Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Life is Like a box of chocolates..You never know what you're gonna get"- Tom Hanks in the 90's classic Forrest Gump

I really feel not enough is said about the 90's! This decade is one I feel the closest too, because so much of what shaped me as a person came about in this time frame. I look back on this decade fondly for many reasons some of which I will list for you now!

Here is My Top 10 things that defined the 90's. . . . for yours truly!

1. Flannel Shirts

I've always been pretty stalky, so the grunge era did not flatter this body, especially when it was way cool to tie them around your waist. . . . . . yeah usually the sleeves weren't long enough to fit all the way around me, so I had to settle for admiring it on the rest of my friends. But seriously the Flannel shirt is to the 90's what Bell Bottoms where for the 70's. . . .am I wrong? And if your flannel shirt had a hood. . . . even cooler!!!!

Beavis and ButtHead-

Every adult I know hated this show, and every kid I know secretly watched it behind their backs! I remember hearing about kids lighting stuff on fire and being all destructive because of what they saw on the show, and they had to add that disclaimer at the beginning of every episode, I remember contunially hearing boys imitate that staple laugh of Butthead's you know the one right? or constantly saying "Fire, Fire, Fire!" in that high pitch raspy voice that Beavis had. Also, One of my fondest middle school memories was Becky Fisher attempting to do her impression of "Cornholio" and flashing everyone! Embarrassing, but drives my point even further, I think we have these guys to thank for our "I don't give BEEEEP!" attitude my generation is known for!

3. OJ Simpson Trial-

This was the longest most over covered event of my younger life!!!!! I remember in 6th grade halting everything we where doing in school that day, to watch the verdict, and then the huge uproar at the outcome, and me not caring just hoping this meant I'd never have to hear about it again! I wasn't that lucky unfortunately! Just like Jean Benet Ramsey, this case never dies! And I will never look at a White Bronco the same ever again!

4. Clueless

ClueLess to me is "The Breakfast Club" of the 90's and Alicia Silverstone is like Molly Ringwald.

This movie shaped the way I dressed, spoke, and lived my life!

Without this movie I would have never known the joys of pleated skirts, knee socks, and mini backpacks!

Without this movie I wouldn't have words and phrases like

"Total Baldwin"


"Full-On Monet"


"As If!"

"Totally Buggin'"


"I'm Outtie"

and. . . . .

"Cake Boy"

Also I learned valuable life lessons like. . . . .

When your allergy's act up, take out your nose ring

Or it's one thing to get laced at parties, but it's quite another to be fried all day

People lose everything in disasters, that includes sports equipment and cavier

. . . . . and then of course. . . . .

It does not say RSVP on the statue of Liberty!

There's just so much I could say, ClueLess is my definition of the 90's. . . .period!

5. The Death of Selena-

A lot of influential people died in the 90's, but because I live in Moses Lake and I think we are all well aware of the large Hispanic population in this area. . . . it might as well have been the Pope. Even white chicks where rocking RIP Selena shirts! And almost every talent show, middle school choral concert, recently at the Lip Sync and frequently at karaoke some one would do some kind of tribute to Selena. . . . and I'm not gonna lie I requested "Dreamin' Of You" a few times back in the day, and I almost know all the words to "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom", and "Como La Flor". It's True!

6. Calvin Klein-

Also on the list of items I coveted, was anything Calvin Klein. . . . .the perfume, the shirts, the jeans. . . . .well underwear was underwear, but if it had CK on it. . . . .I wanted it really bad! And this was before designers realized Fat people existed, so there was no hope for me because it just simply didn't come in my size, but I think it was pretty safe to say, you where a nobody unless you owned something from Calvin.

Before you start feeling too sorry for me, I did manage to find a knock off Calvin shirt at the fair one year. You know the ones, they have the designer screenprinted on the front, but say Hanes on the tag inside. I had everyone fooled with that, not to mention I cut out their adds and make collages out of all the designer labels and put them on my binder to make people think I rolled like that!

