reenactment of DaVinci's famous painting!.... pretty good eh?

Just to give a little background, Whitney moved to Moses Lake to teach dance at Today's Generation, and she became the most sought after person in the Singles Ward, so I secretly hated her because she was everything I wanted to be. That first Sunday she impressed me a great deal because instead of chilling with all the dudes like most girls in the past. She was kind and considerate to everyone, and it was like that for the entire time she lived her, she could possibly be the sweetest person I know! Oh and fun fact not only was she my friend, but she also was one of my instructor's last year, which was funny, and awesome!

I miss her presence in our small town, but unfortunately Moses Lake had to spread the love and let the world have a little Whitney in their life. And when I say world I mean that by no exaggeration, she is currently teaching English in Taiwan, last summer she was in Fiji doing humanitarian work, and the summer before that El Salvador!

I admire her a great deal, If I had half her ambition and determination.....well I don't even want to think of where I'd be!

I just feel lucky to call her friend!

SO here's to you Whitney, I love ya, I miss ya! and Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

“If you were happy every day of your life you wouldn't be a human being, you'd be a game show host.”- Gabriel Heater

Before reality shows, regular Joe's had few choices for their 15 minutes of fame, you could either appear on the News, Talk Shows, or Game shows.

I've never been one to break the law or save kittens from trees, so I knew the evening news was outta the picture, and my family and my childhood was too normal for shows with Jerry Springer or Ricky Lake, but when I watched game shows......I thought, now that's something I could do!

So today's "Belated Top 5" is.................

Emily's Favorite Game shows!

Double Dare

As a child Nickelodeon was sort of a babysitter for me, it was my favorite channel, and Double Dare was my favorite game show! Every time I watched it, I dreamt of the day I could slide down that tongue slide and get covered in slime and all sorts of crazy stuff! I'm was never very good at racing and I'm not known for my speed, but when it comes to making messes I'm a champ, just ask my Madre....and Angie! Anyway, trivia, and crazy challenges, mixed with a sweet obstacle course at the end, all for cool prizes!!! Double Dare was the best game show EVER!!!!

Rock'n' Roll Jeopardy-

It's the only kind of Jeopardy I feel smart watching, although I wouldn't want to go up against, Edwin McCain, Mark MaGrath, or C.C. Deville, because those guys were ridiculous with the stuff they remembered... I never expected that from C.C. thought all the drugs would have warped his memory, but he was a force to be reckoned with.

Also does anyone recognize the host?

let's take a closer look.....


That's right it's Jeff Probst who now hosts Survivor!


Supermarket Sweep-

Lifetime may have the most depressing movies, but back in the day their game shows made me seriously happy! If there is one thing I know how to do, it's spend money, so a game show where you have to spend as much money as possible to win.....sounds like it was designed just for me!  

Remote Control-

Television themed trivia questions you answer from the comfort of your own Lazy boy....must have been sent from Heaven! Why has no one tried to bring this back???? I mean everything else is making a comeback! Why not this!!!


Shop til You Drop!

I think it should be farely clear that any game show involving pop culture and shopping would be on the top of my list.... thus shop til you drop! You get asked questions about various products and stores and sometimes you have to figure out what items are more expensive then another, and then if you make it to the end you could potentially win a massive shopping spree by doing a massive shopping spree! AWESOME!!!

Honorable Mention- Let's Make a Deal
based solely on the fact that you get to dress up and your chance to play is often based on what items you have in your purse... I like my odds with this one!

OK people, time for you to chime in, what are some of your favorite game shows?

Monday, May 10, 2010

"We can't all be heroes because someone has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by"- Will Rogers

No one takes the place of your own mother, no matter what she's the one that gave you life, and no one takes the place of that. Sometimes in your life though people come along that act as a mother figure, and not to take anything away from my Mom who I love, I want to take a second to give thanks to the surrogate mothers in my life.

The priesthood leaders in our singles ward have a specific calling to lead our ward, often times there wives come along for the ride to support, they don't have to come, they don't have to participate and stay out late and take part of all our crazy shenanigans, but the past few years I've been in singles ward the wives of our leaders have gone above and beyond, and I would like them to know how much I appreciate all they do and the great influence they are in my life.

