Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"Sisters, Sisters, There Were Never Such Devoted Sisters!"- A song from White Christmas

Sunday like I mentioned before was my Dearest Sister Amy's 34th birthday! I call Amy my dearest sister, because she is my only sister, but even though she knows I have to love her no matter what, I still think even if I did have other siblings I grew up with she'd still be my favorite!

You know on Birthday's I really like to do Top 10 lists, and I love a good excuse to post pictures from the past, Sooooo I now present to you. . . .

Top 10 reasons why my Sister is my Favorite!

1. She's got my back!- Even when I'm pretty sure Mom and Dad had every right to be upset with me, she always stuck by my side and defended me. . . . .some may say that's enabling, I just say it's loyalty!

2. She taught me long ago that Hairspray is my friend!

3. Where it not for MTV and Amy I would not know a thing about music, nor would I appreciate it as much as I do now! Growing up I went to Amy's Choir concerts and I couldn't wait until I got old enough and could sing in the choir like my Big Sister!

4. Any friend of yours is a friend of mine!- As you may have guessed there is quite a large age gap between my sister and I, 9 yrs. to be exact, but I woud have never known! In the peek of my most obnoxious years my sister was in High School and whenever she brought friends over she never banished me to my bedroom or just tryed to pretend I wasn't there, she let me hang out too! And even if she was annoyed with me and wished I wasn't around, she never once made me feel like a nuissance! One of her friends did try to throw me in the snow once, but that's about the closest I came to being left out in the cold. . .ha ha ha good one!

5. She gives the best gifts ever!!!!!! She took me to see Aladdin for my birthday the year it came out at the time. . . .BEST GIFT EVER! She got me the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack that I really wanted BGE! In High school when I was really obsessed with brand names she got me a black cardigan from The Gap. First thing i ever got from the Gap and you know how kids are with brand names, even though it was a simple black cardigan I thought I was the coolest person ever because I actually owned something from that store! I don't know how she knew, but she did. . . . BGE!

6. Family Time Rocks- True story for a while there I didn't love extended family time. I was going through a phase where I felt like nobody even cared that I was there and I didn't have anyone to talk to (Mainly because all my cousins are either way older or way younger then me.) But if Amy was gonna be there, then I knew it was gonna be good. And while I was following her around like a lost puppy at reunions or holiday dinners she'd be talkin' it up with everyone catching up on things and including me in the conversations which was nice and I've come to understand from her example that it doesn't matter the dynamic they fall under family is family. You should talk to them, know them, love them! And whatta ya know you end up not hating family time quite so much!
7. Kindness is not lost on her!- back in the day my sister worked for a guy named Jeff who runs one of the local floral shops here in Moses Lake. He told my Mom one day "You know Amy is just a "Love Sponge" and I really think that's the greatest way to describe her. She never puts one person over another, everyone is deserving of kindness, and she is more then happy to share a smile and kind words and I rarely see her utter anything rude to anyone unless they deserved it and even that's questionable. My sister is seriously one of the kindest people I know!

8. Supportive is her middle name- Now I did put in some time at her Softball games, Color Guard events, and Choir concerts, so she did owe me, but really she has continued to be supportive of the various things i've done throughtout the years! She always brought me flowers and cute little trinkets when she'd come to my performances, and I could always hear her cheering in the audience, and while I had friends and jungle gyms to play with during her games and stuff, she atleast had to pay attention to what I was doing, their was no fun distraction for her!

