Thursday, December 25, 2008

". . . . But I heard Him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!"- Twas the Night Before Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!
I hope you all made the "Nice" List this year and Santa brought you everything you wanted!

Me with my Dad aka Santa in 2000

This year I took Rudolph's spot!

And Remember folks as Celine Dion once said "Don't Save it all for Christmas Day, Find a way to give a little love everyday!" "For Holidays come and go, but love lives on, if you give on!"

Monday, December 22, 2008

"The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age." - Lucille ball

Wanna know something crazy about my family?

Well as you might remember, my Sister's birthday was the end of November, but what you don't know is My Mom's Birthday was Dec. 11th and my Dad's Birthday was Dec. 15th and then three days ago Dec. 20th to be exact it was my birthday, but the fun doesn't stop there of course Christmas is the 25th in case you forgot, and my parent's Wedding Anniversary is Dec. 28th So in less then two months almost every major gift giving event in my family is done for the year! Pretty crazy huh?

Now I'm sure you are all asking yourself ". . . but wait if your parents birthday's where last week what happened to the special dedication blog?" Well, that's a funny story. . . Apparently my Mother is anti- me blogging about her, because she got all sorts of irritated when I told her I was going too! I think she freaked out on me for two reasons A) She can't log on to my blog for some unknown reason and sometimes people come into the office where she works and comment to her about how they read my blog and my Mom gets Jealous! and B) I think she thinks I was gonna make fun of her or something, which is ridiculous! I mean when have I ever done that??? So, I'm being a Rebel and blogging about her anyway! Then there's my Dad of course, and I don't think he knows I even have a blog, I was gonna whip up something for him, but then time got away from me and what not. So. . . . .

My final decision due to several different circumstances is to Special dedicate a blog for all three of us since in a little over a week we all had birthdays.

Now hears my caution to you blog stalkers out there! Don't go telling my Mother about how you read about her here and get me into trouble, I'm pretty sure I got some presents coming my way I'd like to keep! Kapeash?

Moving on. . . . . .

My Mommala!

Some of my favorite things about her are. . . .

1. No matter how mad at me she might be for messing up or inconveniencing her she always comes to my rescue. It doesn't even matter if it's at 3 in the morning, I know that if I'm ever in trouble she would move Heaven and Earth to get to me and the same goes for Amy!

2. She's Beautiful! Now if you don't mind I'm gonna take a second to be a little Worldly here, because obviously it's inner Beauty that counts the most, and my Mom is totally a beautiful person on the inside, but I have always and still to this day think my Mom is pretty darn gorgeous! Now unfortunately I did not get my Mother's legs, this is something I have complained about for a long time, because I find it incredibly unfair, but you know whatever. . . you can't have everything, but seriously folks, I've got a pretty Mommy, and I consider it the biggest compliment when people say we look alike!

3. She's the definition of supportive! My Father has been super involved with the Rodeo Association for as long as I can remember and so my Mother got involved too. Whenever my father speaks or has some kind of function to attend because of his job she is right there by his side. She went to every softball game my sister had, she rode the bus and chaperoned things when my sister was in Choir and Color guard and sewed costumes and makeup bags

She went and helped out with just about every Dance Recital and or Play I did, she sat in the audience almost every time I've spoke or sung in Church! Even when I won accelerated reader awards in Elementary school she was there to see me walk up to the stage and receive my certificates.

I mean in all honesty I think the song "Wind Beneath my Wings" was written about her because not to sound cheesy, but she was always content to let all of us shine! She never misses an opportunity to brag, I did the Joseph musical like almost a year ago and she still brings it up to people. I don't really know how to put into words how much I love and appreciate the way my Mom has managed to be the biggest supporter of myself, my Sister, and my Father's life. This constant willingness to be in the shadows and always have people come up to her and say "Hey aren't you Bill's Wife or Emily's Mom" It just baffles me, I don't know how she does it, but she does, and I'm so thankful for this selfless quality she has so much of!

