Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"This is American Idol"- Ryan Seacrest

Um. . . . . I didn't know Jessica Alba Had a gay little brother on American Idol. . . . .did you? Seriously has anyone elsed noticed how much these two look a like!!! I think Danny has a decent voice, but I can't handle how confused I get when he performs, because the way he santers, the way he flicks his head, the way he pouts. . . . .all girly and even annoying when actual girls do that!!! It's driving me crazy. . . . anybody else?
You can't tell me these to aren't related!!!

But on to more important issues. . . . . . . I can think of four stand out performances from American Idol that have made me say "Now that's a star performance!" I wish I could post the videos, so you could see for yourself, but look it up on YouTube, and tell me your feelings!

1st- Carrie Underwood "Alone"

I mean she was just this quite girl from Oklahoma, but when she took the stage with her huge country hair and belted that song like she was packing major DIVA attitude! (which is super hard, I mean it's Heart!), I think all of America knew she was the one to beat! And they where right!!!

2nd- Katherine McPhee "Somewhere over the Rainbow"

I like Katherine, but I will say I did vote for Taylor, and I have since seen the error of my ways. . . . .so get off my back, but the performance that gave me chills was Katherine's rendition of "Over The Rainbow", I mean normally that song is pageanty and a song not suited for Idol, but i liked it even better then the original, Katherine's beautiful clear voice, and amazing range, literally wowed me! And the second time she did that song she sat down the whole time!!!!! How did she do that?
3rd- Jordin Sparks "I Who Have Nothing"
While Simon said it was depressing, I said it was touching, the perfect song for any scorned lover, this song gave me chills once more, and I believe we rewound it and watched it over again! Jordin can also be added to the list of powerhouse voices and she really showcased her skills on this song. I would also mention she blew me away with her rendition of "Broken Wing" by Martina McBride.
And 4th- David Archuleta "Imagine"
If you didn't see this performance last night you are missing out, because it was sooooooooo amazing, and if this kid doesn't win something from this show, then people are a lot dumber then I thought, some people are show stoppers and some are not. . . . .but this kid is undeniable awesome, and has that star quality that everyone else can only fake! sign me up for The Arch Angel club!!!!
That's all she wrote. . . . Peace Out!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"Tag Team Back Again"- Lyrics from Whoomp there it is, by Tag Team

Well, I can't think of things to blog about and Lindsey did tag everyone who hasn't done this. . . . .so here goes nothing!

10 years ago...I was

14, in middle school and I was a performer and the Assistant Director for my Drama class production of "September and Everything After" a collaboration of skits we made up and monologues about school. I was very proud of my contributions to that show, I came up with some amazing ideas, that I mainly stole from SNL. And I only got called bossy and a stage hog once, so good for me!

5 things on my list today-

1. Cover the Front Desk, because Gary's sick
2. Buy supplies for me and Tabitha's surprise I will be blogging about later!
3. Look like I'm doing something important, while i'm really blogging
4. Eat Chinese with Eric (hopefully I don't need to use chopsticks, because that'll be embarassing!)
5. Watch American Idol with Angie, I have my fingers crossed for better song choices!

My Favorite Snacks-

A better question is my least favorite snacks . . . . ha ha ha!

I love sweet treats. . . . . .mainly hostess cupcakes, and snickers bars (especially ice cream, but I settle for regular)

I also love tortilla chips with a hint of lime, and mild salsa because I'm a pansy!

And on my good days, which are rare, those 100 calorie grasshoppers are delightful!

What I would do if I were suddenly a millionaire?-

Let's see I owe Angie an Italion Villa. . . . . . My Parent's a trip to Panama. . . . . My Sister and brother in law a sweet guesthouse. . . . . . I owe nette atleast a years worth of grocery's. . . . . and Michelle $25 from christmas. . . . So I guess once those debts are paid off I might splurge and get a video i pod like all my friends!

3 Bad Habits-

Oh it's so hard to think. . . . . .what are my bad habits. . . . . .anybody wanna help me out here?

