Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"It's like Deja-vu, all over again"- Yogi Berra

Lately I've noticed a trend, and it has me concerned. . . . . . . Does anyone notice anything similiar about these pictures?

I hope I do more then just chill with Miss Qi Qi in the corner of the couch!

On another note, I would also like to make it known how much I love the Q, and how it's been so much fun watching her grow. . . . I love that I get to be around for that! She is a Blessing, indeed!


Saturday, August 8, 2009

"It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it.” - Joseph Joubert

Hello my dearly loved friends in the blogosphere! I am calling on you today to settle a little debate!

I know I said I wasn't going to talk about it, but I think this issue needs to be addressed. . . .

I am currently employed at Safeway working at the Deli Counter. Now because I work around a TON of food, certain measures must be taken. I had to get my food handlers permit, something I haven't done since High School ( Aced the test in case you were wondering!) My hands are now starting to feel the effect of continual washing (Now I think I know how people with OCD feel!) I can no longer wear open toe'd shoes to work (my feet get closterphobic, so this one's pretty rough!) and probably the biggest issue at hand, I am required in order to keep my hair from landing in people's potatoe salad and or fried chicken to wear one of two options

A) The Hair Net


B) The Baseball Hat

here's the deal I don't like either of these options

I've never really been a baseball hat kind of girl, mainly because I have a big head and rarely did any of them fit me right. Also, they are more of a sport wear, and I am not sporty kind of girl!

Now the hair net, well do I really need to go into details about this? I figure if I rock the hair net why not slap a big fat hairy mole on my face, put some orthepedic shoes on and call me the lunch lady!

I have opted for the ball cap because in my opinion it is the lesser of two evils

recently some of my co-workers have tried to convince me otherwise, which sparks my topic for this blog

which do you think is worse. . . . the hair net or the baseball hat

Exhibit A. . . . me in the hat

My hair after the hat! AWESOME!!!!!!

Exibit B. . . The Net
"Everyone gets enough food down here in Lunch Lady Land"

Hoagies and grinders, Hoagies and Grinders, navy Beans, navy Beans, Meatloaf Sandwich. . . . sloppy joe's, slop, sloppy joes yeah!

See what I mean? Tough Choice. . . .right? I would like to take a vote, and see which you my good blogging buddies feel is my best option, I trust your opinion enough to take the winning choice into consideration!

Man I miss work I can do my hair for. . . . oh well a job's a job!
Peace Out!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

"Thank You For the Music, The Songs I'm Singing, Thanks for all the Joy They're Bringing!"- Abba

I love talking about music, music makes me really excited, and I almost cannot fully express how influential music is in my life!

I've seen a lot of countdowns on most influential albums and there's been lots of talk lately (especially with the passing of Michael Jackson) on Artists that have impacted peoples lives and well that got me thinking.

So because of that I would now like to blog about albums that have rocked my world, and continue to rock my world to this day!

. . . . with that said I would like to preface with a warning to any music snobs in the house perusing this blog. I would venture to say you will not be very excited about the content of this post, often times the music that effects me most is that which has some kind of memory attached to it, or makes me feel something, which may not make it necessarily "good" music in the eyes of those who think they know, which is why this is MY most influential, and not THEE most influential. . . .what I'm really saying is don't judge me!

Billy Joel- An Innocent Man

on car trips with the family I recall listening to 4 artists and 4 artists only 1) Abba, 2) Oak Ridge Boys, 3) Air Supply and 4) Billy Joel. The former artists albums where all greatest hits discs, but not the later and as a matter of fact up until middle school, I thought Billy Joel only had one CD I had never even heard of "Piano Man". And while Piano Man and all the rest of his library is amazing and Billy Joel is one of my all time favorites. I'd have to say the An Innocent Man LP tops the cake for me because there isn't a bad song in the mix! I have that CD memorized from beginning to end. This is one of the albums I taught myself how to harmonize too. And I think I especially love it because it's one of the only musical works my entire family can agree on listening too. All the songs are my favorite but some you should definitely listen too are. . . .

"Uptown Girl"

"Tell Her About it"
"Leave a Tender Moment Alone"

Garth Brooks- In Pieces

When everyone else was going crazy for Grunge and Gangsta Rap I was massively immersed in my love for Country music and had big dreams of being a country music sensation. Artists like Garth Brooks and Reba McIntyre were my hero's! Garth Brooks "Ropin' the Wind" was my 2ND CD ever, but his "In Pieces" Album had the most influence on me, also because that's when he had that Madison Square Garden concert on TV and he was smashing guitars and flying through the air, showing the world what an incredible showman he was. This is another CD I can listen to from beginning to end.

