Monday, March 31, 2008

"I Closed My Eyes. . . . Drew Back The Curtain!" -Any Dream Will Do

So after two months of preparation, we finally hit the stage with our rendition of "Joseph and the Amazing Techni-Color Dreamcoat!" And it was FANTASTIC!! If I do say so myself! I can't tell you how many times I had somebody say that ours was the best they'd seen, or it was even better then the Donny Osmond version, which I just really think people have terrible memories, but I was continually impressed with the commitment from my cast- mates.

Comparing this show to my High School experiences I realized maturity makes a HUGE difference! All eleven brothers worked so well with each other no one upstaged another, no one tried to take over or take the lead, if they had any issues they kept them pretty well hidden, and they all blended so well, there harmonies where fantastic! They all found a character and stuck with it, and with very little direction from Toby Black (Our Director) managed to make the scenes flow and fix problems where necessary! I was seriously so impressed with the lack of supervision that was needed. If there was a problem, it got fixed and everyone really put 210% in and I was amazed! I've never been involved with a production that had so little drama, shouting, and annoyances. . . . . it was almost perfect!

I was told Sis. Jones and Sis. Vernal took like 1500 pictures all together, so hopefully I will get copies of some of those and I can post them. I stole two of me off of Beka's blog (hope that's ok?) So you guys could see a little bit of it. I can't wait to get more shots of the costumes, because we had some pretty sweet digs if I do say so myself!

Here's a shot of Me, Jasmine, and Melanie in our Narrator garb. . . . I wish you could hear these ladies sing because they are outstanding. Big thanks to Jasmine for giving some much needed vocal advice. I'm still currently working on trying to sing through my mask! Normally it's me always trying to be the stage Ham, but Melanie kind of out did me in that department, and while it makes me a little jealous to have my title taken away from me, I say kudos to her for not only rockin' the house vocally but making everyone laugh. . . . You are amazing!

This is me back stage getting ready for the Go GO Jo number, hence the wig. Also, I'm counting Potiphar's cash. . . . he won't miss this right?

Here is my top five favorite scenes in Joseph and why. . . . .

1. "Poor Joseph"- Ok so it was one of my songs, but the best part of that scene for me was A) Dr. Vernall's little son dressed up as the goat that got attacked by the brothers, he was the cutest thing. He'd just sit in the wings until it was his time to crawl on and get wrestled around like calf, he was so cute and I'll post some pictures to prove it! Then B) the brother's slow mo sequence at the end of the song. . . .they came up with that all by themselves and it was comedic gold if you ask me!

2. "Hairy Ishmealites"- Pres. Perrins and his son Clark where the camel for the Ishmealites and Clark was the tail end and let me tell you he milked that job for all it was worth, he was shaking his rump at the audience and it was hilarious!

3. "Canaan Days"- This song was so hilarious and I'm pretty sure Dr. Vernall and Shawn Turner have the greatest french accents ever!!! The men sounded so amazing on this song and it also really made me laugh!

4. "Benjamin's Calypso"- Bro. O'Neill's fruit basket hat that he made himself! Not only is he actually a great singer, but he is a crafty craftsmen because he also made his Shepard headdress amazing! Oh yeah and he bought a lot of cars from my Dad back in the day. . . .so I sorta have a special place in my heart for him!

5. "Gravel, Gravel"- I love it when the brothers see Joseph and they have no idea it's him and they end up doing exactly what Joseph's dream said they would do. It's like watching Prophecy come true. . . .plus I really dig the song!

I think this post would be a bit more effective if I had all my pictures, so I'll let you know when I get those posted, so those of you who couldn't see it, know what I'm talking about! If you did see the show. . . . tell me your favorite part. . . .I'm dying to know!

So, anyway I can't believe how much fun I had this weekend, it's so funny because last week I was scrambling for ideas and this week my blog cup overflows. So here is the line up people, Today I'm talking about Joseph, Tomorrow I'm talking about "Mama Mia", The Show Nette, her sister Julie (Hey Julie!) and I saw in Spokane on Saturday that was SUPERB!!! And Wednesday I can't wait to tell you about my amazing Karaoke experience with Nette and her family. . . .seriously it was good times! Until then. . . . .