1. I could probably love people less

2. I don't think I take time to think of myself enough

3. And my friends could really handle me mooching off of them more. . . . you know service opportunities!

5 Places I've Lived (Or actually 3)-

1. What's up Tacoma, What's Up?

2. Mo-Town, Mo-Town definately in the house!

3. The Burg, aka IceBurg, aka Rexburg

5 Jobs I've Had-

1. Waitress @ JonathINN's (it's now closed)
2. Perkins Family Resaurant and Bakery where I was the quote "Hostess with Mostess"
3. Columbia Basin Federal Credit Union now Horizon Credit Union, Member Service Representative, why do I feel like I'm filling out a job application!
4. Style Associate @ Payless ShoeSource, and devoted SMILES captain
5. Quality Assurance Leader @ National Frozen Foods or to my friends I worked in a Pea Factory

5 Things People Don't Know About Me-

Well really my life is an open book and I don't hide much from anyone, but just for funzzies, let's see if I can surprise you!

1. I'm way more comfortable talking to multiple people, then one on one, I more often then not get really awkward with conversations only between me and another person, I like talking in groups way better!

2. By someway unknown to me, I passed some kind of test to get into the NOVA program, which was a program for smart kids, and I have no idea why I got put in that class, because when they started doing logic stuff, I was not getting it, and then when I was in 7th grade I passed the test to get into pre-alegebra a year early (I think I just might be a good guesser) but I had to drop it after a month or two, because It was WAYYYY over my head!

3. I stole a candy bar from Excell when I was like 8 or 9 because my sister only gave me enough money for two, and I didn't want to share. . . . .which is why I believe I have a weight problem to this day, it's God punishing me for not sharing! Ha Ha Ha

4. I did a commercial for KDRM when I was in young women's to promote a fire alarm service project we did for Youth Conference. That could be considered my 15 minutes of fame, Maybe?

5. According to the Red Cross I have Aids and I can't ever donate blood again! (Don't worry, unless you CAN actually get it from toilet seats there is absolutley NO WAY!!!!! I have AIDS!)

Well that's all from me! It's closing time!

Peace Out!

Monday, February 25, 2008

"They're All Gonna Laugh at You!" - Crazy Mom from Carrie

As you know I'm a nut for themed parties, and as the dance committee head hancho I take it upon myself to offer as many dress up dances as I possibly can! This month I decided we should have our very own "Mock Prom". Not that I generally like stealing ideas from Ashlee Simpson, but that was what planted a seed in my head.

Gwenny just got called to be the activity chair person, and was pretty excited to get this party rolling! Which could possibly not be so good for the budget, to have her and I on the same committee, because if there's one thing Gwen and I know how to do. . . . it's spend money!

But non the less after weeks of preparation, and planning it all came together, and surprisingly enough they re-inbursed us for all our purchases. . . . yes even the louge and beta fish! And even though it was a smaller group then I expected, we all still managed to have a good time. Here's some pictures Severin and I captured through the night. Sister Bailey took some as well. So I will try to post those later, but enjoy!

This was our theme for the night, it was either this or "Under the Sea", they both topped the list for cheesiest Prom Themes.

Big thanks to Gwen's credit card for the crowns and septer's, and Gwen's mad ironing and puff painting for the sashes and the display was masterfully put together by Miss Lynette

Sarah Bryant who I am Dubbing "old faithful" constructed this back drop, she pieced it together herself, and made the bouquets for the Prom Queen court. This is Gwen and Severin looking fabulous as you can tell. Real men rock sparkly pants that's all I have to say. Big shout out to Gwen's Mom for the amazing jewelry and hairdo tips through the years, and MAJOR!! thanks to Janet Berguson for providing dance costumes for Severin and Amber.

Amber and Anthony (just wait for a better shot of the belt buckle, it's a doozy!) and then Lynette looking amazing in this dress complete with wind machine!!!

Just call me DJ Em K Dubb!!!!

The Prom Queen Nominees. . . . .
Dania Peterson, Myself, Gwen, and Amber
and if you'll notice the balloon arch. . . . constructed by Gwen (yes I know it looks like a gay pride arch, but unfortunatley the dollar store only sells assortments!)

The Prom King Nominees. . . . . .
Anthony Johnson, Severin Bergeson, Levi Bisnett, and AJ Mitchell!

The Prom Court (You see what I mean about the belt buckle?)

And the Winner is. . . . . . . . .

Hands down I think Gwen really rocked the better frock, and hair. . . . .so in my mind she's the real winner!!!!
You know what they say. . . . . "You Gotta Kiss a lot off Frogs. . . . . . .
. . . . . before Severin will take a picture with you!"

Don't ask me how the bush ended up in his pocket!!!!

