Thursday, June 26, 2008

"Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match, find me a find, catch me a catch!"- Fiddler on the Roof

For the last couple of years I've determined it ok for me to take credit for certain people hooking up. . . . .for example!

When all my friends went off to college I stayed home and layed some roots in the singles ward. where I met the likes of Steve and Stacey Ashton, Steve was the Elder's quorum president at the time and always had people over for parties after church on Sundays.

So when my good buddies Crystal and Lena came home for the summer and wanted to know where the party was at, I knew right where to take them. So Sunday we all caravaned in my Mom's car over to Othello for the traditional get together at the Ashton's and guess who was their, well they didn't know it then, but Crystal and Lena's future Husbands Scott and Kevin.

We almost left that night, but when we found out Lena had struck up a conversation with Kevin, I turned that car right around, and the next thing I knew Scott and Kevin had asked Crystal and Lena on a date to go 4 wheeling. . . . or atleast I think that's what they did. And the rest as you all know is History! They all have adorable little families now, and I hope they don't mind, but I like to think because I brought them to the party, that means it was because of me they met and fell in love, nevermind that they could have met later that week at FHE or the Saturday Activity. . . .but it's more fun to think you had a part of it right?

Not all my love connections have ended in marriage, when we had the White trash BBQ I talked about in Krystin's special dedication blog, I saw my friend from home Mary at Wal-Mart just before the party and invited her to stop by and check it out, she did and ended up dating my FHE brother Mike for a few months, they broke up, but then she met Danny Payne and now they are married and have a little baby girl named London, I can't claim that one, but thanks to me she got some practice. . . . right?

Then just this last December my friend Jordan came home for the Holidays and I invited him to my "Pajama Jammy Jam" I had for my B-day. Well to make a long story short Amanda Bues another friend from the ward brought her sisters who where home on break from the same school as Jordan and I looked at Terra (One of Amanda's sisters) and said "Hey! Your at BYUI, He's at BYUI, you guys should talk!" A month later Gwenny asks for Jordan's number because Amanda wanted it for her sister, so she could ask Jordan out for this roommate date thing, and I'm sure you all can tell by the picture I posted they got married, just this last Tuesday, and are gonna live Happily Ever After because I hooked them up. . . . kind of!

And also if things go my way I may have another success story coming very soon, that I can add to my list and please believe I will reveal who that is, if it turns out the way I think it will!

Maybe this is a little pathetic, but it kinda fills me with joy sometimes, to see little fairytales unfold before me and knowing that I can share in a little bit of the magic!!!

I wanna give a huge Congrat's to Jordan and Terra, I hope you guys have an amazing good time in New York, and I hope Jordan can un- access his frugal self and take you to see all the cool shows I told you about!!! Thanks for letting me take credit for your marriage, and I expect a little Emily or Katlyn sometime soon. . . . man that joke never gets old!!!!!!



Lena Gilbert said...

emily emily-
I remember that turned the car around and made me go back. Perhaps I can return the favor someday..There are lots of cute RM's here in Boise, or so I've heard. Maybe I can find a nice chocolate man for you that can dance.

krystind said...

that's so cool. I'm really happy for jordan, he's a dang cool kid.

wait, who's the secret hook up youre working on?? do tell please.

The Harris Family said...

Emily of course it was all you. You are a great matchmaker. Terra is Scott's cousin so now thank you for giving us Jordan as the newest relative. We were both really excited.

angie said...

emily a great matchmaker huh? pretty sure i have been friends with you now for how many years and that "skill" has not helped me in the slightest...or michelle...or nette....or yourself for that matter....

I think we need to talk!