Thursday, January 31, 2008

"Snoop Doggy Dogg. . . . Need to get a Jobby Job" -Old Man from Snoop Dogg Video

Today is the day for "The Future is Here" Job and Career Fair, I've been helping plan this event for a month and a half now, and I'm super excited it's finally here! I'm also super nervous, because I got ropped into being on this employer panel with a bunch of people mostly my age, and I'm not excited because I have to be professional. . . .And there's no room for me to be jokey jokey, and there fore I don't know if I can handle being that serious, and that boring!

Also, everyone else on this panel is supposed to be representing companies with high wage positions, and I think they may have looked over that when deciding to put me on board for this forum, so I also feel a little under qualified, but oh well. . . . the exciting part is my co-worker Tabitha (who is also an AmeriCorps member) and I got to put together a cool display board to try to lure High Schooler's in and talk to us.

It was my idea to take pictures of ourselves doing day to day things, and put them on the board, so I thought I would share those with you!

Here is a glance into the life of an AmeriCorps member at WorkSource. . . . . . .

Here is Tabitha, with her favorite mug! I secretly think she's just trying to fit in, because people around here can't live without their cups of joe!

This is me at my desk, probably blogging, or sending e-mails to Krystin, and thinking about actually doing something productive. If You'll notice according to the "Dundee" I'm currently "The Hottest in the Office" take that Lucy!!!!!

"Your probably wondering why I called you here today."

This is the conference room, that Tabitha and I actually never use, I really wish they'd let us watch movies on that flat screen! What a waste I say!

So this is Tab and Ida (the main secretary for SkillsSource). Tabitha's getting some Job shadowing in!

Meanwhile, I'm doing what I do best and supporvising miss Ida and making sure she's working efficentily. . . . .This picture is not posed at all. . . . .and it's Decaf I swear!

Don't mind her she's looking over her materials!

"Excuse me. . . . . Can I have the Attention of the class. . . . . for one second?. . . . "

This picture. . . .also not posed!

Anyway, that's my life at work, sorta! Pretty amazing Huh? Here's hoping everything goes well!

Peace Out!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"I'm Black, Handsome, I Sing, Plus I'm Rich, and I'm a Flirt" -R Kelly


I heard on the radio that along with being National Croissant Day it is Flirt with Someone Day! So I have enclosed my top ten favorite pick up lines, so you all can get your Flirt on. In honor of the day set aside for it!!!! And be sure to leave me some of your favorites as well!

1. "Do you believe in love at first sight?. . . . .or do I need to walk by again?"

2. "You must be from Tennisee. . . .Because your the only Ten I See!"

3. "Was your Daddy a Terrorist, cause you da bomb!"

4. "Is that kryptanite you got there. . . . cause you know what that kinda stuff does to me!"

5. "I may not be Dairy Queen, but i'll treat you right!"

6."You gotta a band-aid? because I'm cut!"

7. "Bewwwwup Booooop Bewwwwup Booop, that's the sound of the ambulance coming to take me away, because the sight of you stopped my heart!"

8. "Hey yo Cat. . . .Drop the Zero, and get with the Hero!"

9. "You must be an adverb, because you sure do modify me!"

10. "There's something wrong with my cell phone. . . .it doesn't have your number in it!"

And honorable mention goes too. . . . . . . .

Girl asks- "Why didn't you ask for my number?"Guy says- "Because I know I'll see you again!"

I think only one person will appreciate that! (You know who you are!)

Peace Out!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"No one's gonna buy the ice cream truck when your giving out the popsicles for free!"- Molly Shannon in Never Been Kissed

I'm so ready for this writer's strike to be over! I need The Office back, I need Reaper back, and pretty soon I'm sure they'll run out of House and then I'm gonna need that back! I really don't think it should be too much to ask to give the writer's the money they deserve for the work they do. . . . .if the big wigs would stop being selfish, this issue would have been resolved and I could be continuing to enjoy Jim and Pam in love!

