Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"Marlon Brando, Jimmy Dean, on the cover of a magazine!" -Madonna

So last night as I was surfing the internet I ran across this little gem of an application!!! I then decided to stay up until almost one in the morning putting this together for my own self indulgence. . . . .but hopefully you enjoy it as well!! This may also be a life list item. . . . .to one day be on the front cover of a magazine!

I recommend you check out this website, it's kinda fun!, hope you have a lot of time on your hands, because it sucks you in trust me!!!


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"What's in a name?"-

This is a Tag from my blog friend Jenifer! I saw it on her page yesterday, and I recommend you check her's out, because her names where a lot funnier then mine!!!! I guess I'm just not meant to be a stripper, because every time I try one of these tricks, I get the dumbest name! But anywho. . . . .enjoy!

YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (first pet & current car) Gurdy Neon

2.YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (fave ice cream flavor, favorite cookie) Moose Traks Chocolate Chip

3. YOUR “FLY Guy/Girl” NAME: (first initial of first name, first three letters of your last name) E-Wes

4. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color, favorite animal) Purple Elephant

5. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, city where you were born) Katlyn Tacoma

6. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first) Wesem

7. SUPERHERO NAME: (”The” + 2nd favorite color, favorite drink) The Emerald Dew

8. NASCAR NAME: (the first names of your grandfathers) Windy Frank

9. STRIPPER NAME: (the name of your favorite perfume/cologne/scent, favorite candy) Juice' Snickers

10.WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (mother’s & father’s middle names ) Lucinda Walter

11. TV WEATHER ANCHOR NAME: (Your 5th grade teacher’s last name, a major city that starts with the same letter) Fickus Frankfurt

12. SPY NAME: (your favorite season/holiday, flower) Winter Lilly

13. CARTOON NAME: (favorite fruit, article of clothing you’re wearing right now + “ie” or “y”) Passion Fruit Panty

14. HIPPIE NAME: (What you ate for breakfast, your favorite tree) Granola Willow

15. YOUR ROCKSTAR TOUR NAME: (”The” + Your fave hobby/craft, weather element+ Tour") The Karaoke Thunder Storm Tour

If I ever go on tour that is seriously going to be the name of it!!!!!!!!

Consider yourself tagged, if you'd come see my "Karaoke Thunder Storm Tour"


Friday, April 25, 2008

"Grandmas are moms with lots of frosting." ~Author Unknown

If you have been my friend for a while, you will have heard my stories about my Grandma Schaat (pronounced Shat, yeah yeah yuck it people!) Anyway, my dear Grandma who has been quite the source of entertainment all my life turned 80 on Tuesday and I can't even believe it! She looks so good for her age! So this is my post dedicated to her, and here are some of my most favorite stories and memories of her, in honor of the big eight zero!

My G-ma has always been a stickler on weight and food consumption and I could possibly dedicate an entire blog to the times she's gotten after family members about their bad eating habits or made a comment about some ones physical appearance , but anyway One year for Halloween I dressed up as a bee, I was a Queen Bee as a matter of fact, and my grandma took the picture of me in that costume and made some slight adjustments and by adjustments I mean cut off my back fat in order to make me appear to be skinny, she then pasted it onto some paper put a border around it and showed it to me exclaiming "Look I made you slimmer!" Here is the shot of that for you all to see who haven't already. . . . . .

My Grandma the originator of PhotoShop!

Another time I had a friend over for dinner we where having spaghetti and unfortunately the french bread was in short supply! As some of us where finishing up eating, my friend Jessica had been saving her bread for last, but Grandma who must not have considered that, reached over snatched the bread off her plate and said "You gonna Eat that?" Well the bewildered Jessica just mumbled something about saving it for last and then of course the family chimed in. . . . .but it was a little embarrassing to say the least, I don't think I ever had Jessica over for dinner again. . . . . .BUT SOOOO FUNNY!!!

Grandma is pretty notorious for giving us crazy gifts! I got a shelf one year complete with a few little knick knacks of a cat and what looked like a goat or a sheep, I'm not quite sure. I got a puff paint your own apron kit, when I was in middle school and I didn't wear aprons or do puff paint! One year as a family gift we got a banana rack which is actually quite useful, but at the time seemed funny. Another year she picked something for us from her jewelry box my sister tried to let her know she really wanted this ring with purple stones, and she ended up giving it to me instead. But the ultimate was when she gave my father Pear body splash for Christmas. . . . .I'm not sure, but I think only girls like to smell fruity, but whatever!