4. She's crazy involved! She does Toastmaster's, she helps do stuff for the Festival of Trees fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity, She's an officer in our local Chapter of the Republican Party, She's plans the decor for the Rodeo Association Banquet every year, helps my Dad during Fair week every year, and even manages to get Church callings fulfilled in the midst of all of that! Her and my Dad both have taught me valuable lessons on being involved in the community!

5. She stands up for what's right! Although this has given me many a lecture because my Mom has always been about work first and play later (something the Yellow personality in me has a hard time with!) So except for when it's directed at me, I admire her ability to let you know when she doesn't think something is Kosher! She has a lot of Integrity in that regard, and I think that's amazing!

Papa West

Favorite things about my Daddy!

1. He's a master at Trivial Pursuit! My Dad has this wicked Crazy memory and seems to be able to absorb facts. And don't even think about playing with him and my Uncle Scott because you better get ready to get your trashed kicked! One time my Dad even remembered who Lassie's trainer was. . . .I mean who just knows that stuff?

2. He's not afraid to tear up! Number one thing that gets the waterworks going. . . . anything to do with the American military! My Dad has a huge soft spot for the Army, because he served in the Army for quite some time. I've learned my greatest lessons on being "Proud to be an American" from him. He instilled in us a reverence for the sacrifices the Men and Women in military make for us, and every time we gather together as a family for a meal or whatever it may be and we bow our heads in prayer, every time. . . you better believe he's asking for strength to be with those in the armed forces and for wisdom to be with the leaders of our nation. This is something that is very dear to my Dad's heart, and his passion for it is infectious.

3. My Dad's a Cowboy! We have never owned a cow or horse or lived on a farm, but My Grandpa was a Rodeo Announcer and so that culture has been something my Dad has absorbed and carried with him since he was very young! He's got the boots, the wranglers, the hats, the belt buckles and the Stetson Cologne to prove it! My Dad's like a Modern day John Wayne he can be a little grough and tough and most of the time a smidge stubborn, but He works hard, is always courteous to the ladies, and is respectful of the law of the land.

4. Is always willing to pad the ego! Before I left for Prom my Dad looked at me and said "Calam, You're an absolute vision!" Of course he was quoting from the movie Calamity Jane, but I knew what he was trying to say, because he never hesitates with the compliments. I don't think Amy and I have ever doubted our parents belief that we where pretty. . . .even when we weren't! I mean you all saw it, I had an ugly phase, but thanks to my Parents I never thought they thought I was unattractive! When ever we have a function that requires us to dress up, he always makes sure to tell us "You girls look beautiful!". I have always been thankful for his willingness to be so flattering because even if the boys don't seem to think so, at least my Padre thinks I'm pretty. . . .what more could a girl ask for!

5. The man has Hootspa! In High School my father won Mr. Moses Lake, and was voted Most Unforgettable his senior year, has managed to MC all the Major High School Reunions him and my Mother have had. Especially when my Dad was in the car business I'd have people say all the time how much they loved my him and all growing up I loved to hear him tell stories or jokes, because he was a master at capturing your attention and making you laugh! He has a lot of Charisma and when he wants to, can get almost anyone to say when they leave his presence. . . ."Man, I really like that guy!"

Happy Belated Birthday Mom and Dad! I Love you guys, like a fat kid loves cake!

Then there's me

Dec. 20th 1983 in St. Joseph's Hospital in Tacoma Washington I was born! I was a month Pre-mature and I weighed 3 lbs. 12 oz.

This is me 2 days after I was born and true story I still have that stocking that's hanging there in my incubator!

My Mom had a rough go with the baby situation. Amy came about with no complications, but in between her and I my Mom had several Miscarriages and stillborns and I had a sister before me named Sara that died 3 days after she was born. Mom told me once I would have had 5 Brothers and Sisters if she would have carried the babies to term. I can't imagine how difficult that must have been for my Parents.

When my Mother was pregnant with me it wasn't much easier, she ended up being hospitalized and could only lay on one side for weeks! I think she was pretty bummed about the idea of being stuck in the hospital over Christmas since I wasn't due to come until January so it was a darn good thing I did her a favor and came early huh? I also came pretty fast, so much that my Dad wasn't able to make it for my birth because he was busy putting snow tires on for the people of Tacoma!