In the mean time I'm trying to be grateful for what I've got, and right now that's American Idol (DUH!) and dare I say it Rock of Love. I know most of you know how addicting trashy shows are, I am no exception, i'm hooked! I guess I'm amazed that the people on all of the celebrity dating shows VH1 comes up with, think they have everyone fooled that the shows are in fact reality TV. When I say no way!

I'm pretty sure I'll have something to say about idol tomorrow, but let's talk about Rock of Love for a second. Brett Michaels is the lead singer of Poison and for some odd reason is not able to find a girl to love him and take care of him and be all ok with all the throngs of groupies he encounters! I say "WHAT WOMAN WOULD?" and what woman in her right mind could handle living in a house with a crap load of girls all after the same man, and watch him kiss and rub up on several different woman in a matter of minutes! Never, Never, Never. . . . unless, I was after something else like. . . . oh I don't know. . . . being on TV or being with a famous Rock Star.

There's this French girl named Angelique (I'll let you guess which one she is!) on the show that just got kicked off the other night, thank heaven, but I couldn't believe how unbelievably skanky she was. When I think of French woman I audimatically think classy and put together, I mean even when they are portrayed as prostitutes, they still don't look trashy. . . .wait I take that back the only time I have ever seen a dumpy looking french woman was on the Saturday Night Live sketch "Old French Whore". This girl could have definately been on that spoof. Mostly because she looked old and looked like she learned how to dress from a 900 number commercial. She also had the hugest fake boobs and big fake lips, I mean just everything about this girl was a mess! I'm pretty sure she had to have been a drug addict or according to Angie a man, and all she talked about was sex. Plus she managed to flash the twins every episode she was on, and I was thinking sweety pie. . . .didn't anyone ever tell you the key to being sexy is leaving something to the imagination, she just put it all out there, like it wasn't gonna get old after a while. I mean this woman can't be serious, she has to be doing that for attention right?

I guess it really doesn't matter because she got kicked off, but I just needed you too know that I thought she was a super tramp! And I was Uber-annoyed!

Monday, January 28, 2008

"There was a barber and his wife, and she was beautiful"- There's no place like London, Sweeney Todd

So funny story, my car is currently stuck in my driveway, I made several attempts to get it unstuck, but failed miserably. All I got was cold hands, a wet dress, and a pulled muscle in my shoulder! Then I go to call my Padre to see if he can rescue me, and our land line is dead. Plus big shock of the century my cell phone died this morning and my charger is at work! So all I had to work with was my wireless internet, I attempted to e-mail my dad and my sister, but neither have responded. The neighbors (who i've never really met anyway) are gone as well, So i'm writing to you from my home computer, because I'm trapped! And you know me, always about using my time efficiently, so why not blog! I just realized I only really wrote one last week, what a slacker, I am sorry!

Saturday was a pretty eventful day, Nette and I had planned heading to Tri-Cities so she could spend some gift cards she got for Christmas, and I could just spend money period! What started as just a little shopping trip turned into a full day of adventure with Me, Nette, Gwen, and on the way home Brenna. We got our shop on, or Sweeney Todd on, did a little Red Robin, and watched the Tri-cities Americans defeat the Vancouver Giants in a glorious Hockey Match. But that's beside the point what I really want to discuss is my feelings on the movie Sweeney Todd.

I was super excited to see this musical for obvious reasons A) it's a musical and B) it has Johnny Depp in it. But for the most part I didn't know quite what to expect. I was only familiar with a couple songs from the score, and Steven Sondhiem's music takes me a bit to warm up too. I also knew from the things I heard on TV that there was a lot of blood, so I was a little squeemish, but eventually let curiosity get the best of me.

I should probably explain the show for those of you who don't know. Sweeney Todd is a musical about a young Barber who is wrongfully sentenced to Prison by a shifty judge that covets his beautiful wife. He comes home to London after serving his sentence only to be told his wife had committed suicide and his daughter was adopted by the judge that imprisoned him, this all told to him by Mrs. Lovett, the pie shop owner below his old apartment (who also happens to be madly in love with Him) Long story short, he seeks revenge by slitting the throats of his customers that come in for a shave. Mrs. Lovett decides to not be wasteful and use the bodies as meat for her pies. . . .and thus as the old joke goes, her business begins to boom! In the end Todd obtains the revenge he craves, but in a sad twist of the plot, pays a heavy price for the anger that fuels his actions.

