Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"I would rather lose a good earring than be caught without make-up."- Lana Turner

It's Spring Break here at Big Bend and so technically I'm supposed to be on break, but I got asked a few favors and so instead of vegging on the couch I've been here at school helping out with a few things. One of which was this program called Gear Up where they get middle school kids psyched about college and careers they might be interested in. I guess Big Bend hosts it and they have Thor our college Mascot make an appearance, well our original Thor was busy so Kim asked me If I could do it. I was like sure why not, wouldn't be so bad, all I have to do is get dressed up and dance around. . . . not unlike what I normally do, and this time I get payed. So I started working on my dude moves, and getting myself pumped up and ready to perform, I rolled into school this morning got the costume on, and lets just say I have a hole new respect for Mascots. . . .those outfits are A) Really Hot, and B) kind of hard to see and breathe in! The flesh colored cap I donned underneath the mask had to be adjusted so it didn't gag me to death, and when I started dancing it crept up and covered my mouth so I had an even more difficult time breathing, but luckily no one could see my face, I may have ruined the mood if that was the case. Anyway, I hope those kids couldn't tell it was really a girl working that gym.
Can you spot the difference between these two mascots???
This is the lovely shot of me afterwords. . . . good call Kim!
Now, when I left the house this morning I thought to myself, should I do my hair and put on make-up? Then my practical side. . . (which I rarely listen to anyway so why I chose today to do so I haven't a clue) said "What for? No one's gonna see you, but maybe Kim and some of the gym guys, and it's all gonna get messed up anyway right?" So, out the door I went, I did my thing and as I was getting ready to get my blog on in the ASB office the Gear Up people in desperation asked me if I could fill in for the Cosmetology person who was supposed to speak to some of the students that day, she had just called and cancelled on them, and they where desperate. I mean I knew they had to have been desperate if their only option was make-up less frizzy haired me! So I agreed to help them out, even though I informed them that all I knew about cosmetology is what I've learned from my friends, but they had no problem with it. So for three 20 minute sessions I spoke to a classroom full of 8Th grade girls about what it takes to become a beautician I showed them pictures from my blog about good and bad hair cuts, and for being thrown into the ring about 20 minutes before the show, I'd have to say it went pretty darn well!
The lesson to be learned here is from now on I go no where without my face! I mean you just never know when you're gonna be asked to speak to a room full of girls about beauty and you look like this. . . . . . .

What a funny day eh?


Monday, March 23, 2009

". . .If Your're a Fly Gal get a pedicure, get your nails done, get your hair did!"- Missy Elliott

I am a firm believer in a new hair cut making your life better, I'm not sure how exactly why, but sometimes a new look can work magic on your dispostion!

I went in about two weeks ago to get my hair fixed up for my Grandma's memorial service the following weekend. Heaven forbid I have any old family members judging me, I mean my roots where looking pretty fierce!

This is me the day before I got it chopped. . . .I wasn't lying about the massive grow out. . . you probably can't even tell i'm wearing a black head band!

This is me. . . . Having my roots done! Oh and this is me with no make-up. . . now you all know!

I was getting a little tired of my align bob with bangs, that I noticed was becoming the "go to" style for everyone else, I was trying to think of ways to change it up a bit, but what I ended up with was something way better then I had initially thought of. . . although it must be said I felt a little bad because I'm pretty sure I stole the style Angie and I had discussed once that she wanted to try next, and for that I feel guilty, I hope Angie will not be upset with me for long! I do really love my new hair though and I think I must give mad props to Shannon (Estoos) Herrin who works at R'Tistics for those who'd like to know. She has been my sisters BFF and a friend of our families for quite sometime. Also, she has done my hair for every special occasion over the past decade and I have never once been upset, she has never steered me wrong, and for that I must say


here's the big reveal. . . . . . . . .

This is my Diva Face!

It's short and choppy, and takes me approximetly 15 minutes to do, and I don't know if any of you recall, but it was on my life list to do a crazy style like this once in my life, so chalk that one up as done!

Here's my own little photo gallery of some of the my favorite hair cuts by Shannon

For my Birthday 2 years ago I decided I wanted to get my hair done, and my Mom and Sister made it happen, this is the end result!

This is me in for a touch up that summer!

Angie got me hooked on teasing my hair, so for the last year or so I've been attempting this style

And then of course I decided blondes have more fun. . . . . . . .