I hear the doctor's where worried about me, but My Mom was farely confident that things would be OK, because in her Patriarchal Blessing it said She would have "Children" not just a child. And once she had me they tied her tubes because the doctor advised that anymore children could be lethal. So I like to think of myself as the "Miracle Child".

My Parents went through a lot to get me here, I certainly hope they feel it was worth it! I mean my Mom's been on Blood pressure meds for 25 years now, boy I better make something outta myself to make up for all that I've put them through!

Anyway like I said 25 years later I have certainly over compensated for my low birth weight, but I still got a lot more things to accomplish! So here's to the next 25 years of my life! May I have as many wishes come true, and crazy things to blog about!

and here's some more pictures

My First Birthday! Who knew this girl liked cake so much!

Yeah, I've pretty much always loved presents!

This is the letter my Grandma wrote to me the day I was born, some parts are fuzzy so I'll just tell you what it says.

Dear wee Emily-

Welcome into our open and loving hearts. Just a little while ago your Daddy called to say that you had come to live with he and your Momma and Amy. Seems you where as anxious to be here as we were to have you. Oh what a joyous Christmas Gift! Oh little darling there is so much love for you and you are going to be so happy that you chose our family to be yours, with Gods help of course. Just you wait and see, dear Emily Katlyn.

Love, Grandma West

Peace Out!

Monday, December 15, 2008

"At Christmas play and make good cheer, For Christmas comes but once a year." - Thomas Tusser "The Farmer's Daily Diet"

I Heart Christmas music! I really do it is my most favorite part of the Holiday Season not that that's a shock to anyone who knows me, but nothing makes me happier then a little Apple Cider and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on a cold day in December!

Much of you feel the same I am sure, and I would love to know what Holiday Classics you like best but while you ponder that. . . .

I've decided today's blog is dedicated to those songs that I wait all year to listen too and that get me super stoked about this time of year!

"All I Want for Christmas is You", Mariah Carey-

This song tops the list of just about every person I know, how can you not love it? I mean it's upbeat, you've got back-up singers, sleigh bells and an xylophone, and money notes from Miss Mariah. . . . the ones she's most famous for being able to hit! Anyway, I can't help but prance around everytime this song comes on with a big smile on my face!

This is not the original video, but the song is the same so enjoy!

This Christmas- Chris Brown

Well I love Chris Brown I mean pretty much everything he touches is golden in my book! And so of course his version of this song originally sung by Donnie Hathaway captures my heart and makes me wish I could hang all the mistletoe and get to know Chris Brown better. . . . This Christmas! Ha ha ha get it? Anyway, if you listen to the song you will! Also, I should mention almost any song with an Organ playing at some point makes me wanna go to church and get my praise on for that song, everytime!

"Baby It's Cold Outside"- Doris Day and Bing Crosby

You know this song doesn't have anything to do with Christmas really, but I still consider it one of my favorites for the Holidays anyway. It's the cutest little duet ever, and I think the lyrics are funny. And I mean come on ladies how many of you out there haven't been in this kind of predicament eh? I can't tell you how many times the "but baby it's cold outside?" line works on me!. . . . . and I'm totally lying, it was a bold face lie. . . . *sigh*. . . . maybe someday. . . . in the mean time enjoy!

Last Christmas- Wham

As you know I love me some George Michael, and if you ask me this is his finest work! I mean I realize that he is Gay, but the man knows how to sing to the ladies! I get almost as many tingles when he whispers "Happy Christmas" as I do when "Father Figure" comes on. Also, when listening to this little gem of a song I think about how if George gave me his heart I wouldn't give it away. . . . the very next day to boot! Perhaps this year I could be the special person he gives it too to make up for the last!

George if you're reading this. . . I do not re-gift. . . . so call me!