Needless to say this isn't the most uplifting show that ever was, but it has it's moments of humor, and romance, and the score was fantastic! Here is a list of my favorite songs from the show. . . . . .

1. "The Worst Pies in London" Although Angela Lansberry's original version is by far the best (she originated the role of Mrs. Lovett when it premiered) The song is about Lovett pretty much owning up to the fact that her pastries are awful! You kinda have to listen to the whole song to appreciate it and all the funny jokes. It's definately on my list of songs I wouldn't mind performing one day. As long as I can squish roaches with my rolling pin while I continue to bake.

2. "Not While I'm Around"- This is a sweet ballad sung by Tobey the little boy Mrs. Lovett takes under her wing after Todd kills his previous "Master". Lovett is the closest thing to a mother he's known and actually treats him kindly, and when he starts to distrust Todd and worry for her safety. Comes to her and says "Nothings gonna harm you, Not while I'm around." My favorite line is "Demons are prowling everywhere, nowadays. I'll send em howling, I don't care, I got ways!" It's just such cute lullably like song, sung by a little boy that loves his "Mum".

3. "A Little Priest"- I think this was the funniest part of the movie, when Mrs. Lovett get's the epiphany, and her and Sweeney start remarking on the different kinds of People Pies they'll make. "Everbody shaves, so there should be plenty of flavors!" he sings. I know it's a gross thought, but entertaining!

4. "By The Sea"- This was by far the greatest dream sequence I've ever beheld! Now you'd think in a musical such as this, any dream sequence would be more like a nightmare, but not so, it was humorous and sort of cute. Unlike Fiddler on the Roof, Singin' in the Rain, and Oklahoma. Which had sequences that freaked me out or didn't make sense! Anyway the song is Mrs. Lovett singing about her, Mr. Todd and Tobey being a family and living out the rest of there lives by the sea.

So I loved the music, the acting was superb, but I wouldn't have expected anything less. I could have done without the blood that looked more like paint then actual blood, but I guess that's Tim Burton for you! All in all worth the hype, worth the three hour trip back to Moses and almost worth the repenting I'll have to do later for seeing an R rated movie!!! Ha ha Ha!


My Daddy came to the rescue and I am now safely back in my Cubicle!

Peace Out!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"Act Your Age Momma, Not Your Shoe Size" -Prince

OK People I'm gonna come right out and say it. . . . .

get outta my head and go. . . . .

here's the deal. . . . .

I DON'T wanna grow up!

I've gotten a taste of being an adult, and "ME NO LIKEY"

I hate having to spend my money on boring things like toilet paper or tires. I liked it better when Mom and Dad had to pay for everything and I didn't have to worry! I also really hate adult things like Investing, Politics, and Insurance. All things that people use big words I don't understand to describe or even just talk about!

I'm sure I don't have to remind you how much more awesomer it was to be a kid! And no one needs to tell me to suck it up and be a "Big Girl", because I WILL! But, I do have somethings I'm reserving the right to hold on too.

So. . . . . Here's my list of little kid things I love even though I've out grown them!

Capri Suns-

I don't care if it does take a whole box of these to quench my thirst, there's just something about a cold "Pacific Cooler" Capri Sun that fills my heart with joy! And has my taste buds saying "Thank You" Because they are delicious! I also really like blowing air back into them and making it look like there's still stuff in it. . . .you can't do that with a juice box.

Happy Meal-
It's called such for a reason! Because it makes you happy! Even if you get a really dumb toy, but just the fact that it comes with a toy and that toy is considered free, that's awesome! Plus McDonalds has orange Hi-C which has been my most favorite libation since age 3. And I'm not afraid to order it even when I don't order a Happy Meal, or I'm with my friends and I know they're gonna tease me.