Chalk it up to another fun night with all my favorite Mormons!!!!!!! Here's to the next themed activity, let's hope we can wiggle in a balloon arch, because that was awesome, huh?

Peace Out!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"When You Wish Upon a Star. . . . . . "- Jiminy Cricket

Oh Hey Blogging friends!

How are you?

I'm great! How was your weekend?

Good, glad to hear it!

Oh What did I do?. . . . . .well let's see. . . . .Nothing much. . . . .

just went to DISNEYLAND!!!!!

Yes that's right, thanks to my nice tax return (thank you Uncle Sam), and in honor of Michelle's birthday we hit up "The Happiest Place on Earth!" and I found out first hand that it really is the just that!

Prior to the trip Angie and I decided my goal was to take as many pictures with characters as I could. . . . so here are a few famous people I met while gallavanting around the park!

Peter Pan

Hi Fairy Godmother, I'm Princess Emily, from a land far far away!

I don't if you know this, but Tigger's are wonderful things!

Eeyore and I have similiar limb restrictments!

Pluto's a champ!

Off with MY Head?. . . Never! Me and the Queen of Hearts are BFF's

Well did you really expect Dopey to get the pose right?

We waited in line forever to see Mickey, and I think Michelle was a little disappointed with Mickey's height, but they kissed and made up!

Appparently some Queens don't pose when you ask them too. . . .that's alright, two can play at this game!

Here are my Top Ten Favorite Things/Moments @ Disneyland

1. Dole Whip (Pineapple frozen yogurt)- apparantly there's only 3 places you can get this tasty treat. Disneyland, Disneyworld, and Hawaii. Which means I might be making more trips to those places, because seriously. . . . .so delicious! P.S. the pineaple speer was equally as fantastic!

2. Space Mountain- I'm not the biggest fast ride fan, but this one was amazing! I really almost felt like I was in space!

3. Frank the Portrait Guy- This guy gave me an extreme makeover and gave me a little peak into what I would look like if I had Lypo, collagen injections, teeth whitening, and a killer boob job!!! Oh and maybe a neck extension (Do they do those?)

4.Pirates of the Caribbean- This was my favorite ride! It had adventure, fun, and a little fright. Visually, this ride was superb! Plus, pirates are so hot right now!

5.Clam Chowder in a bread bowl- The chowder at Disneyland could be the creamiest, tastiest thing I ever ate, I will continue to dream of how good that stuff was!

6. Soarin' Over California- This ride actually makes you feel like you are gliding over the sunshine state itself!!!! So much that you even smell it! The inventor of this ride was a genious!

7. The Firework display- For those of you who have attended the Malelucha 4th of july firework show in Idaho Falls, I'm here to tell you you have been lied too! Largest Firework display this side of the Mississippi. . . . .HOPPYCOCK!. . . .I mean POPPYCOCK! I have never ooh'd and aah'd over something so much! It was SPECTACULAR!

8. Lunch and a Show at the Golden Nugget? (Angie,what was the name of that saloon?)- Who knew fiddle players where so funny! I think we all where very entertained, and the chili cheese fries weren't half bad either!

9. The funny catch phrases heard on almost every ride-

"Dead men tell no tales"

"Beware of Hitchhiking Ghosts"

"Don't Forget Your Death certificate!"

"Hold on to your hats and glasses cause this here's the wildest ride in the Wilderness!"

"Next stop. . . . ToonTown"

maybe they are funnier when Angie quotes them?

10. Doing random things with my Girls- It doesn't really matter where we go, I swear Angie comes up with the funnest games and random things to do to keep us entertained! Even though our feet and backs hurt, we where sleep deprived, and grumpy at times, we still managed to have a good time even when we where parked on the wall freezing to death waiting for the firework show, or waiting in line for almost every ride. Or even on the airplane. . . .I'm still waiting for Southwest to call us and book us for in flight entertainment! I just really love that no matter what we do or where we are, we always laugh and make memories! Michelle always down for whatever, laughs at even the lame jokes, and sees both sides when we there is a conflict! Lynette always willing to be my travel buddy, and always making sure I have everything I need, or I don't for get something. (And thanks for being willing to ride the crazy rides with me!) Then of course Ang! You where our Travel Agent/Tour Guide/ entertainment and not to keep it cliche' but we can't do it without you!

I love my ladies. . . .you guys are my BFF's fo sho' and I wouldn't trade our good times for anything!. . . . . well maybe a husband!!! Jokes Jokes!!!