7. Nirvana-

Grunge Music and Gangsta Rap was the music to listen too, unfortunately this all came during my massive fascination with Country Music, so I missed the boat on appreciating it early on, but whenever I think Grunge I think Nirvana, and if I where to do word association and somebody said "The 90's" I'm positive the first thing that would come to my mind is this band. I feel bad about not mentioning Pearl Jam, but they come in a close second, maybe it's the death of Kurt Cobain that really solidifies this band in my memory, but there was so much Pop Culture that came from this band and their music. . . .do you disagree?

8. Full House-

I know what your thinking. . . . .Full House? What about Saved By The Bell, What About Family Matters, What about Blossom?
These where all great shows, but when I think back on what made TGIF for me. . . . it was this show!
I don’t wanna hear about what you guys think is better choice, this is my list, and my pick is Full House! I Loved, Loved, Loved this show! ,

This show is packed full of laughs, life lessons, and tender moments! And if you don’t think so all I have to say to you is. . . . . “How Rude!

9. Princess Diana-

Here’s why Princess Diana makes this list!

A) She’s like the most famous Princess ever!
B) She made me care about land mines
C) Her death is still talked about and hashed over
D) Elton John re-wrote a song for her
E) She has like the Hottest Sons ever!!!!

I’m not gonna lie, I remember exactly where I was when I heard the news about her death, it’s not an interesting story, so I won’t tell it, but it seriously kind of got to me, and I think the more I learned about her and the good she tried to do with her life, she made me want to care a little bit more about the people around me, and I really wanted to marry William!

10. Doc Martin's-

I would call you a fool if you told me Doc Martin’s didn’t rule the 90’s! This was a High quality brand of shoe that had a very diverse crop of clients if you ask me!

You had the Goth’s and Skin Head’s rockin’ the knee length black boots

You had the garage and punk bands rockin’ whatever crazy colored boots

You had Preppy girls with their Mary Janes preferably in black or brown R>
You had your artists in holograms and silly patterns (Trust me I saw it! And wanted them!)

Then you had the missionaries and every Priest in my home ward sporting the classic black lace up oxford!

You see what I mean! I had 2 pairs of Doc Marten’s that I don’t I could have loved a human baby more then I loved those shoes! The first pair I got had to have been the ugliest pair of shoes you’ve ever seen, but because they where doc’s (and on sale!) I was like these are the coolest shoes ever!!!! Under pants they looked like boots with really thick soles, but they only came to my ankle, they where black suede leather and had would kind resembled a belt like flourish on it, but not a buckle, it served no purpose that’s all I remember, the toe was more square then round, and they made my feet look huge, but man I loved those things! I also had a pair of blue and black (The color depended on the light you where in) Mary Jane’s and I do believe my life was complete after that!

Ok people! let me know your feelings. . . . what would make your list?


krystind said...

I still rock my brown mary janes. They're my most favorite shoe ever.

I think smiley face crap would make my list..

and Maurices.. when it was right next to safeway- not hastings.
Everyone shopped at maurices.

Addidas jackets- with the big leaf design on the back


Jenifer said...

I still have my Doc Marten boots. They look brand new and I've had them for about 12 years. Girbaud jeans. Keds, even though you always got a hole in the toe.
I'm still watching Full House with my kids. That show will always be around. I still giggle when i see a white bronco:)

Ty and Jenny Robbins said...

Oh my gash! The 90's so many memories.

I would like to bring to the table the obsession with POGs that ruled our continent. I agree with Krystin. Smily faces were everywhere and such a hype that even Wal-mart used it for advertisement. Michael Jordan sportswear was HUGE!!! Everyone I knew thought they could only jump high enough to slam-dunk that basket, if only they had Michael Jordan shoes. What about the ginormous scrunchies that all the girls wore.

Carolyn said...

Oh my gosh, I loved Full House too. It was amazing. Loved it!

Jenny, you are right...POGS were all the rage, you had to play with them if you wanted to be cool. And if you wanted to be really cool, you had to have your collection set and your play set. Oh yes!

Susan said...



Tyson totally hates it when I comment on his friends blogs, but I have to just say, what do I remember about the 90's? Baby number 3 in '91, baby number 4 in '93 (a particularly stressful event), baby number 5 in '95. Does it surprise anyone that the rest is a blur?

You're awesome, Emily!

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