My favorites. . . .

"Callin' Baton Rouge"

"Red Strokes"

"Kickin' and Screamin"

and "One Night a Day"

Alanis Morisette- Jagged Little Pill

Oh Alanis! I remember the first time I heard "You Oughtta Know" I saw the video on MTV and I thought I don't normally go for the rock music, but I'm a big fan of this. Then my sister got the Cd and I was converted. Alanis's angst really spoke to me for some reason (still not sure why, I didn't have much to be upset about), I don't know what it was about her yodely voice, angry lyrics and harmonica Solos, but I loved it, unfortunately I've never been satisfied with an Alanis album since, I've said it before and I'll say it again. . . I love my Morrisette MAD!!! Apparently Dave Coulier needs to mess her over again!

Tracks I can't get enough of. . . .

"All I Really Want"


"Mary Jane"


"Not the Doctor"

Salt N Peppa- Very Necessary

I once told Angie that the first Hip Hop song I remember really loving was Fantastic Voyage by Coolio, and that was the song that converted me to Hip Hop (embarassing I know!), but in researching for this blog I came to realize that that song dropped in '94 while Shoop by Salt N Peppa came out in '93 and I LOVED that song! So I guess I stand corrected!

A lot of my friends had the Very Necessary album, I remember my old buddy Julie Stokes getting that in her Easter Basket and I was JEALOUS!!! I almost had my Mom convinced to buy it for me once, when we were shopping in Tri-Cities, but when she realized what kind of music it was she made me put it back. . . .that was a sad day. I still got to develop a love and appreciation for that disc thanks to Julie letting me secretly listen to it!

Best song ever

"None of Your Business!"

and you can't go wrong with

"Whatta Man"

Dixie Chicks - Fly

Even though I may not agree with their political views, I don't really care, the Dixie Chicks know how to make a record! not only was their album art super clever on this CD, but all the songs on that disc are emotional and tell so many great stories! This album makes me wanna wright songs!

Songs you should hear if you haven't. . . .

"Let Him Fly"

"Hole in My Head"

"Heartbreak Town"

"Cold Day In July"

Alicia Keys- As I Am

I did love Songs in A Minor (Keys first disc), and pretty much anything Alicia does I absolutely LOVE!!!!! But her last record I thought was BRILLIANT! Another CD that I find very inspiring! Makes me wish I would have stuck to the piano lessons! Oh well, coulda, woulda, shoulda!

Tracks you should download ASAP

"Wreckless Love"

"Lesson Learned"



Bette Midler- Experience the Divine

I believe I have mentioned before my love for The Divine Miss M, If I could re-live the career of anyone in the music industry it would be hers! She is the ultimate entertainer for me! This is another CD I constantly smuggled from my sister, and on several occasions I recall donning an old french maid dance costume of mine and choreographing my own tap routine to "Miss Otis Regrets", that song was my JAM!!!!

Others jams to listen too. . . .

"Boogie Woogie Buggle Boy"

"One for My Baby (One more for the road)"

and of course


Justin Timberlake- FutureSexLoveSounds

As said by Pharell himself "Justin Wohooohyeah!" I'm crazy for Mr. Timberlake! This is no surprise, and his last album I'm crazy for as well! If you haven't heard the slew of his hits from this record then you have seriously been living under a rock! A lot of soul and Justin's own skills as a song writer went into this album and that's why it tops my list!

Songs I would die without listening too. . . . . . .

"Losin' My Way"

"Another Song (All Over Again)"

"Until the End of Time"

and "Chop Me Up"


Miseducation of Lauryn Hill- Lauryn Hill

This album solidified my love for R&B, Lauryn Hill converted me! I got this album and never looked back. You just have to hear it to understand, everything I love about music is on this album!

"Nothing Even Matters (Duet With D'Angelo)"

"Tell Him"

"I Used to Love Him (Duet with Mary J. Blidge)"

and my favorite, favorite, favorite

"To Zion"

OK my friends, I'm curious about what records have uplifted, inspired, or entertained you! this is a safe place,you will not be judged. . . . to your face!

Peace Out!!!!