Ok so the name doesn't make it sound super appetizing, but trust me they're fantastic!
I Love them because. . . .
A) You don't need a spoon to eat them (now my Mom won't yell at me for taking her silverware)
B) You can freeze them and TADA! Yogurt Popsicle!
C) They come with lame jokes and trivia just like Laffey Taffey!

Crazy Printed Slip-On Shoes-
If anyone knows the actual name of these shoes, I would appreciate that info, because I've heard a lot of different names. Anyway, I sorta started a collection of these thanks to my days at Payless. I couldn't resist, some of the patterns where so adorable, like my music note ones, come on! When something screams my name, I don't care if only 15 yr. old girls with Hello Kitty backpacks are wearing them! Also, no laces, you just slide them on and go! I'm not seeing the problem here!

Jam Pack Jam-
This is a Cranium game, and by far my most favorite one produced by those people! Forget humming songs and molding things out of clay. With this game, you have to pack the trunk of the toy car with little plastic models of things like a couch, rug, birthday cake, chair, fish tank, and a tire. All Before the time runs out, otherwise it spits it back at you! It's meant for ages 6 and up, in my case way up. Thanks to Aubrey for introducing me to this one!
There you have it! This is the stuff that keeps me young! And has me saying "I Won't Grow Up"

Friday, January 18, 2008

"It's better to be thought a fool, then open your mouth and remove all doubt" -unknown (famously quoted by Mr. McGuire, my choir teacher)

So maybe I should have done this earlier, but I have a few warnings for everyone about my blog.

So I realize I have a little bit of college under my belt, but I haven't taken an English class since high school and I really didn't pay as much attention to the grammar and punctuation portion as I should have, so sometimes those things are not quite up to par. . . .mainly because I'm trying to get my blog done before my breaks over, so I don't double check! I'm also not a perfectionist, so sometimes I really don't care. Unless I know your most likely judging me and wondering why I have the writing skills of a 6th grader, then it worries me! I don't want you to think, I think I'm stupid, but sometimes I'm not as wise as a girl my age should be.

I also tend to not use or spell words correctly, for example. . . . . . . .

One semester at BYUI I had a roommate that used the word approximately a lot. One night we where discussing it, and I found out I'd been using it incorrectly. I was sure approximate meant exactly, so to save my pride I asked as many people as I could what they thought the definition of approximately was. . . . .everyone knew. . . but me!

Then there's the times that Angie and Lynette catch me on things like Lady Marmalade. I was saying marmalide (with an I sound) I guess that "a" at the end wasn't enough of a clue. Then yesterday Angie was kind enough to inform me that "Hopeycock" is not a word, but Poppycock is! Also in my text messages I was always having to spell out awkward and I was so mad because I was like was isn't this word in there!!!! It would have helped if I didn't spell it a-c-k-w-a-r-d!

These are just a few examples, I don't even wanna start on my there's and where's, or my need to capitalize everything or random commas where they don't belong. I'm not sure why I am the way I am, I mean I still have to really think about which way is left and which is right. . . . .I'm 24 years old and I'm considering getting a big R and L tattooed on my hands to signify which is which. It's pretty obvious I have issues, but hey at least I can tie my own shoes!

So I guess to sum things up, I'm aware of the mistakes I make, and I really hope it doesn't make you think less of me. Maybe someday I'll get these lazy bones in gear, but for now I wanna say thank you for not terrorizing me too much.

Happy Three Day Weekend!!!

Peace Out!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"This. . . .is American Idol" -Ryan Seacrest

Ok People now I was super excited about American Idol airing this week, it being my favorite show. And I have been storing up my opinions so I could give you one big whopping blog on my feelings. For example. . . .Temptress the linebacker, what have I said about plus size panchos! Someone really should have told her!
Then there was the waxing. . . . .yeah that was really funny. . . . but it was even funnier in 40 Year Old Virgin! Don't get me started on Glitter Girl!!!! She left with her dignity and that's all that matters. I hope she's better with animals then she is with grammar. . . .not that I'm one to talk, but come on "I'm gonna pursue ACTRESSING!" Anyway, the second night just as much amusement, for the most part I was impressed with some of the singers. The meth girl had a great deep tone to her voice and certainly bounced back from the meth makeover! Also I don't care what you think, the fingernail guy was a little weird, but I thought he was adorable! but my main issue is with little Miss Kayla Hatfield. . . . .

