Thursday, June 19, 2008

"On my command, unleash hell."- Maximus in the Movie Gladiator

Ok so wayyyyy long time ago, we had an amazing American Gladiators activity that was super cool, of course because it was Gwenny's idea! Anywho, I got some pics from Aubs, but I haven't gotten around to posting them until now, but it's cool, because you can compare which activity was more awesome, what I mean is Saturday is Gwenny's B-day/super singles ward activity night, and Gwen got Sumo suits, so I should have awesome shots from that, so stay tuned! Anyway here's of some shots of me battling as the Gladiator "The Black Widow"

Gwenny and me facing off in the jousting event, I totally dominated!

Take THAT!!!

Deidra trying to mess with the bull!!!

WHAT!!!! That's what I'm talking about! The Black widow is undefeated in the joust!

Ok so wrestling event wasn't my forte. . . . .Gwenny straight up bulldozed me out of that circle!

So once Me and Deidra went the go around, I wasn't gonna except defeat!

Try to push THIS out of the circle!

Yeah I totally made these jousting sticks! and they where totally durable. . . . NOT!!! I still have the pieces of these in my trunk!

Me and Dr. Death (aka Mike Asay) demonstrating the face off!

Are you intimidated or what????

I wish I had a video of James Baker and Shay and there unfortunate attempts at competing, because James is approximately 300 pounds and shay is like 50, so it was very much like David and Goliath.

Surprisingly enough there where only a few rolled ankles, no serious injuries, just a lot of laughs! This should definately be a repeat activity. . . way way fun!

Peace Out!