Monday, June 23, 2008

"There is still no cure for the common birthday."- John Glenn

Gwen's 20th birthday was Saturday and she came up with the brilliant plan of ordering sumo suits and making it the ward activity! And while like usual some of our Single Adults have not quite figured out how awesome our Saturday activities are, we still had a good crop of cool kids (all the important ones anyway) and had a gay old time knocking each other over and laughing at the way we all looked, here are some shots from the fight!

In Corner Number One we have Clinton the "Scategories Snob"

Going against Garret aka "Canada"

OK Boys lets make this a good clean fight!!!!

Here's Gwen assisting with the Socker Boppers

Ready. . . . Set. . . .Sumo!!!!!!

OOOHHHHH And Clinton takes the first fall!!!

But it's not too long before Canada follows suit!

Uh. . . .a little assistance please!

. . . . . .and we're spent!

Next up was a super Smack Down between me and Gwenny, this is me practicing my voodoo tricks!

Hello!!!! How intimidating am I right now!!!

OK. . . . .ready. . . .set. . . .Sumo!

This is right before Gwenny knocked me over and I did the famous Pez dispenser move!!! Also later on Gwenny really commited and ran at me full boar and caused me to fly into the air and land head first on the ground, yeah so that didn't feel super awesome, but that was probably the closest thing to an "Injury" we had all night!

This is where I spent the majority of my time in this suit, on the ground!

This is Gwenny punching me in the Ovaries!

"Mama Said Knock You Out!"

I can't get up, I can't get up!!!!

Now. . . . on to the duel of the sisters! Amber VS Brinn Berguson!

and Brinn gets the first knock down

Amber's not gonna take this lying down!!!!

Take That!!!!

Here's "Old School" aka Robert Peterson, practicing his Robot moves

Here's me trying to psych myself up for what looks to be a fight I can't lose!!

Ready. . . . Set. . . . .Sumo!!!!

Oh what a shock! It's me falling again


Let me at em'
Gwen. . . . .I'm gonna talk, and I just want you to listen. . . . .You Seriously
. . . . Need to lose some weight!!!!!
I'm sorry, I'm sorry it was a joke!!!!!!! I take it back!!!
Diedra getting "Pumped up" for her match!
Gwen gearing up to Pounce!
Oh and Deidra's out in one shot!!!!

SO needless to say, that party ROCKED!!!! Best idea ever!!!!!! and even though I realized I'm not made for contact sports, and my brain got shaken up like a martini, I had a blast and have the pictures to prove it!
Thanks Gwenny for always having awesome ideas, I hope now that your getting old you never lose your youthful zest for life! Happy Birthday!!!!


Carolyn said...

Oh my goodness. That lookes like so much fun! I so wish I was at that activity!

Han*Gaert said...

Aw Emily! You are still awesome and amazing! I love it!!! ~Nichole

Mitchell Mark said...

oh those were silly times

Kacey Nielsen said...

Whenever I see sumo suits I always picture Andy from "The Office" floating away down the lake while Angela pretends she cant hear him... so so funny.

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