Oh Holy Night- Kelly Clarkson

I contemplated doing a blog poll on who's rendition of this song is the best, Angie's favorite version is Michael Crawford's (the original Phantom in Phantom of the Opera) I've heard a lot of people say Celine does it the best, MOTAB packs a powerful punch and stirs your soul when they hit the "Fall on Your Knees" part in four part harmony. Mariah's is also pretty sweet, in my opinion you are not a good singer unless you can blow this song outta the park. . . . this, the Star Spangled Banner, and Whitney Houston's version of "I Will Always Love You" are true tests of a good voice. If you can sing these songs, you can indeed sing anything! I chose Kelly Clarkson's version because as I've dreamed of recording my own Christmas album and doing my own rendition of Oh Holy Night, I'd always thought I'd like it to sound something like this. I guess I better get back to the drawing board, now that it's already been done, but anywho. . . .

There are so many wonderful Christmas songs and I wish I could share with you all every single one that lifts my spirits and puts a smile on my face, but we'd be here a while!

Oh and I almost forgot If any of you are big fans of "Grandma got Run Over by a Reindeer" the guy that wrote that song is Randy Brooks and he is from none other then Moses Lake WA. . . . . . so "Your Welcome World!"

Long story short, I sincerly hope you are all finding your own ways of feeling the holiday spirit! Regardless of when you believe the Saviour was actually born, or what the purpose of it all is, this time of year has always been magical and there really is an air of something special all around, and I hope we all take the time neccesary to appreciate it! and blah blah blah ok no more mushy stuff!

Happy Christmas Everyone!


Peace Out!

Monday, December 8, 2008

" A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words"- Napoleon Bonaparte

SO this is finals week for fall semester and I almost made it through! Tomorrow I take my math final and turn in my final essay for English and cross my fingers I pass the class!

This semester I took a photo-journalism class. And it was pretty fun! I think I would have learned a lot more had I owned one of those fancy SLR cameras, but hey it was fun to learn about them in case one day I do actually own one!

You know what else was fun, having an excuse to take pictures, and telling people "I'm in a photo class do mind if I take some pictures for an assignment" or maybe I shouldn't say people, because really I ended up taking a ton of Gwen! She was always around when I had an assignment due!

Any WHo. . . . . the following are some of my favorites I took (and a few I didn't I just thought you'd think was funny) We had to convert them to black and white when we turned them in so that our teacher didn't get distracted by the color and think it was a good picture when it wasn't, so the desaturated shots are most likely the ones I used for my class.

This is a shot of the hills in the Naches Valley, which correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it's near Yakima. Sarah Boyce was driving a few of us from Singles Ward to a leadership retreat at Camp Zarahemla, I snapped this shot right out the window while Sarah was driving!

This is a pic Lisa Quinn took of me! I decided to post it, because I think it's clear I'm saying "I don't need anybody, I can pull this thing myself!" plus this is the most physical activity you'll probably ever see me do!

This is the nature shot I turned pictured, in the canoe is Sarah Boyce and a random girl I don't know.

Sports and Actions was my least favorite assignment, but I thought I had a pretty sweet action shot of my friend Lacey here playing this old pioneer game where you try to lift yourself up with your legs while clinging to the board, this picture looked ten times better in the camera view finder I had no idea it was so horrible until I went to edit it, If it wasn't so pixelated I think it would have been a cool shot, I really dug the angle! PS that's Trevin Byington on the end of the beam.

Gwen and Meredith playing a little one on one!

The black and white versions of these next two weren't my favorite, so I decided to post the original! Gwen in her halloween make-up was kind enough to recreate the moment for my assignment. And true story this picture actually made the Grant County Journal, because my instructor is one of the big wigs there and ran his favorites from our class in November 26th's edition. Pretty sweet huh?

Here's Nette and her Mommala playing the Piano, you might recognize a similiar version of this pic from Nette's special dedication blog, but I was really excited about the angle of this shot too and decided to post another!

When I house sat for the Fancher's their cat Charlie was the cutest thing in the whole world, he kept jumping up on things and posing, he was a pretty good subject if you ask me!