All in all, the trip was awesome, and everything I hoped it would be! I hope someday everyone can experience the Magic that is Disneyland, if you haven't already!!

Peace Out!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"You Can't Triple Stamp, a Double Stamp!" Harry from Dumb and Dumber

So My good buddy Dee tagged me, and My "punishment" if you will is to post my ten favorite pictures, so here are my Top 10 favorite pictures (On My Laptop) and why, I hope you enjoy!

This is my cousin Rachel, who at Christmas when all the girls wanted to do a fashion show, insisted on wearing everything I had! Including my pimp cup!

This is a rare moment of acceptance, when My father decided to embrace the fact that Justin Timberlake will be his Son in Law. Consider this our first family picture!

Oh Brother Lybbert! Two years ago this is what he came dressed up as, for our Halloween Dance! He built his own outhouse costume. . . . .now that's commitment! This is Michelle dancing with him, not knowing he's inside!

Just Me and My Ladies getting ready to rob a bank!
I just really think we all look so fly in Angie's wigs!!!
Hey Angie! Remember when you got ninja kicked in the spine at this dance?. . . .That was AWESOME!!!!!!

Even though this Halloween wasn't as eventful as the former, we still rocked amazing costumes like it was nobodies business!!!! First off Michelle hand made her headress (her and angie even died the feathers!) Nette's hair was fabulous, plus she was handy with the craft glitter and glue gun herself! Then there was Angie always pulling something amazing together, even if she sacrificed some of Michelle's hair in the process, and I was a Nun and we went to the bar. . . .I mean you just don't get funnier then that!!!

This is Me and my cat Soprano, I was trying to get her to pose for a christmas photo, but the hat was a bad call, because she got a little distracted as you can tell!

Here's the story behind this picture, We went on a picture scavenger hunt for Family Home Evening (FHE) and while snapping pictures at Walmart, we stumbled upon a lady sitting in the racks breast feeding her child. REALLY LADY, Really? You couldn't find a more convenient place to feed your baby. . . .You said no I must do this here, in the toy aisle, with lots of people around!!! So WEIRD!!! But of course we attempted to take a picture, thanks Gwenny!

This is what happens when you put two beautiful people in a picture. . . . Magic! When's the big day guys? Just Kidding

This is Me and Justin at his concert!

Who knew that I got my love for dressing up from my Mommala! She won best dressed in this get up! That makes me proud!

I'm pretty sure after this weekend my top favorite's will be a little different, but you'll have to stay tuned for that!!!! Happy President's and Michelle Day!!!!!


Thursday, February 7, 2008

"Besides having sex with men, I would say the Finer Things Club is the gayest thing about me." - Oscar (from The Office)

I've been in singles ward for a good 6 years now, and it has been fairly common to have stuff going on every night of the week with the ward. It seems more lately we've been not as social. . . . .or maybe I've just haven't put forth as much effort as I used too, either way Nette and I decided we needed to get ourselves back in the game and make sure people are aware of how cool we really are. So we sorta talked it out with some people mainly Gwenny and Ellarey to see how they felt about having some kind of gathering every Wednesday night. They where all for it. And Gwenny and Nette decided to dub it our very own "Finer Things Club" night!

I don't know if any of you saw the episode of The Office where Pam, Tobey, and Oscar started this, but because mostly all of us are huge Office fans, we all thought it fitting especially since we do things like this. . . . . .

Guitar Hero!!!!! (Nothing says class better then this!)

(No Game Over!!! I'm gonna shoot you for real!)

Man. . . . He's really shredding that guitar!

Yum Taco's!!!! we would have had tea sandwiches, but this is the "Finer Things Club"

This is me talking on the phone cooking dinner. . . . .because I dominate when I do 2 things at once!

It's just a love tap, after this we watched a special on sexual harassment! Thanks Gwen!

Severin making a refined choice and drinking his juice from a shot class

Probably the most dignified thing of the night was us checking out the PartyLite catalog Gwen brought from the party she attended. . . .(closes Monday if your interested!)

We also watched American Idol. . . . .(anyone else excited the auditions are over?) So all an all I think we really stuck to our theme well. . . .I don't think you can make classier choices then what we did! Maybe next week we'll have Hot Dogs and wrestle with pigs, Huh?

So hopefully Wednesday Nights are going to be a little more exciting! Here's to us enjoying the better things this life has to offer, one wednesday at a time!

Peace Out!!!!