I seriously can't say enough about Shannon, not only is she one of my favorite people, but she seriously never leaves me unstaisfied with my hair. R'Tistics is located across from Frontier Middle School on 3rd if anyone is interested. . . . . you won't be sorry!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"My advice, Be healthy, reach your own goals and don't be afraid to impersonate a SNL star...”- Teri Hatcher

I've said it before and I'll say it again. . . I think of myself as a mimicker, I thrive on taking other peoples great ideas ( mainly Saturday Night Lives or Angie's) and making them my own, I cannot name you a time I've come up with an original concept all on my own. Even with music I learned to sing by copying what I heard not only the notes, but the tone as well. Anyway, if you've known me long enough you know how much I love to quote things and I almost always strive to deliver it in the exact comedic timing the original person performed it. It drives me crazy otherwise, if I was a perfectionist I'd probably be the most annul about that, because it drives me crazy when people do lousy impressions.

So does this blog post have a point, well yes it does! Nothing stirs my heart more then funny impressions and here are two of my favorite I witnessed this last week, that make me happy and giddy inside, I make me feel OK about my obsession with impersonations. It's also purely coincidental that both of these feature Justin Timberlake, although fitting, because I love him!

Anyway please watch and enjoy! And please believe I will be quoting these for a while!

Andy Samberg during Weekend Update doing his interpretation of what the Comic Strip Cathy would sound like. . . . Brilliant! Then there's Justin as her Husband Irving and Jessica Biel (Justin's current main squeeze) as Jessica Rabbit. . . . .Get ready to laugh your face off!

Justin Timberlake does an impersonation here on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, of Michael McDonald, and I think it's the funniest thing, and I've recently attempted to do this one myself, but all I did was wake up Qiana from a nap, so it didn't go over well. . . . I guess I'll keep working on it!

funny. . . . no? I dare you to say otherwise!

Peace out!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

"This is American Idol"- Ryan Seacrest

Ok so tonights the last night before the Top 12 contestants on American Idol are finally figured out! This season has been really crazy and I'm not sure I'm completly in love with the new direction they have taken, don't get me wrong AI is still one of my favorites, but unfortunaetly this blog is going to be geared more towards some of my frustrations with how things have transpired thus far.

One) What was with the song choices????? Almost all of them where terrible! It seemed like almost every contestant got the "I'm just not sure you picked the right song" critique. It was almost like everyone buckled under the pressure and didn't use their judgement correctly. Or maybe it's the fact that they had such a huge selection to choose from. I don't know all I do know, is that if I ever get on that show I will not make my final selection on a song until I run it by Angie first! She has watched that show since season 1, she's knows what's been over done, she's got an ear for what sounds good, and she's never steared me wrong with song choices in the past when we were Karaoke extradinaires, I just wish these contestents had their own personal Angie that could help them out because they really need it!

Two) If American Idol is a singing competition, and they want to be taken seriously, then why in the world are they lip-synching those group numbers and forcing them to do cheesy choreography? Now maybe it was my attitude, but I did not once enjoy in the last 3 weeks any of the ensemble numbers they threw together I thought they where a smidge awkward to watch, and I really hope AI realizes they look slightly hypicritical when the man that owns the show (AKA Simon) often tells contestants they are too "Cabaret" or sound like they singing on a cruiseship and then do group numbers that personify that stereotype to the fullest. . . aren't the producers of the show in control there?

Whatever. . . moving on


RIP Norman Gentle


Four) How is it this girl keeps coming back?????
This is the second time the judges have pulled the switcheroo with her. Here's an idea Judges maybe the reason you hesitate with Tatianna is because she's obnoxious! Little Miss Tatianna seems to think she's the only person who's ever struggled to obtain a dream, so that's a little annoying. . .nobody understands how hard you've worked to be there. . . .no one understands. . .really? You know I'm sure Jorge your fellow countrymen might beg to differ! Also, it irritates me that they let her into the wild card round based on her "Passion", that's Crazy! And that tells all the other crazies out there that if you irritate the judges enough and feign over excitment enough to look psychotic, they'll let you through! This girl with her crazy laugh, which is obviously fake, I mean any girl who laughs like that and wears something like this to an audition

can not be serious, and from one attention getter to another, you are not fooling me missy!!!! I see right through your little show! And I pray to the gods of glorifyed Karaoke competitions that this girl doesn't make it into the top ten and I have to endure her on tour! Yes I will admit she has a voice, but when you drive people crazy with your "over the top" antics, that becomes obsolite in my book, it's all about the package with this one! Some of you stopped listening to Chris Brown when he became an abuser, and he's offley talented! Well I stop rooting for people when they become ridiculous. . . . it's all the same to me. Chris Brown is an Abuser of girlfriends, Tatianna is an abuser of my patience!