Did anyone else get a little annoyed! I don't care if she almost lost half her face in an accident, and if she's all "glass is half full" with her one good eye! She could not SING!!!!!!! Randy even commented on her intination (ability to sing in tune, it's a good word, feel free to use it now that you know what it means) She may have had a Happy disposition, but as far as making it to Hollywood. . . . popeycock(just so you know hopeycock starts with a P)! I would venture to say I thought crazy Star Wars (duh) girl was an even better singer then Kayla. . . .and while he did have a way creepy relationship with his Dad, even Virgin Lips dude was a better singer then her! I guess I don't get how people who I know for a fact are amazing singers like my old Roommate Shelly, James Robinson, Carlos Medina, and Tamu's daughter Vera (not Vanna. . . look for her on "So You Think You Can Dance") can try out and not make it past the first round or just get told they have too much of a choir voice or something stupid like that and get sent on their way. Maybe instead of wasting your time with the crazies and the sob stories, they could give people like me and my friends a chance! Ahh curse you ratings hungary Big Wigs!!!
Anyway another annoying thing. . . did anyone else pick up on Simons sarcasm in regards to letting her through. . . .well you should have because he was laying it on pretty thick! As mad as this situation makes me, please believe I will be tuning in next week, and the week after that, and the week after that, and I'll even sit there and make sure they kick Kayla to the curb the first day in Hollywood, because they will!
here's the link. . . tell me your feelings!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!" -weird SheMale from YouTube

I was late getting up this morning, Big Shock, but as my radio alarm went off for the 6th time I was about to hit snooze once more when the announcer said. . . ."News about Britney's Crazy day in court right after this new hit from Rhianna!" it perked my interest so I layed in bed waiting for what was sure to be a good story.

The song ends and the DJ starts into a play by play of Britney arriving at the court house (which apparently they where worried she would call in sick again).

Got the news she still doesn't get custody of her kids, left the courthouse got some lunch, did some shopping, and went to a church with her boyfriend. . . . .meanwhile paparazzi's swarming, and even helicopters are hovering around trying to get a good shot.
You know what I think . . . .I think I should have given myself the extra five minutes in the shower I shaved off for that story, because that was A) not crazy! as previously discribed. and B) nothing new! Now I'll admit celebrity gossip sucks me in and I love my trashy mags, but I don't buy them, and I don't tune in when they don't give me exciting stuff to work with! I'm done with Britney! I'd be crazy too if I had helicopters following me to church, wouldn't that make you a little paranoid? When will people ever learn when to bow out, or to not beat a dead horse, or let sleeping dogs lie, or any other metaphor that might fit. I wish the media had a better sense of when something was old and nobody cared about it anymore. I feel like Britney is becoming the OJ Simpson trial of 07-08. I get it ok. . . .I get it, she's crazy!
On a happier note American Idol starts tonight. . . .let's hope that gives me better stuff to blog about!!!!
Peace Out!

Friday, January 11, 2008

"Prop Me Up Beside The Jukebox If I Die" -Joe Diffie

Yesterday I attended a funeral for my Great Aunt Florabelle, she was a wonderful lady who I always looked forward to seeing at family reunions. Mainly because she always made me feel good about myself, even when I was going through an awkward phase. She was a small, petite lady, but had a larger then life personality. Her and My Great Uncle Cecil where married for 69 years!!! Can you believe that? I had never seen either of them without eachother. So at the service I kept expecting her to pop up around the corner put her hands on my face and tell me how happy she was to see me. She will be missed that's for sure!

