Monday, June 16, 2008

"Anything that is too stupid to be spoken is sung." -Voltaire

The Tony awards where on last night, so I sat down and watched the first part of the show, and it got me to thinking about the big trends I’ve noticed in the Musical world now a days.

The biggest fad as of yet is turning random films into live musicals. Broadway’s produced some big hits like The Lion King, Hairspray, The Producers, and Legally Blonde. And also done well with adaptations of The Color Purple, Young Frankenstein, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, The Wedding Singer, Cry Baby, Footloose, Spamalot (Musical version of Monty Python and the Holy Grail), and The Little Mermaid.

They also just recently announced they will be turning Broke Back Mountain into an Opera, so get jazzed for that, because that should drop sometime around 2013!

It seems to me they’ve had pretty good luck converting the most random movies into like Tony award winning shows, so I decided to come up with my own list of movies I’d like to see them attempt to make into a musical!

1. Forrest Gump- This could prove to be a lot of work for the people that build sets because this show would require a lot of scene changes, but I’m welling up now just thinking about the kind of music they’d compose for the death scene of Bubba after Forrest runs him out of the jungle and he dies in his arms. Or the end scene when he’s talking to Jenny’s headstone and talking about Forrest Jr.! Man I’d have to stalk up on Kleenex for that!

2. Rumble in the Bronx- One of the most amusing things about musicals like “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” and “Westside Story” was the fight scenes that are really dance sequences. So, I think if you take a movie like this that is known best for its crazy fight scenes, and throw some pirouettes and leaps in the mix, I think that would be the sweetest combo ever!

3. Nightmare on Elm Street- Come on Freddie Krueger live and in person! How ridiculously scary would that be! Plus this is an untapped genre; I’ve never seen anyone turn a cult classic horror film into a Broadway show!

4. Ocean’s 11- This could be like a modern day “Guys and Dolls”. And they could get a bunch of adorable Crooners that sound like Sinatra and Dean Martin to play the lead roles, plus if you ask me there just isn’t enough musicals about bank heist’s

5. Sword in the Stone- forget all these Disney Princess Musicals!!!!!! I need this redone into a Broadway show, simply so I can play Mad Madam Mim! That’s it!

6. Weekend at Bernie’s- I’d feel really sorry for the guy that had to be dead the whole show; a death scene is bad enough, but for two hours? That would be ruff, but I’d like someone to make it happen, just to see if it could be done.

7. Girl’s Just Wanna Have Fun- why not? They did it to all my other favorite 80’s movies, plus all the dance numbers would be Spectacular!!!!

8. 8 Mile- Aside from MTV’s remake of “Carmen” where they modernized the story and made it into a Hip Hopera, no one has attempted a serious show with strictly Hip Hop music, and I think it’s high time they did! I mean if they can find guys to sound like Richie Valens, I’m certain they could find someone who could emulate Eminem, it would be a tough order to fill, but sweet if they could pull it off!

9. The Passion of the Christ- Totally a joke, I think Jesus Christ Super Star is all the blasphemy we need!

10. Dances with Wolves- Indians need more props, and I think this is just the movie turned musical to do it!

If any of you would like to start a pool to see which one of these gets done first, be my guest! Or if any of you have movies you think have what it takes, let me know!! But for now I say. . . . . .