9. Quoting Movies is the funnest ever!- I think I would be very content to just sit around with my sister and quote all the silly movies that make us laugh! Some of our favorites like "Drop Dead Fred" "Steel Magnolias", "White Christmas", and "Pretty in Pink". Amy taught me the joys of laughing about your favorite funny lines from your favorite flicks!
10. She's Friggin' Hilarious!- My first lessons in comedy came from my Dad, my Dad knows how to capture a room when he tells a story, but my first lessons in being able to laugh at yourself came from Amy! Amy never takes herself too seriously, when she makes a mistake she can laugh it off and be willing to make fun of herself! I just remember growing up thinking man my Sister is so funny and whenever we where hanging out with family and friends and what not I just remembering wishing I could make people chuckle like her!
I remember one time calling my Sister a "Butt-Head" and getting in trouble, but that's honestly one of the only times I can recall being so upset with her that I resorted to silly name calling! Our relationship has been pretty smooth sailing, and I'm just so thankful that I got placed in the same family as her!
I Love You more then my luggage Sister!
Happy Birthday!
Peace Out!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"everybody's workin' for the weekend!"- Loverboy

I don't think I could have asked for a better weekend! It all started of course with the midnight showing of Twilight. Some of you may not have known I was fan because I didn't have any widgets on my blog counting down the days or any special dedications made to my undying love for the books, but Oh yes I am a fan!

Here's a little News Flash about me. A lot of the time I do things for the novelty of it! For instance, if we had theatre's around here that had midnight showings of Rocky Horror Picture Show, even if though that movie is kind of creepy and weird, please believe NOTHING would stop me from dressing up like Magenta and doing the "time warp" as well as acting out the rest of it while the movie plays in the background! like so many super fans of that movie do all over the country.

Also I would certainly. . . . (if and when the opportunity presents itself) gladly stand in the overcrowded streets of Time Square and patiently wait in the blistering cold to watch the Infamous Ball drop to commemorate the New Year, it's always been a dream and I've always wanted to say I've been there and seen that in real life. Not because it's especially cool or worth the wait, but because it's just simply what people do!

So even though some people where way more hard core then me and had even brought their own trailer to camp out in while waiting in line to see the movie. I still stood outside in the cold wrapped up in my blanket with my buddies and the rest of the super fans including Tweens, housewives, and Moses Lakes own chapter of Wickens!

However, I did not scream like a 12 yr. girl at an NSYNC concert when they finally opened the doors and started letting people in. . . . that was a little obnoxious!

Here are a few shots from the night. . . .

This is Brianne Ritchie with a cardboard cutout of her cousin. The story is her friends made this for her because she didn't want to lose her place in line while she waited for the movie to start in her trailer. . . . or so I'm told! Well I say she's just lucky she knew people because some of us don't stand for those kind of shenanigans!

In an attempt to keep the purse snatchers away, or perhaps an obstacle for a vampire to over come in case one went for their necks. Meredith and Gwen decided to keep their purses safely stored like so. . . . . . Oh You Silly Bee's You!

Here's the Crew. . . . . That's Me in the plaid, with Ellerey Ena, Gwendolyn in the back Bri in front of her, Then Meredith next to Gwen and Nette Nette in the Beanie and blanket that I'm pretty sure she purchased in Tijuana!

But any who. . . . . . I enjoyed the movie. I think it was totally worth the wait. I thought Kristen Stewart's portrayal of Bella was perfect, and even though Robert Pattinson was not the Edward I had pictured in my head, he grew on me and now I love him, plus when I found out it was him singing in the background for some of the music they played during the movie. . . .I was swooning! I'm a sucker for a musician!

Only complaint. . . . the shots of Edward revealing to Bella what he looks like in the sunlight was a little silly. I mean he looked more like he had just been at a Rave and got covered in body glitter! I think everyone in the theatre agreed because what was supposed to be a somewhat serious moment turned into big laughs. No suggestions as to how they could have done that different though. . . Oh well!

Friday I did nothing but relax on the couch! I didn't even take a shower! It was Me, Angie, Qiana, Robert Downey Jr., and some milk duds! I love lazy days! Plus I needed to store up my energy for the next days festivities!

We left Saturday at 10 for Tacoma, once we got their had a little lunch at Red Lobster, I took home leftovers, but forgot a fork, so Michelle decided to document me eating with my hands!

Don't give me that look Michelle!

After a quick nap it was off to the Tacoma Dome! I attempted to win us front row tickets doing a karaoke competition they had outside, but I was beat out by a girl from New York that didn't have any tickets at all, so I wasn't that upset! Please believe though if I wasn't so out of practice and going through puberty again, I would have kicked her trash!

