Tuesday, April 28, 2009

“For everything you have missed, you have gained something else, and for everything you gain, you lose something else.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

So remember that one time when I was all jazzed about getting to work at the radio station well pretty much since the beginning of October I haven't been because they haven't had anything for me to do. I got to read the news on the AM station for approximetly a week and then nothing,

Now I got a lot of good feedback from people that heard me, so I'm assuming it didn't have anything to do with me just completly sucking, although I'm not ruling it out, but all I was told was there isn't anything for me to do, so just today I emailed them again and asked if this summer I could do another internship and now i'm waiting to hear back.
I'm not interested in getting paid, I just want to learn, and while I'm here in Moses Lake KDRM is my only hope.

The good news though is that a month ago I got a job at the Boys and Girls club in downtown Moses Lake and they have put me in charge of the Art room.

Now you would think that this would be a dream job for me right. . . .well let me just say while it is fun to think and plan craft projects it's quite another to execute them with 20-30 kids running around shoving eachother and tattle-telling and constantly asking. . .what are we doing? I don't know how to do this? and yada yada yada!

So it's been hard and between this new job the play a couple weeks ago and school I've been crazy busy and didn't have much time to think, let alone blog.

By the way I originally had pictures posted of the kids, but i just found out that's a big no no, so I deleted them!

Anywho, the job is harder then I thought it would be, but it's turning out to be a good thing, and you know how kids are, they drive you crazy one minute and then they do something cute and you forget all about it. . . so it is with the Boys and Girls Club!

Posing for a pic in my art room, the kids love to steal my camera!
Me doing my chores around the club!!! I love garbage duty!!!!!

sweeping up the never ending sequin supply on the ground!!!

Like I said this job is going to be trying on my patience i'm sure, but the positives outway the negatives, and i think I've got a lot to gain from this!Oh and if anyone has any great kid craft ideas I would love to hear about them! my email address is missem_27@hotmail.com, if you have ideas, advice or anything please please please let me know! until then. . . . . .

Peace out!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

"...That's why I'm here right now, because I dreamed of these moments. Kids need that. If they don't dream, they have what?"- Britney Spears

Ok so I've been thinking about it lately and I really think I should be on a reality show sometime in my life, with the genre being as huge as it is, and the endless options, it really should be something I do. . . .right? so I've made up this little list, here goes. . . . .

Top 5 Reality Shows I'd like to be on!

1. Say Yes to the Dress-

Have you seen this show? It is one of my favorites on TLC! Say Yes To the Dress is all about Brides finding their perfect gown for their big day at this amazing store called Klienfeld in Manhattan. Consultants collect various gowns from the stores amazing collection and cater to the bride to be's every whim until the customer gets that glow or her eyes fill with tears and she knows she has found "The One". When ever I get married, if I have a few grand to blow on the dress of my dreams, I will move heaven and earth to have someone from Klienfield help me find the perfect wedding gown!

2. MTV's Made -

True story. . . .the first MADE ever was filmed right here in Moses Lake about 7 yrs ago. This kid named Isaac Jones wanted to be a Bull Rider so MTV hooked him up with a coach and taught him the ropes. I saw him last year at the Rodeo I'm not sure if he competed, but anyway enough about him. I've mentioned before how much I want to learn how to drop some beats on the ones and twos and learn how to scratch, but I don't think there is anyone in Moses Lake or close by even that knows how to do that. I think MTV is my only option for learning how to become DJ EmKDubb! And even though they've already filmed here, it still would be interesting to teach this 25 old white girl from Farmtown USA how to kick it to you urban style via the turntables. . . . am I wrong?

3. Big Brother-

Last year I discussed with Angie how much I think i'd really like to be on this show. Last year was the first season I watched it, and although strategy is not my strongest suit, I think I might be able to charm people into keeping me around long enough to make an impression, and maybe win a fan favorite award or something! That would be my game plan anyway.

4. Real World -

I've watched this show since they first started in New York, and I always wanted to be on it until Las Vegas happened and I realized I might not be trashy enough to make what MTV apparently thought was good television. Now after the Brooklyn cast just wrapped up their season, I've decided it is back on my list of possibilities. . . . not to mention maybe I could make the rest of my living winning prizes and money on all those duals and challenges they invite you to be on after you've appeared on one of their shows. . . . just a thought!

5. Little Miss Perfect-

This last option is a little different from the rest, I don't actually want to be on this show, nor would I like to put one of my own children into one of these pageants, but Angie and I have been watching "Little Miss Perfect" quite a lot and I'm pretty sure Angie and I have what it takes to run our own pageant and coach little girls on how to have stage presence. From the looks of it, it doesn't look to difficult. I mean I can sing cheesy songs and give pointers on how to smile just as well as this guy. . . . .

Michael Galanas who is the Director and I think creator of the "Little Miss Perfect" pageant and well I can't really describe him, you'll have to see for yourself and form your own judgements.

See. . . .I told ya. . . . .Piece of Cake!

Let me know your thoughts, What reality show would you guys most like to be on?


Monday, April 6, 2009

"That is the definition of faith -- acceptance of that which we imagine to be true, that which we cannot prove.”- Dan Brown

I am a fan of Twilight, I read all the books, waited in line at midnight to see the movie, and all that stuff, but I don't consider myself a crazy obsessed fan, I didn't put a countdown on my blog, I don't own any Twilight Merchandise, and I don't want to marry a vampire as a result of reading those stories, I am just not that obsessed.

I tell what I am obsessed with, and that's the book Angels and Demons by Dan Brown.

You may remember him as the Author of The Da Vinci Code, but Angels and Demons is the pre-qual to that book and the first adventure Robert Langdon embarks on. I love this book so much i've read it twice, and i'm contemplating reading it again!

I highly recommend it! For some reason the story line just gripped me and I bet it will grip you as well, the mixture of science and religion, and the fact that it incorpporates actual historical facts is pretty fascinating too. Then the crazy twist at the end! Once Robert gets into Rome the story starts rolling, and you can not put the book down.

There is more good news for you none readers out there, the movie Angels and Demons comes out May 15th 2009! Does that make your heart skip a beat or what!

I have included the official movie trailer to pump you all up like me, and if Blogger would update it's countdown widget, then i'd also have a countdown! But Oh well can't win them all!

You can officially consider me a member of Team Langdon!

Hope you enjoy!

Peace Out!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

"If You Can Read This, Flip Me Over!"- Annoying bumper sticker

Hello Friends!

I'm very sorry for my sabbatical from the blogging world, but finals week and spring break where CRAZY!!! I promise to be back on top next week, because I've got some blog topics I'm psyched out of my mind about, but first. . . is anyone having a rough time viewing my blog? If you can read this, will you comment and let me know, otherwise I will try to fix the problem for next weeks extravaganza's!


Peace Out!