Here is a picture of my family and I at the service (my Papala didn't get the black memo)

As I was sitting in the chapel listening to the pastor talk a little about Florabelle, it got me thinking about what exactly I want my funeral or memorial service to be like! All my life i've lived for whatever fun activity was heading my way next, or what adventure I could try and tell people about later! So I don't want just any old formal farewell! I want my final send off to be as fun as it could be if I was actually gonna be there physically! Go out with a bang! You know what I mean? So here is a list of my Funeral demands. . . .if they are not met I will probably come back and haunt whoever doesn't get the job done! (Someone should inform my mother. . . .she doesn't read my blog)

1.Maybe I won't be there to hear all the flattering stories, but after the usual Eulogy is delivered make sure we have an open mike time so people can share entertaining memories about me and "how much they're gonna miss me because" stories. Make sure Angie, Michelle, and Lynette do not turn it into a roast! I'm dead why do I need to be humbled?

2.I need a slide/video montage of my life and all my greatest accomplishments and good times, hopefully i'll have a family by then and even better some awards. . . .so be sure to add clips of my super unforgettable MTV video music award speech and or clips from my interview with Barbara Walters during the Most fascinating people of whatever year that happens show. And of course atleast one or two of my covers of Cosmo, Maxim, and Ladies Home Journal. And I don't want just sappy "One Sweet Day" songs playing in the backround. . . .I want Dynamics! Mostly upbeat and then ending with a tear jerker (I put Angie in charge of the soundtrack)

3. Music, Music, Music!!! If you must make it almost like a cabaret I don't care. . . .but I won't lot's of special musical numbers and or musical tributes! I need a gospel choir, and if Patti Labelle and Yolanda Adams could have a vocal run battle and see who can out manipulate the notes best, I would appreciate it! (Please do not have the song of choice be "Wind Beneath my Wings" it's been done!)

Lastly. . . .

4. Dinner's on me! All my favorite foods catered from all my favorite places and make sure there is some kind replica of me in ice sculpture form. . . .and a chocolate fountain. . . and non alchoholic martini luge. . . .oh and a cake from Ace of Cakes in the shape of something awesome that I'll think of later!

As silly as these demands are, I want you to know I'm (pardon the pun) "dead" serious about keeping things happy and fun. I've been to many a service where I left disappointed the person didn't get a better tribute. When we gather together to remember those we've lost we want to do exactly that, remember them for what they where and what they accomplished in their life and brought into ours. Not everyone is all about having a good time, good! Let them have the boring funeral! Make the service match the person. . . .that's all I'm saying!

Here's to no one having to make this happen soon!!! (Knock on Wood)

Peace Out!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

"Feelings. . . .Nothing More Than Feelings!" -Gemini

So i'm sure it's no shock how much I love Broadway shows! Most of you know I've seen many a play and even participated back in the day! Musical Theatre always holds a special place in my heart, and sometimes people question my taste in music, but I like songs that make me feel stuff! And B'Way you have yet to let me down!!! So now I would like to list some of my most favorite songs of the stage, that stir emotions in me like nothing can!

Gypsy's one of the first Musicals I fell in love with! It's the story of Gypsy Rose Lee one of the most famous Women of Burlesque in the 20's and 30's. In my favorite version Bette Midler plays the overbearing stage Mother "Madame Rose" who try's to live her dreams of fame through her kids but ends up just pushing them away. The song at the end "Rose's Turn" is one of my favorites because Mama Rose switches between keeping up her fantasy world of importance she's built for herself and the actual truth of why her children eventually leave her and claim they don't need her. Maybe it's a combination of nostalgia and the fact that I worship Bette Midler, but the song forever has made me long to play Madame Rose and perform that very song myself!!!!

I first saw the musical Aida when I was in High School. . . .but I didn't grow to appreciate it until I really listened to what it was all about (we didn't have the greatest seats!) The song "Easy as Life" plays out the scene when Aida has to choose between her People that still view her as their Princess and leader, or the man she truly loves. She pines for the man she wants, she curses the Gods she worships, and she sorrows for the people who follow her. The song is intense! And the Power note at the end moves me everytime!!!!!