I know she's a silly silly lady, but I love her! When she lived in Idaho and would come to Moses to visit, she would always help me clean my room, and try to teach me about organization and the wonderful joys of having a clean household, in one of those moments I remember her giving me my first lesson in harmony. We started singing "You Are My Sunshine" and she tried to teach me the higher part, but that didn't work too well. So I tried to stick to the melody, and she sang the harmony, needless to say it was a little rough, but bless her heart for trying.
My Grandma is the Queen of home remedies and health advice, if you have an ear infection you should try the wax, smoke, and dowel trick! It sucks that infection right out! Just ask my Aunt Francis and Uncle Ray! Did you know rubbing onions on your face helps clear your skin? Well thanks to an article my grandma salvaged, I learned that delightful trick, Mom had me try it once, but I couldn't handle it! So I have yet to know if it actually does work! She also informed me once the more you chew your food the less fat it will make you! Because her Grandpa was always trim and she attributes that to him chewing his food properly, but my point is it just seemed to me every time there was a health concern my Mother would always call Grandma and she'd have some way to solve the problem, looks like all those years as a nurse paid off!
My Grandma is a wonderful seamstress, and was always altering or adding things to her clothes to fix them up and make them look nice and If it wasn't for her mastering that art and teaching my Madre I would have never had all the amazing dresses and costumes I had all growing up!
All joking aside, Grandma Schaat may not be the most tactful person ever, but she has a kind heart and any comments we may have not appreciated, where only because she wanted us to be healthy! I've rarely seen her blow her top she is for the most part mild mannered and very patient. And I've always appreciated her example of Faith! On the occasions I spent the night with her, I would hurry through my nightly prayers, but her never! She took her time, and as I waited for her to finish instead of being annoyed that I couldn't turn the light off and sleep, I remember being impressed with how long and fervent her prayers seemed, I know that she took her communion with Lord very seriously, and I know by her dedication to scripture study and genealogy that she has a strong testimony that has been able to stand the test of many trials.
Below are some shots from dinner on Tuesday at Pillar Rock Grill. . . . . . .
If you'll notice, that glass of milk she ordered is in a beer cup!. . . . .You can't tell me that's not funny!

Drink Up!

Sorry for the crazy lighting, the picture was a little dark, so I attempted to fix it, but anyway pictured below from left to right starting with the back row is my cousin Paige and her son Parker, my Aunt Jenifer, My Padre, Me, Aunt Francis, and my Uncle Ray. At the table is Mommala and of course Grandma!

I took her out to lunch at her favorite burger joint Woody's! I felt the need to document it!
So. . . . .Here's too many more laughs and stories! I Love Ya Grandma, Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Really?, Really?. . . . . there's no interesting quotes about cubicles. . . . . .you are useless google!" -Emily West

The jobs I love the most are the ones when they do a special something for their employees on their birthday, and WorkSource has been a champ at that. I started working there 3 weeks before my birthday and Betty one of our amazing secretaries, who I will tell you more about later, made it a point to remember that day and even brought me a cake and made me a sign! And everyone Else's birthday it was the same thing, Betty would always remember, and do something special for that person on that day.

So My co-worker Tabitha had a birthday and I wanted to do something nice for her, since we are buddies, so I went to Walmart and ransacked the party isle for cool stuff. I knew Tab likes bright colors, so I picked out stuff I thought she would appreciate. Then I woke up early and headed to the office to decorate.

Turns out she called in that day, and I hate having to wait for people's reactions, so that was torture, because she ended up being gone for a little over a week, while I was venting about not having things my way. Eric my other co-worker, informed me it would soon be his birthday, so the wheels started rolling again, and I started planning how to decorate his cubicle. I originally had this lofty idea to make his cubicle into a castle, since he loves medieval stuff, but that fell through, and they didn't have any of the stuff I had dreamed up available anywhere, so instead I went with a dinosaur theme, and I think it worked out ok! Defiantly not as cool as a castle/cubicle, but Eric really liked it, because he was really into dinosaurs when he was younger. SO, SCORE!!!

But Anyway this sparked a new favorite fun thing for me to make work more exciting, and I'm hooked! I'm constantly thinking about themes I would use for different people, and just this week, because we missed Betty's birthday, and because it was Administrative professionals day. Tabitha and I decided to let Betty know how much we appreciate all she does.

It seemed to me Betty really enjoys gardens and flowers and stuff, so I dreamt up this whole floral motif, and it yet again it didn't turn out how I thought, but she really appreciated it, and that's all that matters!

Then today Tabitha showed me this video on YouTube about this guy that got pranked at work, and they made his cubicle into a house! Complete with lights, a mail box, and get this a ceiling fan! So crazy right! You guys should check it out, because it is ridiculous!