This is my favorite of him, one day when I was getting ready he just jumped into the sink and chilled there while I finished my make-up and I was like that is too cute! So here's Charlie, cat napping in the bathroom sink acting like that's completley normal!

Another one of our assignments was to take feature photos.
Well, I went with Gwenny to get her hair cut by her cousin and I was fascinated how she had this little shop set up right in her living room with her kids running around, so I tried to get a good one of her cutting Gwen's hair while her youngest Son mugged for her attention. I didn't turn in any of these because they ended up not being exactly what the teacher wanted, but I thought they where cute none the less. And Gwen's cousins little boy (whose name escapes me. . . .sorry Gwenny) was friggin' adorable!

To sum things up, I'm glad I took that class, it was a rockin' good time!

My next item of business is ASB.
So far things have been awesome! We've given out prizes at Volleyball games, we've fed the masses at LunchFests, and we've had Pool Tournaments and all sorts of other fun games and activities, and I'm really forming a bond with all the other officers! I've really enjoyed working with them thus far, and I'm excited for the next up and coming festivities.
A couple weeks ago we had Star Night, which was a formal event put on by the school so the Scholarship recipients could could meet their donors, and lets just say it wasn't the most entertaining 2 hours I ever spent, so Rhoan and I kept trying to keep boredom at bay and make fun shapes with our napkins!

The newspaper guy saw what we where doing and snapped a shot of it! I really love Rhoan's face in this shot!

This is the whole ASB crew from left to right starting in the back is Rhoan Ashby El Presidente, Josh Shoumann the Public Relations guy, Angela Fales as the VP, and Natalie Lindley (soon to be Coulston) as Treasurer, then it's me the Secretary and Rhen Ashby as the programming director!

After the event we had to get rid of the balloon arch so I challenged Rhoan to a balloon popping contest, we got in trouble with Campus security, but I just said forget it and finished popping them anyway!

I'm super excited about next semester and I'm even more excited about finishing up my AA finally! If things go my way then I should be able to move to Utah next fall, which is where I'd like to continue my degree in Communications and hopefully get on with a radio station there! that's the dream anyway!
Hope you enjoyed my pics, and I'm sorry if this post was slightly boring, I promise you exciting things to come!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"There is no word to describe its perfection, so I am forced to make one up. And I’m going to do so right now. . . Scrumtrilescent!"- Will Ferrell

A Show that I just might kill to be on someday is Bravo's Inside the Actor's Studio. Of Which you might like to know is the longest running show on that network. Sometime in my life I would like to be reputable enough to have James Lipton interview me in front of his students. Mainly because I would like him to ask me the questions he always asks every guest.

Upon much pondering and meditating these are the answers I would tell him, if I was on that show today.

What is your favorite word?

One of the only bits of information I retained in my 11Th grade English class was the word Superfluous meaning more then is needed, desired, or required. I like this word because I immediately thought of how superfluous I am like all the time, I mean I'm constantly sharing too much info,and when I shop I almost always get way more then I need too. So not only is it my favorite word, but if I had to describe myself in one word it would have to be said favorite!

What is your least favorite word?

Pretty much any word for the female anatomy ending in a Y or eee sound. It's a toss up between the T bomb or the P bomb both are pretty repugnant in my opinion. Honorable mention goes to "Panties" there is just something really creepy about that word!

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

I don't wanna sound cliche here, or like a broken record, because I distinctly remember mentioning something about this in many of my posts before, but Music is probably the number one thing that triggers all of the mentioned things in this question. I feel the spirit and meaning of something most when it is communicated to me through music. I think of some of my most creative, spiritual, and emotional achievements and they have almost all had music involved in them in some way. I can't even think of an honorable mention for this one!

What turns you off creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

Dirty or Profane talk.

