Friday, June 20, 2008

"(Sumo Wrestlers) are Infants on Steroids"- Rikishi

This is what I did on my lunch break today!
I dare anyone to top this lunch break!!!!!. . . . . . . . .
Oh Yeah. . . . .Gwenny got the Sumo suits for her party tomorrow, so we decided to test them out and surprise her Mom at work. . . . and let me tell you Food Pavillion got a show!!!!

Yum. . . .Duncan Hines!

Hmmmmm zero trans fat means it's good for you right?

Go Go Gadget Arms!!!!!

Where's Gwenny??????


I took a little video, because I thought this had to be comedic gold, and it was!!!

And now it's time for a face off. . . . . Don't worry I gave Gwen the Stank eye!!!!


Yeah that was a bad call, my stomache still hurts from that collision, we needed way more air in those suits, but don't worry we will be pumped and ready to go SAturday!!!!

Until then Happy Friday!!!!

Peace Out!