Carol Merril, Jane Payne, Allison Black, Lora Bailey, and Grandma Byington! This is why you are my heroes!

Ward dinners would not be possible with out all of your expertise,  and every other Sunday when we have linger longer I'm fairly certain we would never eat were it not for their contributions. Relief Society lessons would struggle without their wise inputs! And I'm 99.9% sure without Sis. Bailey and Sis. Payne's matchmaking skills anyone would be dating at all!

These ladies are thrown in the midst of all our craziness and they love and take care of us even when some of us are completely nuts! I love them for sacrificing their free time to help keep things running smoothly, and I'm appreciative of the examples of what an Eternal Marriage should be like. It reminds me of what I'm holding out for!

Thanks again Singles Ward Mommala's..... You are my heroes!

Bro. and Sis. Bailey

Sis. Black, Me, and Sis. Merril
Bro. and Sis. Payne

Friday, May 7, 2010

"When I was younger I could remember anything, whether it happened or not.”- Mark Twain

This week marks the anniversary of my first attempt at college. It makes me cringe to say this, but 6yrs. ago almost to the date, I started my first semester at BYU-Idaho, my first time living away from home, and my first real shot at being an adult.

I moved to Rexburg a few weeks before school actually started and I lived in St. Anthony with my Uncle Pete and his family, while I looked around for a job, and housing, and worked on solidifying everything for school.

Suzette Michie, and DeeAnne Green 2 of my good buddies from high school were looking for a place to live as well and so we decided to room together. Suzette and I went house hunting one day, and almost literally stumbled upon the housing on this street.........

What can I say about College Ave. It was my home for the majority of the time I lived in Rexburg (I moved a street over my last semester, we will discuss cornerstone at a later date!) This street is located right across from campus, the Spori Building to be exact and it had quit possibly the oldest houses in rexburg on it. There were several homes and one Apartment Complex (that was rumored to be an old hospital) called the Davenport Apartments. I'm not exactly positive they were up to BYUI housing code, but the rent was super cheap, and for whatever reason Suz and I decided it was the way to go, and the next thing we knew we were moving into the downstairs apartment of house number 121. If only we would have known the glories that place had in store for us.

My Favorite things about that basement were.......

We had these annoying crows just outside Dee's bedroom that made the loudest most horrible, cauking noises in the morning, one Sunday after church Dee attempted to chase them out of the trees so she could have some peace and quiet for her Sunday nap. the visions of her flapping her arms imitating those obnoxious birds make me smile every time I think about it! Also we had an ear wig infestation that was super awesome and ruined many a box of cereal, that was when I found out that ear wigs don't actually crawl in your ears and lay eggs in your brain. Also the tenants previous to us did not clean the stove... like ever, and they let grease and all sorts of nasty stuff collect under the burner and one time Dee and Suz almost burned the house down when the burner caught on fire, sadly enough I slept through the whole thing, even the fire alarm going off.

But it wasn't just the house, Dee LOVED to pick on me, I'm like way bigger then her and if she would have provoked me enough I'm sure I would have taken her down (wink wink), but alas many a late night you would see me chasing her down the street, because she stole my pillow, or wrapped up in my mattress pad yelling "I'm a Pandido, I'm a Pandido", we loved our "Doink Doink" aka Law and Order SVU.But for some reason the memory of Dee that sticks out the most was every time she had a Popsicle she would throw the stick behind the television, there were a lot of sticks accumulated at the end of the semester!

Suzette kinda got the raw end of the deal and got stuck with the Harry Potter room under the stairs, the best part of her room was this door to the backyard that was taped closed.... it really made Suz feel super safe!

I got a job Cleaning the Spori building at 4 O'clock in the morning.........

Here's a shot of me on my first day of work!

I actually really liked that job, most of the time I put my head phones on and just sang and rocked out to my tunes, while I scrubbed toilets, and cleaned offices. The start time was rough, but the job was easy, and kind of relaxing. But it made for lots and lots of nap time, and it also made for poor attendance in my 8 o'clock Psych class.