An example of this is when I was watching the Movie "Crash". When I saw it, it had been edited by "Clean Flicks" so all the swear words and sexual content was gone, and I remember being so overwhelmed with emotion during that movie, I was so touched by it's message, then one day one of my old Roommates was watching the unedited version, and I happened to come in on one of my favorite scenes, and I couldn't believe the amount of work those cleans flicks people went in to taking out all those swear words, because there was a lot! I was pretty shocked and as a result I didn't feel nearly as moved by the story playing before me. Now I've since become somewhat desensitized and things that used to bug me don't bug me as much, but I still feel a pang of discomfort when I hear one too many bad words or explicit language. To me sometimes going straight for the gutter is a cop out. You know what I'm talking about right?

What sound or noise do you love?

I absolutely love the sound of people singing a long to the same song. Mainly at places like concerts, when the artist performing stops and lets the audience finish the song for them and you hear the entire arena or theatre singing the same thing, I love it! It makes me feel bonded to the people that came to see the same show as me. Also, every once in a while I enjoy sitting back and listening to everyone in the congregation at church sing the closing hymn. For some reason it just makes me feel good.

What sound or noise do you hate?

Sometimes when little kids mostly between the ages of 7 and 11, discover they can make crazy noises and decide to repeat their new found talent because they think it's cool! It makes me want to throw myself off a bridge! I really hope I get over that before I have kids that age!

What is your favorite curse word?

Ok Ok if they bleep this word out on the radio and in music videos, then I say it's a curse word! And that makes my answer to this question the word Hoe!

I especially love saying this word when I'm quoting movies like "Diary of a Mad Black Woman". . . . . or pretty much any song by Ludacris!

Don't Judge Me!

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

If I could stand the burning sensation and had the will power to push myself and I looked good in leotards and leg warmers, I think I would be a pretty amazing aerobics instructor!

What profession would you not like to do?

I never ever in my whole life ever want to be a Saleswoman! I never ever want in order to keep my family fed have to sell stuff in order to get paid! My Dad was a pretty successful car dealer for almost my whole life, but it didn't matter how many people he knew, or how charming he could be, sometimes he just didn't sell. It's a little to iffy for me and personally I think selling stuff is more about luck then talent. because if people don't have money, they don't have money, it doesn't matter how bad they want it! Long story short I never wanna work on commission based pay ever!

If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

"Let's get you settled into your new place and then I'll tell you all about the purpose of Dinosaurs and who actually shot JFK!"

Now this is not a tag, but if any of you feel the need to answer these questions on your own blog, please be my guest.

With that said I would also like to make mention that these answers are subject to change if I actually do get asked them on television someday, but you heard the originals first right here!

Peace Out!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"Sisters, Sisters, There Were Never Such Devoted Sisters!"- A song from White Christmas

Sunday like I mentioned before was my Dearest Sister Amy's 34th birthday! I call Amy my dearest sister, because she is my only sister, but even though she knows I have to love her no matter what, I still think even if I did have other siblings I grew up with she'd still be my favorite!

You know on Birthday's I really like to do Top 10 lists, and I love a good excuse to post pictures from the past, Sooooo I now present to you. . . .

Top 10 reasons why my Sister is my Favorite!

1. She's got my back!- Even when I'm pretty sure Mom and Dad had every right to be upset with me, she always stuck by my side and defended me. . . . .some may say that's enabling, I just say it's loyalty!

2. She taught me long ago that Hairspray is my friend!

3. Where it not for MTV and Amy I would not know a thing about music, nor would I appreciate it as much as I do now! Growing up I went to Amy's Choir concerts and I couldn't wait until I got old enough and could sing in the choir like my Big Sister!

4. Any friend of yours is a friend of mine!- As you may have guessed there is quite a large age gap between my sister and I, 9 yrs. to be exact, but I woud have never known! In the peek of my most obnoxious years my sister was in High School and whenever she brought friends over she never banished me to my bedroom or just tryed to pretend I wasn't there, she let me hang out too! And even if she was annoyed with me and wished I wasn't around, she never once made me feel like a nuissance! One of her friends did try to throw me in the snow once, but that's about the closest I came to being left out in the cold. . .ha ha ha good one!