Peace Out!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"I DOn't Know Just What To DO With Myself!" - Cameron Diaz in My Best Friends Wedding

Ok so I pretty much change my mind about what I wanna do with my life like everyday! To quote from the color personality book, I'm a total "Blue" because it's nearly impossible for me to make a decision.

I'm feeling the need to make a decision ASAP, because I'm not getting any younger, so any insite from my friends would be much appreciated. Here's a list of dreams and aspirations, some practical and some not so much, but tell me what you think?

Dream 1- Before leaving BYUI I changed my major to Communications, with the intention of getting involved in Broadcasting, mainly Radio. When I listen to the morning DJ's on 107.3 and now the new DJ on 96.7 I think. . . . I could totally do that job! Most of the time Reisha and Little Mickey are not that funny! They say dumb stuff and sometimes get pop culture references wrong and I wanna call them up and say "HEY, get your facts right crazy face!" And then the this guy on the Wenatchee station I think his name is Connor, every Tuesday and Wednesday does commentary on American Idol, and I'm like HELLO why don't I have that job? I would dominate! Also kind of annoying, he always has moments of dead air and awkward silences and I'm thinking I could totally do his job like 100 times better! How sweet would that job be! Spinning my favorite tracks all day, talking about all the celebrity gossip I read about and the television shows I watch, and on top of it get paid, that would be amazing! I'm not sure if I have a voice suited for radio, but in a rural area like this, does that even matter?

Dream 2- I've been involved with activities in the Singles Ward here and Rexburg for like 4 yrs. Not to mention all the random parties Lacey and I or Me and the Ladies through together on our own dime. So I feel I'm pretty qualified to be some kind of event planner. My Aunt Eilane majored in recreation and she had a job where she planned activities for various events around Utah, and I'm thinking that kind of job would be super awesome. Now the only draw back is I need someone like Angie or Lacey that has the amazing ability to make things happen, I'm pretty good at coming up with ideas, but some times my executions aren't super amazing. . . . .something to work on right? Also Gwen and I have been talking lately about planning parties for a living! Her and I if I do say so myself are rockin' the Singles Ward Saturday Activities right now. . . . . Glow in the dark soccer (Thanks Elder Beck for the idea!), Singles Ward Prom, Live Jam Pack Jam, and coming soon American Gladiotors!!! I mean we are doing big things, and everytime we go to Walmart we think of new fun and exciting stuff. Now to be able to do that and get compensated! SO SWEET!

Dream 3- I've worked with customer service a lot, and even though I really hate retail, it felt so good when I was able to help someone find just what they needed, and it put a wonderful feeling in my heart when they smiled and said thank you with sincere gratitude, even if it was just finding them a pair of shoes to match there outfit. . . . .not that big a deal, but it made me feel like I did something important. Well so far with my current job I've had a lot of those same experiences. The other day I helped a lady consolidate her resume, and fix some things that needed correcting, and it felt so good to be able to help her out, that I thought you know I could really do something like this, I think I really enjoy helping people in this capacity, I really appreciate the purpose of WorkSource and I think it's a cause I can really get behind and be passionate about. Finding a good job is a big deal and a lot of people especially in Moses really need help, and to be able to push them in the direction they need and aid them in doing things that change there life for the better is so rewarding! And also, the good feelings I got from helping that lady totally overshadowed the smelly guy I had to work with earlier.

So that's my story. . . . .anyone have any feedback? I changed the setting so people who don't have a blog can comment anounimously (just leave me your name, so I know who you are!) Plus tomorrow is the last day to leave comments before I do the drawing, so double rewards helping me figure out my life and getting a prize. . . . what could be better?


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"If I Could Turn Back Time!" - Cher

I was reading some stuff on MSN this morning about what they don't tell you about being a parent, and it prompted me to write my own list of things I think people should know about, that maybe you where not informed of. . . . . .

Emily's Top Ten Things they didn't tell you about Life after High School!

10. Light Bulbs, tape, hammers, paper towels, and hand soap do not come with the place you move into when you move out of your parent’s home. I can't tell you how many times I went to wash my hands and realized I didn’t have soap, and then went to dry my hands and I didn't have any paper towels. . . . Or when I wanted to hang something up, and I had to use a cup because remember how my Dad owns a tool box, but I don't. It's funny the things you take for granted!