Lots of ladies rocked their vintage NKOTB T-shirts, and some even dusted off their favorite outfit from that era, it was quite a site to see!

Lady Ga Ga was the first act and I was not looking forward to it, but I was pleasantly surprised! I do really love her "Just Dance" song, If you haven't heard it I believe it's a definite download.

Natasha Bedinfield also performed. . . .and yet again I was pleasantly surprised! She has incredible range and makes it seem effortless!

Now on to the good stuff. . . . here are the boys!

All us ladies where filled with butterflies when straight out the gate they hit us with our favorite new jam "Single" You can be my man any night Donnie (Sorry Yvonne!)

Pictured from left to right: Danny Wood, Donnie Wahlberg, Joey McIntyre, Jordan Knight ( he's being covered up by Joey) and Jon Knight

Here's Donnie hypin' the crowd!

One of my favorite parts of the concert when they performed on a small round stage in the middle of the arena! It was quite a site! Just a sea of screaming women and girls and a few bored men.

Jordan Knight or is that Enrique Iglesias?

(said in a whisper) let me be your hero

Joey with the Gospel choir in the background. . . . ."Don't Change!"

Oh Oh Oh I'm Donnie's Cover Girl!!!!

My favorite shot of the night . . . . no New Kids, i'll be loving YOU forever!

What can I say I'm a lover of the boy band movement! I think they are the greatest thing to happen to Pre-pubescent girls since Seventeen Magazine! So, don't judge me!

Now with that said I bid you a fond "Peace Out!"

Thursday, November 20, 2008

"A Friend Loveth at All Times"- Proverbs 17:17

This is a special blog dedication to one of my Bestest Friends Miss Lynette Rackham or Nette Nette as we call her around these parts!

Nette and I met back when I was in 6th grade and she was in High School. She was the Student Aid for my class, My most distinct memory was her and I had the same striped polo shirt we both purchased at Walmart! And frequently wore on the same occasion (I had that problem a lot that year!) Little did I know, that would end up being a common problem her and I would run into later on in our friendship!

Things really blossomed when I started going to Singles Ward with her, Angie, and Mindy Stoker. We hit up Mexico all together in 2004 where Nette and I ended up being Travel buddies and sharing the same room. From then on Nette Nette became one of my closest friends!

In honor of her Birthday which is Sunday, and coincidentally the same as my Sister's (her dedication is tomorrow!) I would like to share with you my Top 10 Most Favorite Things about Nette!

Here Goes. . . . . .

1. She has the most amazing calves! She did Soccer in High School and I think that's what shaped them so well! She has tiny ankles and really well defined calve muscles! I'm dead serious, you should take a close look sometimes! Those babies are something to be coveted!

2. When You need her she's always there! even if she's not 100% excited about it, when someone asks her to do something or help out somewhere she always does it! She's one of my most reliable friends!

3. She's AMAZING at the Piano! Along many others in her Family. . . . that's a shout out to you Julie! But anyway, whenever we watch Idol I depend on her to back me up when I try to talk music talk, everyone else has given up on trying to understand me I think, but Nette (although she may be faking it) just nods a gives me the I understand look!

4. Speaking of understanding Nette Nette is super Fantastic at that! She listens and always finds a way to help you justify your feelings! When ever I'm upset or something goes wrong and I don't know how to fix it, she's always there with a solution!

5. She owns the most comfortable Bed in all the land!

6. She has almost every "Now That's What I Call Music" CD put out!

7. Responsible is her middle name, I look up to this so much, because I am completely not responsible, and If I had half of what she's got as far as that virtue goes. . . .well I just might be perfect!

8. She's got a ton of patience! Which you kind of have to be in order to like being friends with me! For instance, when I'm late. . . .which is all the time, she just simply gives me a "Really?" and then moves on! She does try to remind me about what time something starts, or offers to give me a ride to something so she's in control of when we get there, but when I disappoint at most I get an eye roll and a "I Don't Know About You!"