5. She gives the best gifts ever!!!!!! She took me to see Aladdin for my birthday the year it came out at the time. . . .BEST GIFT EVER! She got me the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack that I really wanted BGE! In High school when I was really obsessed with brand names she got me a black cardigan from The Gap. First thing i ever got from the Gap and you know how kids are with brand names, even though it was a simple black cardigan I thought I was the coolest person ever because I actually owned something from that store! I don't know how she knew, but she did. . . . BGE!

6. Family Time Rocks- True story for a while there I didn't love extended family time. I was going through a phase where I felt like nobody even cared that I was there and I didn't have anyone to talk to (Mainly because all my cousins are either way older or way younger then me.) But if Amy was gonna be there, then I knew it was gonna be good. And while I was following her around like a lost puppy at reunions or holiday dinners she'd be talkin' it up with everyone catching up on things and including me in the conversations which was nice and I've come to understand from her example that it doesn't matter the dynamic they fall under family is family. You should talk to them, know them, love them! And whatta ya know you end up not hating family time quite so much!
7. Kindness is not lost on her!- back in the day my sister worked for a guy named Jeff who runs one of the local floral shops here in Moses Lake. He told my Mom one day "You know Amy is just a "Love Sponge" and I really think that's the greatest way to describe her. She never puts one person over another, everyone is deserving of kindness, and she is more then happy to share a smile and kind words and I rarely see her utter anything rude to anyone unless they deserved it and even that's questionable. My sister is seriously one of the kindest people I know!

8. Supportive is her middle name- Now I did put in some time at her Softball games, Color Guard events, and Choir concerts, so she did owe me, but really she has continued to be supportive of the various things i've done throughtout the years! She always brought me flowers and cute little trinkets when she'd come to my performances, and I could always hear her cheering in the audience, and while I had friends and jungle gyms to play with during her games and stuff, she atleast had to pay attention to what I was doing, their was no fun distraction for her!

9. Quoting Movies is the funnest ever!- I think I would be very content to just sit around with my sister and quote all the silly movies that make us laugh! Some of our favorites like "Drop Dead Fred" "Steel Magnolias", "White Christmas", and "Pretty in Pink". Amy taught me the joys of laughing about your favorite funny lines from your favorite flicks!
10. She's Friggin' Hilarious!- My first lessons in comedy came from my Dad, my Dad knows how to capture a room when he tells a story, but my first lessons in being able to laugh at yourself came from Amy! Amy never takes herself too seriously, when she makes a mistake she can laugh it off and be willing to make fun of herself! I just remember growing up thinking man my Sister is so funny and whenever we where hanging out with family and friends and what not I just remembering wishing I could make people chuckle like her!
I remember one time calling my Sister a "Butt-Head" and getting in trouble, but that's honestly one of the only times I can recall being so upset with her that I resorted to silly name calling! Our relationship has been pretty smooth sailing, and I'm just so thankful that I got placed in the same family as her!
I Love You more then my luggage Sister!
Happy Birthday!
Peace Out!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"everybody's workin' for the weekend!"- Loverboy

I don't think I could have asked for a better weekend! It all started of course with the midnight showing of Twilight. Some of you may not have known I was fan because I didn't have any widgets on my blog counting down the days or any special dedications made to my undying love for the books, but Oh yes I am a fan!

Here's a little News Flash about me. A lot of the time I do things for the novelty of it! For instance, if we had theatre's around here that had midnight showings of Rocky Horror Picture Show, even if though that movie is kind of creepy and weird, please believe NOTHING would stop me from dressing up like Magenta and doing the "time warp" as well as acting out the rest of it while the movie plays in the background! like so many super fans of that movie do all over the country.

Also I would certainly. . . . (if and when the opportunity presents itself) gladly stand in the overcrowded streets of Time Square and patiently wait in the blistering cold to watch the Infamous Ball drop to commemorate the New Year, it's always been a dream and I've always wanted to say I've been there and seen that in real life. Not because it's especially cool or worth the wait, but because it's just simply what people do!