On a lighter note!

Thus far it is my prediction that top prize will go to Danny Gokey

Or as Angie refers to him as Robert Downey Jr.

So far he is the only one that has managed to captivate me everytime I've seen him perform, I love the growl in his voice, I love the way he makes a song his own, and doesn't try to copy the artist, this guy has accomplished what everyone else has tried to do and failed. Thus he is my prediction for American Idol Winner.

Now due to another friend staking claims on him as her favorite, I am forced to find another I dub Emily's Favorite and as a result I have decided to root for Adam Lambert so I do not tread on anyone's territory (and also because Anoop and Matt have been claimed as well). My only wish is that he figures out how to keep his tongue in his mouth when he sings so he stops freaking people out!

And that's my stories and I'm sticking to them!

Peace out!

Monday, March 2, 2009

"What is so fascinating about sitting around watching a bunch of pituitary cases stuff a ball through a hoop?" ~Woody Allen, Annie Hall

I'm not a sports person, I don't understand the rules of the game most of the time and If you would have asked me what the lines on the gym floor where for I'd have told you they where there for decoration! But for some reason I really enjoy watching our schools basketball teams, I think there is something about knowing the people playing that makes it a good time! Also this year as an ASB Officer I got the chance to toss out prizes to the crowd during Time Outs which made it all the more entertaining. Unfortunately this year was the first year in a while we didn't even qualify for NWAACS (I don't know what it stands for but it's the state tournament for Basketball, that's enough info right?) Which was surprising to me, because I felt like we had a lot of players this year that played with a lot of heart, but oh well! Big Bend is always #1 in my heart!

Top 5 favorite things and moments from this season where

5. The delicious hot dogs at the concession stand, and my free pretzel w/cheese and a soda didn't taste too shabby either!

4. Making those paper fortune tellers and Rhen discovering that her future entails loneliness and an over abundance of cats! and Rhoan being told he's the next American Idol!

3. Almost decapitating that old man when I tried to toss him a seat cushion (steered clear of those the rest of the time)

2. The baseball players cheering "Left, Right, Left Right, Left, Right. . . ." as an opposing player got fouled out of the game, it seriously took him like five minutes to take his seat, but the Baseball cheering squad being as stalwart as they where continued to shout until finally he did and they all yelled "SIT DOWN". Their commitment to the art of heckling was inspiring!
and finally

1. First home game that went into triple over time, long night, but when Michael Hatar kept getting those 3 pointers at the last second that tied us up it instantly brought my pep back, best game ever!

This is not our team, and I'm sorta glad because this type of stretching and all the butt slapping, make me wonder sometimes???

Yum Licorice is good!

Thor. . . .our fearless Mascot!

This is the prize tossing crew. . . from L-R Virginia Valdez, Andrew Hyer, Rhen Ashby, Brady Coulston, Me, and Angela Fales.

This is Me and Nikki and James Baker's baby Jenna, this little lady is a BBCC Superfan! She's been coming and supporting Big Bend Sports since she was a weeks old. . .now that's dedication!

Here's the Baseball/Softball cheering section!

Kayla Chamberlain tossing things to the loudest patron!

Dale our Announcer/ DJ has been a B-Ball game staple since I can remember! he's also famous for playing Final Countdown as the players enter the court, and is quite partial to the Footloose and Space Jam Soundtrack!

I will Punch you in the face Thor!!!!

Gina Brown on the right is one of my favorite programmers pictured next to her is her boyfriend who's name escapes me and next to him in the white shirt is another girl I can't remember, but these cats are there every game and activity. . . talk about support!

Eww that's gross!

Casey Anderson and Thor!

Baseball Squad and Thor!

Get your finger out of your nose Ben Hardy or I will Hulk Smash you!!!!!

Our fearless leader Kim Jackson!

This season was good times! here's to next year being even better!!!
Peace Out!