Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Thank You For Bein' a Friend!"- Golden Girls Theme Song

So I know it seems we've had quite a few birthdays the last couple of days, but a very special birthday happened on Monday that I need give a shout out too!!

Krystin Davies or more commonly K Dizzle and I have known each other since we both danced for Hirz Dance Company back in the day! It wasn't until Singles Ward time rolled around that we actually became pretty good friends, and then when we both got accepted to BYUI at the same time, it really brought us together, and now she's one of my most cherished friends! Even though I could be doing something more productive at work we pretty much email like everyday, and I love getting her advice on things or talking church talk with her, or recapping American Idol and SO You Think You Can Dance! I have so many good times I could share, or characteristics that I admire, but for now I will just do what I usually do and make a top ten list. So without further adu. . . . . . I know present!

Top Ten Favorite K Dizz Moments!

10. stick puppets- Conference weekend like 2 or 3 years ago, Rexburg was like a ghost town because everyone made their bi-annual homage to Utah aka Mecca, so we were bored and decided to have craft time. And Krystin brought over her supplies and we ended up making stick puppets that represented all of my roommates, for example that was the semester Lacey cracked her ribs and got a black eye from Human Bowling, which is a story in itself, and so Lacey's puppet had a huge black eye, and My Roommates Nicole, Gina, and Rachel all lived in a really smelly and messy room, so we put all of them in a garbage can, but the best ever!!!! Was when Krystin for some reason made my roommate Alicia into what looked like a Japanamation character. . . . it was sweet!!!

9. Where's my Valentine?- Over Valentine's day at School K Dizz made everyone special "Love Song" Cd's and I made everyone Valentine's too, but like usual I didn't get them all finished, and I hadn't finished Krystin's, so from February to April she reminded me almost everyday about the Valentine and constantly brought it up! The icing on the cake was when I came home to take a nap, rolled into my bed on the bottom bunk, and to my surprise K Diz had left me a little message, it was a huge picture she drew of a demon (Probably Satan) saying she wants her Valentine!!!! Scrolled all over the piece of cardboard that lay underneath the top bunks mattress (because we lived in a classy establishment) And the worst was she used one of those really strong smelling permanent markers, so every time I went to bed I had to smell the fumes from it!!! Good News though I finally made her Valentine!

8. Dance Jams!!!- So Krystin went on a massive downloading kick once, and made me a ton of CD's with the coolest jamz ever!!! it seemed like whenever I was really wanting to hear a song or really wished I had a cool mix of music to listen to, she'd be there with the latest stuff she downloaded. And because I'm like the hugest Music fan ever, I couldn't think of a nicer thing someone could do for me!

7. Ultimate Prankster- Krystin got her hands on these huge cardboard cutouts, that where a promotion for the movie "Sideways" and it was these Ginormous faces of some of the actor's from the show, and Krystin did some of the best pranks with those things, like she would make her roommates beds and tuck the faces in so they where peering out, and She had them on sticks once and would go and wave them in peoples windows! I got such a kick out of hearing about those little stunts she'd pull, because I thought they where so creative!

6. Book of Well Wishes- I moved to Rexburg almost a month earlier then everyone else so I could find a job and a place to live and yadda yadda yadda, so when Krystin came up finally to settle in, she came to my apartment and gave me a book she had everyone in Singles Ward back home, sign with nice messages about how much they would miss me, and good luck at school. It was seriously so nice, probably one of the most thoughtful things I've received ever! I couldn't believe she went to so much trouble, but she was always doing kind things like that, not just for me, but almost all of her friends and roommates.

5. White Trash BBQ- The last summer I was at BYUI, we had a little party trailer park style, one of many I've been to or put together! And Krystin because when she commits to something she commits, comes rolling to the party in her train conductor overalls, a wife beater, and a trucker hat, and If I recall correctly a root beer bottle that looked like beer. and in like every picture I saw from that party she was like totally in character, unfortunately I don't have those pictures, otherwise I would have posted them, but trust me it was amazing!

4. The most horrible picture of me ever!!- Krystin also had a pretty nice camera, and once she took a close up shot of me that was just my eyes. Let me paint this picture for you. I was wearing my glasses which are crazy thick anyway and make my eyes look small and then I hadn't plucked my eyebrows in like a long while, and I had a little Uni-brow starting to form, so needless to say it was pretty glamorous, well she printed that picture off and showed it to everyone, which then gave birth to the brilliant idea of putting the picture in front of their own face like a mask and seeing what they looked like with my crazy eyes, which paved the way for even more pictures of people looking messed up with my eyes on their face. I didn't love it at the time, but now it's a pretty funny moment!

3. Chicken Fetticini- There's isn't much I can say other then I think Krystin's fetticini is the best homemade fetticini I've ever had, in fact I can't think of anything Krystin's made that wasn't delicious, and every time I read her blog about what she's making for dinner or what not, I always really wish I lived closer so I could eat her food!

2. Jamba Juice Employee of the Year- At one point Krystin had 2 jobs when she was going to school, but the one that was the coolest I thought was when she worked at Jamba Juice. We would go visit her often, and test out the Karaoke machine they had in the lobby, or she would make us a special concoction that wasn't on the menu, or when she would close the store, she'd stop by our house and give us all the messed up smoothies or day old pretzels and pastries they where just gonna throw out anyway, and I was always impressed by how well she did her job, I think they even made her a shift lead pretty soon after she started working there. Every time I see a Jamba Juice it makes me think of Krystin!

1. Cheer Squad VS Drill Team- So my all time favorite moment that I will cherish forever and ever, was in the height of our Dance Battle Wednesdays endeavor. We came up with the brilliant idea as a theme to do Cheer leading VS Drill Team. We had this kid in our ward named Tommy Two? Was that his name? Alicia or Krystin, if you remember you should remind me!!! Any who Tommy was on the spirit team at BYUI and he was like this completely ridiculous flipper, that kid had some amazing acrobatics you don't even know, and then I knew Krystin had been on the Drill Team in High School, so I thought why not, that'd be cool right? So anyway the battle was crazy, Krystin was not rusty she whipped out that signature fall back move the drill team here in Moses is pretty famous for, and kept eye contact with Tommy all the way to the ground, and Tommy of course had no rhythm what so ever, but managed to impress with a large amount of tricks, but the best part was when they where going head to head and Krystin had this red spandex unitard with crazy sequins, and orange shorts on well she started doing this like floor routine and when she stood up her pants fell right down. . . . all of a sudden Krystin paused looked down saw her shorts and ran out of the room! It was like the funniest thing, can you picture it? Just the look on her face was so priceless! I swear we watched that video over and over again. . . .it was good. . . . I promise! K Dizz won the battle by the way!

I just really love my good buddy Krystin, I love how caring and supportive she is of her husband, I love how grateful she is for her blessings, I love how she always puts her foot down when somethings not right, but love how she'll still gossip with me about crazy people! I love our Church talks, our " I'm really bugged about this" talks, and wish I could be as reliable, creative, and hard working as she is!


and be watching the mail sometime around October for your B-day present. . . ha ha ha!