9. She's knows her stuff! She teaches History at the High School here in ML, so she's a major history buff, Most of us are great with the Pop Culture stuff you'd only need when you play games centered around that, but Nette knows the important things! And she's never one to rub it in your face either!

10. This lady. . . . like an Elephant, never forgets! She remembers Birthdays, surgery's, parties! she'll call you when your sick, or give you flowers when she's knows you're having a rough day! I'm continually amazed at how in tune she is to the human spirit! And always quick to act when some one's in need! I love that about her so much, and I really wish I could have such an amazing quality!
I love You Tons and Tons Nette Nette! And I really hope your Birthday is as Awesome as You are!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"This one's for the Children!"- New Kids On The Block

I'm here to tell you friends that dreams come true! Even when you think all is lost and there is no possible way what you want can happen, oh believe you me. . . . it can happen! You wanna know how I know this. . . . . let's start with a story. . . . .

The first band I ever fell in love with was New Kids on the Block!
I may have had a soft spot for Vanilla Ice for a little minute, but it was really Donnie Wahlberg and the rest of the bunch that I truly loved and was devoted too for quite some time! I always dreamed of being able to see them in person with my big button of Donnie pinned to my acid washed denim jacket, but unfortunately the closest I came was the concert I happened to catch on the free preview weekend the Disney Channel had. Please believe I recorded that show and watched it over and over again and was racked with jealousy eveytime Donnie pulled the little girl out of the audience and serenaded her! The lucky Shmuck!

It was a sad day when NKOTB was no more. . . . I remember thinking to myself at one point, "Awe Man, now I'll never get to see them in concert!" and thus the gloom of a dream lost set in!

but remember what i said about never losing hope. . . well this summer the dark clouds subsided when NKTOB reunited put out a new album and anounced their tour! And of course we jumped on that when we found out it was the weekend of Lynette's birthday!

Which is this very weekend and I am psyched out of my mind about it, because the boys I carried around on my lunch box for so many years, I finally get to see live and in person!

Like I said. . . . .Dreams come true!

I decided to post this video because with it being fairly close to Christmas, I thought you all might enjoy a little side of NKOTB you've never seen before. . . .plus Jordan's not wearing a shirt under his jacket oh and a little guest appearance by Arsenio Hall ain't too shabby either especially if you forgot what era this was. This song is my favorite song from their christmas album. You'll notice Jonathin is missing, not sure why, but Oh well enjoy anyway!

Jealous? You should be!

Peace Out!

Monday, November 17, 2008

“We change, whether we like it or not”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Legendary Sam Cooke once said "A Change gon' come", and he couldn't be more right! Change is gonna come, and change has come. . . . for me anyway!

Here's what's new with me

I got my hair did. . . tried something different in an attempt to fulfill my dream of more funky hair and this is what I got so far! While this is not my first time going lighter, it's certainly the first professional dye job I've invested in and I think that makes a big difference!

Also, it's been about three years coming but I finally got new glasses! My old ones where a bit tore up! They where losing rhinestones and where crooked from when my old roommate Shelly accidentally stepped on them. . . . . plus I couldn't really see out of them anymore, and I'm no expert but I'd say that's a good sign to get new ones! I tried on several crazy pairs but in the end I stuck with the basic black because they ended up looking the best! I don't know if you can tell, but the edges have white swirls on them. . . I think that's what really sets them apart from being like Drew Carey glasses.

This is Kaela Schauchsnieder in the picture with me!

And lastly. . . . . I got new Roommates! I moved in with Angie and Qiana last week and can I just tell you it's been AWESOME!!!!!!!

And not just because I have a walk in closet, and access to a satellite with DVR! But because I get to hang around with a baby that makes cute faces like this all the time!

And living with Angie's cool too! (*wink wink*)
Ok my wonderful blogging friends I got a lot to blog about this week! You can expect atleast 3 more blogs in the next few days because this weekend is gonna be monumental and I have two special People with Birthdays that I gotta "Holla" at!
So stay tuned! and of course. . . . Peace Out!!!