9. This applies to Mormon kids only, and it may seem a bit controvercial but I feel the need to warn you, there is a slim, slim, slim chance you will marry the person you dated in High School. All of my BFF's in High School dated people that I'm pretty sure they had strong feelings for, but while they where on missions, or they just went there separate ways, feelings changed, they met new people, and all ended up falling in Love with someone else, and I personally think it worked out to be someone so much better for them. So to save your self a lot of heartbreak or someone else's heartbreak don't get too serious. . . . That is drama you don't want. Now I know for people like you (Tiffany and David) it worked out. . . .But that’s why I said slim chance. Maybe just do yourself a favor and follow the Prophet's council on this particular issue, I am now more aware then ever the wisdom behind that advice.

8. If you where a big deal in High School, You’ll most likely attend school or work with people who where as well! So don’t think you are still top dog. Ever heard the phrase “Big Fish, Little Pond!” well that’s what I was and I went to school and the role completely 180’d! I began to realize, oh man. . . . . I’m not the most talented person in the world! It was rough! I should have deflated my ego a heck of a lot sooner!

7. Some times you have to move back in with Mom and Dad to get your feet back on the ground and that’s ok because almost everyone has to do it at sometime, you are not alone! Just don’t over stay your welcome. . . . . Mom and Dad start to get crabby!

6. Overdraft Charges + Tears = No Overdraft Charges. . . . .you just need to talk to someone really, sometimes they will and sometimes they won’t depending upon your situation, but if you make mistakes with your finances, don’t avoid it and just hope it goes away. Talk to the people about it, most of the time they will try and help you! Trust me I know!

5. Staying on the Finance kick, if you’re worried about paying for school, don’t be . . . . . there are ways, you just have to ask! And Student Loans are not the end of the world!

4. There are approximately a thousand ways to prepare Top Ramen

If you didn’t stick with Piano, or Guitar lessons, or you didn’t do any plays, or sing in the choir. . . . .You will regret it! At some point in your life, I can almost guarantee you will be sorry you didn’t seize one of those opportunities!

2. Don’t hold Grudges, those that hated you will someday love you and wonder what they where thinking, people change, so learn to forgive! All the boys that made fun of my weight in elementary school and so on, I eventually ended up befriending or mended fences with.

1. The Real World is just like High School, for those of you who think you'll escape the cliques, the gossip, the insecurities, or pretty much everything you hated including homework! You think that's all over . . . . . well your wrong. Every experience I've had since I graduated has had many similarities to my high school years. You will always have the nerds and jocks and popular kids, you'll always have class clowns and suck ups, and Goths. Stoners, Thugs, Preppies. . . .Take a look around your place of work or people watch when you go out, just take a look at the world around you. . . . It is High School but on a much larger scale! There is no escape so get used to it!

Don't forget, anyone who comments this week goes into the hat for a prize. . . . so keep it coming!

Peace Out!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

" Now I Know my ABC's, next time won't you sing with me " - ABC Song

Hello Blog Friends. . . . I've got writers block so here's a tag that's been floating around the blog scene!

Also I won a Pay it Forward on Beka's blog, so It's my turn to give! Who ever comments on my blog, I will put there name into a hat and draw one out the end of this week, and whoever I pick will get a prize and hopefully in turn pay it forward! You have to have a blog to play though! Be it here or somewhere else! Happy Commenting! And thanks for my magnant Beka! You are a GEM!!!

ABC's of Me

A. Attached or Single- Well I was gonna use it for my little known fact, sorry to ruin the surprise, but I'm single!

B. Best Friend(s)- That's easy. . . .Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches

C. Cake or Pie- UGH!!!!! Sometimes making decisions is not my strong point. . . . .cake. . no pie. . . .pie with ice cream. . . .no Ice Cream Cake!!!!

D. Day of Choice- More lately I've been a huge fan of Sundays, because I can sleep in go to church sleep some more take nature walks with Michelle and then watch shows with my other favorite buddies!

E. Essential Item- my cell phone. . . . I literally feel lost without it! Sad but true!

F. Flavor of Ice Cream-Ben and Jerry's makes a delightful concoction called Half Baked, with brownie bites and cookie dough, so amazing! Baskin Robbins chocolate with the peanut butter ribbons, and moose tracks also delightful!

