Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"I just want you, to know that you are truly special!"- Pharrell

I first met Angie in the summer of 2002, when I started coming to Singles Ward after Graduation, she had really cool lime green glasses and red hair, and she had this crazy infectious laugh that made everyone else double over with cackles because it was so loud and funny, but she scared the begeezies out of me because I could tell right away she didn't mess around, she knew what was cool and what wasn't and I assumed right away that I probably wasn't cool enough to be her friend.

SO imagine how I felt later on that summer when she invited me to come with her and her crew to a singles dance out of town, it was like in those teen movies when the nerdy girl finally gets accepted by the popular kids, I was thinking to myself. . . .man I have arrived! I mean if Angie Bates is inviting me to stuff then that's got to mean I'm cool right?

Ever since that summer 7 years ago, my life has never been the same! Most of my close friends from High School left home and found spouses and have had children that have changed them or taught them things, not me though, I found Angie, my own personal Yoda, life coach, Sensai (sp), guidance counselor, whatever you want to call it, I like to refer to Angie as my mentor, a lot of great artists throughout history have honed their craft while studying under the greats like Michelangelo and Da Vinci, although I don't really create my own material, a lot of the time I simply copy what ever she does, but you catch my drift!

Now with that said. . . . .


I just want to say that I really do consider your friendship a blessing, I don't how I would have gotten through this crazy phase of my life if it wasn't for your wisdom, support, and jokes! And it is my personal goal in life to be able to give back to you all that you've given to me! I also hope to celebrate many more amazing birthdays with you, not only because they are always awesome, but because that means you are still a big part of my life! As Kelly Clarkson says "My Life Would Suck Without You" So thanks, for being my BFF, and teaching me the ways of the wicked awesome! Love You Long Time!

Your Mini Me

Ok,ok I'm done with the sentiments!

Here's some pics I think the world should see of you!
Crazy Shenanigans at Crystal (then Montoya) Harris's House!
I'm as serious as cancer when I say Brigham and Angie are the funniest people I know!
Best slumber party ever! With Interpretive Dance Karaoke! Can you guess what song is being peformed here?

If you guessed "My heart Will Go On", you'd be correct!. . . . I'll never let go jack!
Cause my Body's too bootylicious for ya babe!
Luau at Grandma Earl's. . . .even mama Cain's in on the action!
I feel this picture exemplifies our relationship!
"So here's to future cause we got through the past. . . . . "

Peace Out!!!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

"if it's not funny, then why does my face hurt?"- Michelle Grout

Well, well, here we are playing catch up again! It's been almost a month since I blogged last, but now schools out, and I have one job that takes up three hours of my time a day, so really there's no excuse not to blog to my hearts content!

Now, because of my lack of time I've managed to miss some opportunities to give some very important people in my life the props they deserve, so I'm dubbing this week my "Special Dedications Week" I have a slew of shout outs that need to get did, and Monday's "Special Dedication blog" goes toooooooooo


Ok so Michelle's Birthday was in February, and I didn't give her a blog shout out because Angie beat me to it, but I promised her I'd do one when the moment was right so as she didn't feel left out, and I feel the right moment has passed and here I am giving my Bestest Good Buddy Michelle a major shout out, because not only is she a great friend, but she's managed to stick with me even though I'm constantly making her wait around for me. . . .well she's not the only one I make all my friends wait for me a lot because my sense of time is not what it should be, and i think i can fit everything in to a small amount of time, but whatever this blog isn't about me, it's about how awesome Michelle is!

Here's the story, I was busy running around trying to get some last minute things for Angie before her birthday dinner and I said we should go at six, but Michelle had text me earlier that she could meet us at the restaurant at 5:45 and I don't really know what i was thinking, but i just text her back that that was cool, when really i should have clarified that it was six, anyway so when it came down to it, because I took longer then I should have to get Angie's birthday treats and such, we didn't pull up to the restaurant until about six thirty, meaning Michelle waited at Tsunami Sushi for 45 minutes, by herself, with I'm sure the people around her wondering why this poor girl got stood up!

So you could say this is an apology blog. . . . sorry I'm a horrible friend and make you wait for me all the time, but here's a little pictorial reminder of why we are buddies (In no particular order) and why I hope we stay friends for a long, long time!

You snacking on the road treats my food-stamps bought!

This pic is You, Aubrey, and I singing "Girl next Door" at Karaoke (I would also like to point out that I'm wearing the lovely feather earrings you and Angie got for me to wear. . . .best ever!)

You and Angie sippin' on your mint juleps at the Happiest place on Earth!

Remember how you met John Wayne on that trip?

You poising by the flower bush in Nette's backyard, when we house sat for her over memorial day last year!