So even though some people where way more hard core then me and had even brought their own trailer to camp out in while waiting in line to see the movie. I still stood outside in the cold wrapped up in my blanket with my buddies and the rest of the super fans including Tweens, housewives, and Moses Lakes own chapter of Wickens!

However, I did not scream like a 12 yr. girl at an NSYNC concert when they finally opened the doors and started letting people in. . . . that was a little obnoxious!

Here are a few shots from the night. . . .

This is Brianne Ritchie with a cardboard cutout of her cousin. The story is her friends made this for her because she didn't want to lose her place in line while she waited for the movie to start in her trailer. . . . or so I'm told! Well I say she's just lucky she knew people because some of us don't stand for those kind of shenanigans!

In an attempt to keep the purse snatchers away, or perhaps an obstacle for a vampire to over come in case one went for their necks. Meredith and Gwen decided to keep their purses safely stored like so. . . . . . Oh You Silly Bee's You!

Here's the Crew. . . . . That's Me in the plaid, with Ellerey Ena, Gwendolyn in the back Bri in front of her, Then Meredith next to Gwen and Nette Nette in the Beanie and blanket that I'm pretty sure she purchased in Tijuana!

But any who. . . . . . I enjoyed the movie. I think it was totally worth the wait. I thought Kristen Stewart's portrayal of Bella was perfect, and even though Robert Pattinson was not the Edward I had pictured in my head, he grew on me and now I love him, plus when I found out it was him singing in the background for some of the music they played during the movie. . . .I was swooning! I'm a sucker for a musician!

Only complaint. . . . the shots of Edward revealing to Bella what he looks like in the sunlight was a little silly. I mean he looked more like he had just been at a Rave and got covered in body glitter! I think everyone in the theatre agreed because what was supposed to be a somewhat serious moment turned into big laughs. No suggestions as to how they could have done that different though. . . Oh well!

Friday I did nothing but relax on the couch! I didn't even take a shower! It was Me, Angie, Qiana, Robert Downey Jr., and some milk duds! I love lazy days! Plus I needed to store up my energy for the next days festivities!

We left Saturday at 10 for Tacoma, once we got their had a little lunch at Red Lobster, I took home leftovers, but forgot a fork, so Michelle decided to document me eating with my hands!

Don't give me that look Michelle!

After a quick nap it was off to the Tacoma Dome! I attempted to win us front row tickets doing a karaoke competition they had outside, but I was beat out by a girl from New York that didn't have any tickets at all, so I wasn't that upset! Please believe though if I wasn't so out of practice and going through puberty again, I would have kicked her trash!

Lots of ladies rocked their vintage NKOTB T-shirts, and some even dusted off their favorite outfit from that era, it was quite a site to see!

Lady Ga Ga was the first act and I was not looking forward to it, but I was pleasantly surprised! I do really love her "Just Dance" song, If you haven't heard it I believe it's a definite download.

Natasha Bedinfield also performed. . . .and yet again I was pleasantly surprised! She has incredible range and makes it seem effortless!

Now on to the good stuff. . . . here are the boys!

All us ladies where filled with butterflies when straight out the gate they hit us with our favorite new jam "Single" You can be my man any night Donnie (Sorry Yvonne!)

Pictured from left to right: Danny Wood, Donnie Wahlberg, Joey McIntyre, Jordan Knight ( he's being covered up by Joey) and Jon Knight

Here's Donnie hypin' the crowd!

One of my favorite parts of the concert when they performed on a small round stage in the middle of the arena! It was quite a site! Just a sea of screaming women and girls and a few bored men.

Jordan Knight or is that Enrique Iglesias?

(said in a whisper) let me be your hero

Joey with the Gospel choir in the background. . . . ."Don't Change!"

Oh Oh Oh I'm Donnie's Cover Girl!!!!

My favorite shot of the night . . . . no New Kids, i'll be loving YOU forever!

What can I say I'm a lover of the boy band movement! I think they are the greatest thing to happen to Pre-pubescent girls since Seventeen Magazine! So, don't judge me!

Now with that said I bid you a fond "Peace Out!"