G. Gummy Bears or Worms- Angie introduced me too gummy coke bottles and I am forever changed!

H. Hometown- Mo-Town is my hometown!

I. Indulgences- A month ago I would have said something about food, but I really love clothes and sometimes I over indulge in buying dresses, shoes, or cute shirts! Some would say I over indulge in souvenir buying when we go on vacation, and there was a time when I over indulged in scrapbooking stuff!

J. January or July- who likes January? Let me tell you why I heart January, although the cold is no good, I love wearing a lot of layers so really it's OK, the New Years Party, plus isn't there another holiday you get off in January, American Idol usually begins, and You usually get the best "After Christmas" sales around that time!

K. Kids - Some day when the right man with the right bone structure and incredible gene pool comes around, I would love to have some babies!

L. Last movie I saw in theatre- was Juno, and I really need a hamburger phone in my life as a result!

M. Marriage Date- If I don't have one by 03/24/2028 then, I'm officially becoming a nun!

N. Number of siblings- Just one super awesome Sister that taught me about kindness, music, and big hair!

O. Orange or Apples- Oranges give me those tongue pimples, and are considerably more complicated to eat then apples. . . . I hate soft apples though, and some times red apples look delicious on the outside but are nothing but a big disappointment on the inside. . . . but going off of taste alone, I'd say Apples!

P. Phobias or Fears- The Ocean scares the Bajeezies out of me, the animals, the plants, the depth! I went kayaking one time. . . . big mistake! Some one said they saw sea otters and I was like get me outta here. . . I kept visualizing them swimming over to my kayak and tipping me over. . . .those shifty sea otters!

Q. Quote- My favorite inspirational quote is from the book Oh the Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss, and it goes a little something like this ". . . . And Will you succeed, Yes! You will indeed, 98 3/4% guaranteed. . . . KID YOU'LL MOVE MOUNTAINS! So be your name buxbum or bixby or bray, or Mordecai Ali Van Allin O'Shay, Your off to great places, today is your day, Your mountain is waiting. . . so get on your way!"

R. Reason to smile- I'm getting payed tomorrow!

S. Season- Winter! Mainly because of the holidays and my birthday!

T. Tag- "Big Girls Need Love Too". . . . . that's the only thing they could come up with for "T"?

U. Unknown fact about me- Um yep I'm still single!

V. Vegetarian or oppressor of Animals- Give me meat or give me death!

W. Worst Habit- OK, I'll admit I have a little trouble being on time. . . . sometimes, well most of the time. . . . OK all the time!

X. X-rays or Ultrasounds- X-rays because I can actually understand what I'm seeing, Ultra sounds It's just an amoeba looking thing, hard to really comprehend your looking at something a live inside someones tummy!

Y. Your favorite Food- Enchiladas never disappoint! Nor does Angie's Cordon Blu!

Z. Zodiac- Sagittarius!

I'm gonna tag everyone that can't think of anything to blog about!

Friday, March 21, 2008

"Easter says you can put truth in a grave, but it won't stay there." - Clarence W. Hall

So I can't believe it's Easter already. It's so crazy that's it's so early, but my friend and Visiting Teaching Companion Josilyn informed me when we went to visit our friend Morgan that Easter won't be this early again for another 300 years. . . .that certainly makes things more interesting now doesn't it. Here I was complaining that it just doesn't feel like Easter in March, but now that I know it's like a once in a life time deal, it's like some special event!

I try really hard to keep perspective on religious holidays, and remember what it's all about, but I'm not gonna lie I get a little caught up in the commercial side of things. I will probably always play the humble card and talk about how much more important it is to give then receive and blah blah blah, but I really love presents! And I'm a little sad that I'm so old and I'm probably not getting an Easter basket this year, or that I can't participate in the Easter egg hunt and get a plastic egg full of random change or candy. . . . wait I can't even eat Easter candy this year!!! Man, I guess I'm really gonna have to focus on the true meaning of Easter!

To avoid being depressed, about no Cadbury eggs or chocolate bunnies.