That semester Suz, my buddy Krystin Davies aka K-Dizzle, and I all took a Beginning Jazz Dance class, and well lets just say it was a highlight. That's where we learned Suzette wasn't an ambi-dancer!

Not only did I strengthen my bonds with old friends from home, but I created new long time friendships as well.

It's when I first met John Walker, we served as activity committee co-chairs and we became fast friends, I thought he was the prettiest boy I'd ever seen and one night he walked me home from a friends house down the street and from that moment on he was one of my most favorite people, we made lots of memories while at BYUI and I'm sure you'll hear about him more in the future!

This is a shot of us at our White Trash BBQ one of the many sweet activities we planned that summer.

Jamba Juice was a new place for me, I'd heard about it's tasty treats, and once I tried it I was hooked! This guy was the banana man, and to advertise, you could find him on the street corners dancing for his LIFE! it was so hilarious!

Lacey, Katie, and Cassie came to visit that summer and because Lacey was an old Rexburg Vet, she knew all the sweet places to hit up, including this hot spot she called the Palisades, I'm not exactly sure what it was called for real, but you had to drive about an hour an a half to get there, but once you did!!!! Worth IT! It was a waterfall that spiralled down into a basin, and you could hike down it, it was amazing!!!! Now we all know I'm not super outdoorsy, but that was something I attempted every summer I was there. Sadly though that place eventually had a bad mudslide and now if I was told right, it no longer exists, or it's unsafe to attempt, so sorry current rexburgians, this place only lives on in my memory!

So don't ask how it started,  because I'm not entirely sure, but one night we just started hanging out on the stoop outside the boys apartment and eventually dubbed it "Porch Time"! It was our evening ritual, and often times you could find John's brother Bill telling us crazy stories, or we'd just ask each other random questions, that was my favorite thing to do with my friends back home, and it quickly became my favorite with my new friends there.

Pictured here from L-R Back row- Mike McCullough, Sierra Garcia, V-Dogg, and Cassie. Front Row Dave Gaskin, Me, and Kim.

These girls lived next door and were our FHE sisters, That's Kim Copeland (now Beachly), Myself, V-Dogg aka Vanessa, and Cassie Copeland (who was my roommate about a year later) Seriously love these ladies!!!!!

The last night before the break between semesters, all the ladies came together to pull pranks on the boys apartments. We stayed up all night, snuck out past curfew to hit Ramirez, the only 24 hour restaurant at the time. We dressed in black, painted our faces and stirred up mischief, it was AWESOME!!!

This was my date Aaron for the girl ask guy luau!

To date I have yet to have a summer as much fun, as that first one I spent in Rexburg, so many new adventures, so many new people, and so many memories! I'm sitting here absolutely stressed out because there are so many stories and pictures I wanna share, but it will have to be another time and another place. i think this post is long enough. So just to sum things up, I can't even believe how fortunate I was to have things come together so well, that summer. Because of all that took place, Rexburg will always hold a special place in my heart. Some people have a rough time heading off to school in a new area surrounded by new things and faces, but I got off easy, and had the best time of my life!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Gratitude is riches. Complaint is poverty."- Doris Day

                                                                      Thank You, 24-

For making me skeptical of Russians!

Thank You, Crazy Kid in my Math class that blesses himself when he sneezes-

                     for thinking no one in the class likes you enough to extend you that courtesy!

Thank You, claw machine at Denny's-

For reminding me who your target audience is.......

Thank You, Leggings-

          For being an alternative to pants when all mine are dirty and I have no desire to shave my legs!

Thank you Kim Kardashian-

                                               For taking "cougar" status to a whole new level!

Thank you Kyle-

For never being afraid to make a fool of yourself!

Thank You, Wind-

For styling my hair all week!

Thank You, Bret Michael's-

For proving reality dating shows don't work......but brain hemorrhages do!

Thank You, Joy-

For defying gravity!

Thank You, Big Red glasses-

For coming back into style!

you were missed!