The musical Wicked is so amazing! I had a really hard time picking which song means the most to me, because songs like "I'm not that Girl" and "Defying Gravity" are super stirring, but the song "For Good" I find strikes a chord with me most because of how I relate it to my own life. Everyone has someone or multiple people in there life that change them and affect the way they live the rest of their days. That's why this duet between Alphaba and Glinda really hits home, it's also a bit of a tear jerker because it's the last time they think they'll see each other again. My favorite line in the song is "Who can say if I've been changed for the better, but because I knew you I have been changed for good!" Did you not just weep a little? Listen to that song and tell me it doesn't make you think of the people closest to you!!!

Ah the musical Rent! Be it a smidge controversial. . . .I still rank it as one of my favorites! And how can you not with such an amazing score even right from the get go with the wonderful song "Seasons of Love". Let's list out what makes this song so fantastic;
  • It feels like a gospel song!!!! Can I get Hallelujah!
  • The incredible vocal manipulation of JoAnne's character on the second verse!
  • Without it I wouldn't know exactly how many minutes are in year

Hairspray is another hard one to narrow down which one I love more, but I can remember when I was at school cleaning offices about five in the morning listening to the soundtrack from the original broadway recording and being stopped in my tracks when I heard Link say "Tracy I'm in love with you! No matter what you weigh!" It was like someone had stolen that line from my dreams! So if you don't know by now my most stirring from Hairspray is "Without Love". The Lyrics are funny but the sentiment is sweet! and any song with a hot boy declaring his love to a fat girl is alright with me!!!

A couple of years ago I read the book "The Color Purple" and it was. . . .well . . . depressing! Then when I heard they where making a musical out of it, I thought wow. . . That'll be interesting! Then on last years Tony awards Fantasia sang the song "I'm Here" and I was blown away!!! And the more I listen to the song, the more sense the book makes to me! If you know the story then you should love the musical. The woman (Celie) was abused in everyway possible and lived a life full of trials, but in the end manages to find that she does have self worth and is grateful for the fact that she's simply just here! I love it moves me everytime!!
Ok I guess that's it!! If you haven't heard these songs I highly recommend it! If you haven't given showtunes a chance. . . .WAKE UP! musicals are so hot right now!
Peace Out!

Monday, January 7, 2008

"Dear little Baby Jesus, Who's sitting in his crib, watching baby Einstien Videos learning about shapes and colors. . . ." -Ricky Bobby

Ok So I've lived in Moses Lake a long time, and anyone from here knows the huge Mexican/American population there is. I thought I was pretty wised up on various Mexican traditions, but today I found out about one I think is truly fascinating, and I'm sad i've gone this long without hearing about it sooner!

Jan. 6th is the holiday called El Dia de Reyes' which in english means Three Kings Day. This is the day they believe the three wisemen arrived bearing gifts for the Saviour. Which is why in Mexico they open there presents this day instead of Christmas Day.

One of the Traditions of this Holiday is a dessert called "Rosca de Reyes". It's a cake like pastry baked in a round shape to symbolize a crown, But the fun doesn't stop there inside the cake is baked a plastic Baby Jesus! And apparently whoever finds it has to host the Dia de la Canelaria' (Candlemas Day) Feb. 2nd. The Hidden Baby Jesus is symbolic of Jesus being hidden from Herod, when he decreed all baby boys to be killed so none of them would take his crown!

Will someone please tell me why we are wasting our time with foolish traditions like fruit cake! Next Christmas Season please believe I will be making me some Baby Jesus cake. . . You can't tell me that's not awesome!!!!! Stay tuned for my special Candlemas Day blog. . . .because I think by default I found the Baby Jesus. . . .and it now sits on my desk for good luck!!! Happy Belated Three Kings Day! and. . . .Peace Out!

Friday, January 4, 2008

"You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea" MTV Diary

Ok so just a little update on my life and then what is currently bothering me!