Russian Roulette is not the same without a gun!

I don't think anyone has as many rubber bracelets as you! (better those then the car ribbon magnets)

Lake Chelanigans 2008. . . . this is where you slept!

We kind of dominated this Halloween party!

You and I in the back seat, on the way to see Spamalot (your first Broadway show!)

You and Ang at the Color Purple for my Birthday!

Lookin' like a fly Mamasita (Fuego) right before the Justin Timberlake Concert!

You and Qiana, after she was born!

You dancing with Brother Lybbert in the Outhouse, (my personal favorite)

Remember that one time we went to Canada for Lunch?

Us on the love sack in Utah!

You, me, Suzette, and Nette at mine an Angie's house serving up Mocktails!
I hope we stay friends for a long time because it would be a shame to have spent all this time together and made so many great memories and not continue on making even more! So many of my favorite trips, hang outs and late night shenanigans have been with you, and I just love that we have so many sweet stories!

I love when we have sleep overs and we stay up late talking about life, and how you always lend me a sympathetic ear
I love that you know all the random rap parts to various pop and hip hop songs
I love that your house always smells like you've been cooking something
I love that your dad makes amazing beef stew
I love that you have a bunco group
I love that you are so incredibly supportive, that you where always willing to go to karaoke just to watch Angie and I perform, and then so willing to get up and do rap songs once we learned of your secret talent!
and most of all I love that Suzette told me about how awesome you where and how much I was gonna like you, and she was totally right!
You are one of the sweetest, funniest, and most considerate girls I know, and I'm so proud and glad to say you are one of my closest friends!
Thank you so much, I'm sorry you have to endure a lot of my obnoxious traits, but thanks for loving me anyway!

I Heart You!

The End

Peace Out!

Monday, June 1, 2009

"Playin' Playin' with the Boys"- Kenny Loggins

I'm not a rough housing, get out there and play dirty with the boys kind of gal, I don't have any brothers, and my Father probably knew from the start I was lacking in hand eye coordination so he didn't bother much showing me how to throw a ball or anything like that, I'm a straight up Girl's girl, I love make-up and dresses and boy bands and romance. I don't enjoy climbing (obviously) or jumping off of things, and I'm completely useless at strategies, so normally boy activities are completly lost on me, but in my quest for adventure and exciting things to talk and or blog about I have attempted to broaden my horizons.

a couple weeks ago ASB had a paint balling event, I tried it, HATED IT, and now I know!

Paintballing hurts my darlings and I'm not a big fan of recreation that is painful! Here's some shots of that. . . .

Kayla Chamberlain and I. . . . intimidating aren't we?

Protective mask hair's the worst!

Then just this last Friday I went camping with some of my peeps, and I actually enjoyed this particular activity,mainly because my good buddy Kelly Hodges let me sleep on his cot. . . .
We hit up Quincy Lakes around 8:30-9ish, we were only there for one night, but it was a memorable one I'll tell ya that much! My Quincy boys Adam Ottley and of course Mr. Hodges are out doorsman to say the least (there really isn't much else to offer in Quincy, so you have to take advantage of your surroundings!) Anyway they cooked us a sweet Dutch Oven meal, laid out a trap for us to sleep on and kept the fire blazing, so we sat around asking questions from my IF book for a few hours and got to know each other better, we also roasted smores and Starbursts, and then we attempted to sleep, some of us were more successful then others!
As usual here are some pics

Whitney Smith and Dana Bates, I think this was a great angle to shoot from don't you?

pictured here Aahliyah and Brian. . . . pretending to be asleep!

Adam and Kelly a little late night snuggle (yeah it's true what they say about Quincy Boys)

Here's a little shot of me on my cot, safe from everything except cougars and mosquitoes, and speaking of mosquito's there was a lot of them and they where huge and noisy, and either we doused ourselves with sugar water or they where immune to bug spray because we where all covered with bites, as you will see later!

This is what happens when Kelly gets a hold of your camera!

The last time I had looked at my phone that night it was a little after 2 o'clock in the morning, and when I woke up it was a little after four, it was those friggin' mosquito's they kept me up all night!

Lucky for me though I didn't encounter these man eating ants!

Not everyone was as ready for the day as I was around 4:30 A.M.

Adam, who works graveyard security at Microsoft hadn't slept that night at all either so he got the fire going once more, even though we really didn't need it, but it was a nice thought though!

The scenery was gorgeous, proving that even a dessert Oasis can be pretty!

Me looking extra fly like usual in the mornings!

A group shot right before we left! Aren't we a lovely bunch!

Mr. Ottley is too sexy, too sexy!

and this concludes my blog about boy stuff I normally don't do!
Peace out!