Here are the shots I got from the cubicle decorating!

Pictured here is the flashing light up Tiara and matching wand, the streamers, beaded necklaces, and Tabitha's favorite poppyseed muffins from Safeway. Later on I added these really cute butterfly stickers, because Tab was gone for so long I started adding stuff. Also on a sad note, someone stole 4 out of the six necklaces off of Tab's desk. . . . .How Rude HUH!

Close up of the dessert of choice!

I also added this little game of pin the tail on the donkey, because not only is Tab half Hispanic, but we frequently get bored and need something to keep us entertained!

This is a shot of Eric's Cubicle, I added balloons to both Tab's and Eric's, because are so pointless, but awesome! I also, just so you know I got Eric this amazing Shakespearean insult mug, that has some of the awesomest lines like "I do desire, that we may be better strangers!" well I can't really remember any others, but they where good let me tell ya!

I put toy dino's all over his desk along with the cupcakes I made and frosted myself. . . . . my kids are going to be just fine when bake sale time comes around!

Here's Betty in front of her we love Betty banner that Tab made! On her cabinet I attempted to make a lattice with flowers on it, but up close it looked kind of trashy, so be glad you didn't get a full shot of it!

The tulips she got earlier in the week, Tab and I both gave her a Calla Lilly plant that was yellow.

It was Tab's idea to do the dirt n worms dessert to fit in with the garden theme. . . . .totally brilliant right???

I'm so excited for the next cubicle I attack! I probably won't be building anyone a house anytime soon, but I'm hoping to just keep getting bigger and better! If anyone has any ideas of there own. . . . .let me know! I'm also in dire need of some good office pranks. . . . and any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Thanks and Peace!

Monday, April 21, 2008

"Your Momma must be a Gardner, because you have the prettiest Two Lips I've ever seen!" -Pick Up Line Website

For About 4 or 5 years now I've been told about the gloriousness that is the Tulip Festival in Skagit Valley, and the first year we all planned on hitting it up, my Mother threatened to turn off my cell phone if I went. (She's never been a big fan of me taking trips. . . . .mainly because I'm supposed to be saving my money!) So, pretty much I chose my cell over the tulips and then the years that followed I was at school or last year Angie and I had just returned from Reno, and I couldn't afford to miss any more work.

Apparently, this was my year! Angie asked me if I wanted to go along with her Kim and Elsie, and since we where supposed to be pulling weeds at the stake center for Singles ward on Saturday, I was like umm "Heck Yes I wanna go!". . . . . . .sorry Gwenny! Don't hate!

Well because of weather and stuff it ended up being just me and Angie, but we had an amazing time belting show tunes all along the way! Thank Heaven for Angie's i-pod! Car rides would suck without it!

Here are a few things I captured with my camera. . . . .enjoy!

ABBA Tulips! I wonder if these are the number one floral export in Sweden?

I friggin' love these trees, they are so gorgeous!

I dub these Bon Jovi Tulips, because they have fringe!

They kick it old school in SKagit Valley, You gotta pump your own water!!!!

If I ever become a witch, I'm probably going to live in this cottage!

This is not a very good shot, but Princess Irene's where my favorite, they reminded me of a Thomas Kinkade picture with the peachy, purple and blue colors!

It's amazing how many different species of Tulips there are.


AHHHHHh! Come on, have you ever seen a Holly tree in your life?

You know what they say. . . . .you gotta straddle a lot of frogs. . . . . OHHH, WHat? That's Dirty!!!!

What. . . . .when did we get to New York?

Garden Angels are so Much cooler then Knomes! I need to work on my angelic face, Angie seems to have that down! She even got some OOh's and Ahh's from other tulip town patrons!

I almost had a flip flop casualty, but it would have been worth it for a shot like this!!!

We did get pretty lucky weather wise, it didn't start hailing until after we got in the car. . . . .I don't know what we did to deserve that Karma, but I believe the Gods where smiling on us!
Oh and just in case anyone's wondering, judging by my new profile pic and what you may have read on Angie's blog, some of you are probably thinking. . . . ."Um Emily, that double ice cream scoop doesn't look too Weight Watcher friendly!" Well I assure you I am on a strict water and ex lax diet because of my splurges this weekend. . . . . .don't judge me people!!!!
Anywhoo, way fun trip, and way worth the crazy weather! I'm so thankful for the wonderful opportunities I've had to travel with my BFF's and see so many beautiful things, especially in our home state, we certainly have a lot around us to admire and enjoy!!!