So mid November I was out of a job, I hit up WorkSource, saw a job for Youth Employment Specialist, turned in the app. Then Next thing you know I'm working at WorkSource instead or looking for work at Worksource. The catch is the organization I submitted my application too is a service based program run by the government called AmeriCorp, so I don't technically work I volunteer. . . .which in the end is ok, because I'm making all sorts of connections in the community, I'm learning about a field I could possible work in for the rest of my life, I get a living allowance and health insurance, I get a scholarship at the end of my service, and the big mama jama which brings me to my purpose of this blog according to the government I'm not making any money, so I qualify for food stamps.

Now I know what your thinking. . . .food stamps Emily, really? Well here is my justification. If I wasn't a volunteer and an actual employee of the state. The tax payers would be paying my wages anyway, and it's not like i'm not working. Sitting around being a bum and mooching off of the man. I'm pretty sure I'm earning it if I do say so myself. Ive been pretty open about my current lot and most everyone says the same thing. "Hey if the government's willing to give you money, then take it!" So I do, the only thing is. . . . what about those that don't know my situation.

I've been hitting up Safeway a lot, for my grocery needs and try as I might it seems I end up with the same cashier everytime and I don't know if it's just me being paranoid, but I'm pretty sure once that lady spots my form of payment she instantly gets icy. Like she's cussing me out in her head for using her tax dollars to buy 100 calorie cookies and lean cuisines (it's my elimi-chin diet)! And I just wanna scream, Don't give me that look,I'M A VOLUNTEER!

It's times like these I guess I really get why you shouldn't judge people if you don't understand there situation. Maybe I'm not buying the most essential stuff (ie. snacks for the road trip to Utah) and maybe me being on food stamps is putting a damper on the economy. . . .but dangit my living allowance is not super amazing and I don't want to spend it all on food! So enough with icy stares missy! You don't know me!

In Closing I think Salt N Peppa said it best when they said. . . . .

"So, the moral of this story is, there's only one true judge and that's God. . . .So chill, and let my father do his job!"

Peace Out!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

"Alright Mr. Demille, I'm ready for my Close-Up" Sunset Boulevard

Hello Blogging World!. . . . Here I am! I know it's been kinda hip to blog for quite some time now, but if you know me then you know how much of a late bloomer I am and I figured "Hey" it's a new year, why not try new things. . . .also K-Dizzle aka Krystin Davies needs more things to read to keep her busy while she's at work! With that said I would like to bless you all with some of my New Years resolutions!!!! Because Everybody else is jumping off that bridge, I might as well!

Resolution 1-

So pretty much all my life, I've been blessed with two chins. It's just kinda always been that way, but more lately in pictures I've noticed a third one creeping up on me. . . .that is where I draw the line! So thus it is my mission to lose my chins and see what life is like with one!

Resolution 2-

I love music, this is true. And for a while last year I was taking lessons. I really developed an appreciation for music and it really interested me how things work, well I most likely can't afford to take those lessons back up again but I still have all my notes and flash cards, and it's my resolution to continue my study of that and commit to memory the stuff I do know and the materials I do have, because what a waste if I don't! Plus I really like the idea of being able to spell any Major or Minor key, and knowing all the Modes and Chord Progressions!

Resolution 3-

Kiss More Boys!!!! A wise person once said "You Have to Kiss a lot of Frogs Before You Find Your Prince!" I know believe truer words where never spoken. I've decided after hashing it out over and over and over again with my friends (mainly Angie) that my old prudy way of thinking is stupid and it's time to step out of my comfort zone! Plus I'm tired of never having any funny stories to tell about this topic.

And last but not least . . . . . .

Resolution 4-

Move out of my Parents House! I'm 24, an adult, and my Parents will not miss me,(I know for sure I asked). I would like this year to get myself together enough to move out and start fending for myself. . . .I did a fair job in Idaho, but the time has come to spread my wings once more and stop throwing off my parents groove! It probably won't be until September, but atleast by the end of the year!
So there it is People, these are the things I want to accomplish this year! Here's to 2008! May we all improve and keep movin' forward! Peace Out!