But seriously folks, the other day when I was watching rehearsals and waiting for my next song, I was really touched by how well the brothers where channeling the emotion of the scene. For those of you who aren't familiar with the Old Testament story of Joseph, his eleven brothers hate him because he's is the favorite, and he has crazy dreams that lead him to believe he will be more powerful then them someday, and they are not having that, so they plot to kill him, but instead sell him as a slave, where then he works his way from prison to being Pharaoh's right hand man, and ends up saving people from famine because of his ability to interpret Pharaoh's dreams. Close to the end of the show there is the scene when the brothers come to Egypt to get food, and they don't realize it's Joseph they're talking to, and the scene that really got me was when he finally tells them. I couldn't imagine what that would feel like, but some of those men that play the brothers really brought it to a reality for me. Granted, I know there wasn't any singing or snazzy dance numbers, but something clicked in my head, that said, wow this actually happened. It wasn't just something Andrew Lloyd Weber came up with.

A lot, well all of those scripture stories start off as just that. . .stories. But I love the moment when I realize that they are more then that, and what seems crazy or impossible, can happen. Not that I want to turn this into a testimonial blog, but I just had to express my newest insight. I didn't really love The show "Joseph and the Amazing Techni- Color Dream coat", I thought it was really weird the first time I saw it, but I'm really glad I've gotten the chance to appreciate and understand it a little more, and even though the show is mainly silly and meant to be entertaining. I know the deeper meaning is a beautiful message, of A) Perseverance, and B) Forgiveness.

So, if you come see the show, I hope you all laugh and enjoy, but I also hope it touches you like it has me. . . . that sounds way cheezy, but you understand right?

Anyway, Happy Easter everybody!

Peace Out!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"I'll Give You Something to Cry About" -Every Parent since the begining of time!

What is the deal with men becoming the biggest pansies when they are sick? You know how men are supposed to be so tough, like when you have to move a couch or a piano "Can we get some men to help us move this?" but give those chukos a stuffy nose and they become the biggest babies!

Since I believe there is only one male that actually reads my blog, I will proceed with my feelings on this subject!

My Padre is pretty tough, he's been involved with the rodeo scene his whole life, he was in the military, he was a football player and a wrestler in high school, I'm pretty sure he has had all sorts of experiences with pain, that I probably couldn't even imagine! But every time he gets a cold, it's almost as if the world is going to end! I never hear more moaning and cries of discomfort, and reminders of how sick someone is, then when my Dad gets the sniffles, now to his credit, He got lambasted with this bug that's going around, and he's been a champ and only missed work once, good for him, but every other time. It's seriously like he's on his death bed! "Emily. . . hack hack, phlegm phlegm. . . . would get your sick old Dad a glass of water?. . . . .cough cough weeze weeze!" "AHHRGGG, cough, cough I'm so sick!!!" ACHOOO ACHOO. . .. .UUUHHGGHG!" If I was doing this in person, you would be laughing your heads off!

Today I've had to listen to one of my Co-workers explain 4 times in the last hour wait make that 5, how he's allergic to flowers and his wife brought some home, and he can't get into to get a shot until this afternoon. . . . . and groans and moans like crazy! This guy rides dirt bikes, and was also in the military, in fact he's a disabled veteran for heaven sake!!! But man this hay fever's really working him over!!! I just think it's so funny! NOW 6. . . . really Darrel?????

I'm pretty sure studies show that woman have a higher pain tolerance then men. . . . because we should, I mean Hello Child Birth? And don't get me started on cramps! And my former examples should be enough to convince you that women are superiour! SO THERE!!!

Anyway, also annoying people feeling the need to tell me i'm doing great when I'm not!!!! Where's my constructive criticism huh?. . . . . how am I supposed to get better if you don't tell me what to improve on? I'm all about promoting good feelings and making sure you don't hurt anyone, but geeminy christmas enough with the sugar coated remarks that you don't mean! There has to be a way to accomplish both tasks without being annoying, and so far that's not happening!

Ok enough of my ranting. . . . . I'm totally done! Just so you know I've been planning on posting the documentaries I made with my roommate Ruby at the conference I went to, but I've fallen asleep 2 nights in a row waiting for those things to load! So pretty much sick men, sugar coaters, and blogger videos need to shape up or ship out, because I can't take it anymore!


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"Good Clothes Open All Doors!" -Thomas Fuller

Today is a great day, you wanna know why it's great day, because I look great today! I don't know what it is about a great dress that seems to just transform an otherwise imperfect body into something fabulous! I've gotten so many compliments on my appearance this afternoon, that it really makes me wonder how it is one thing can have such a dramatic effect!

This isn't my first experience with a great dress! About 5 years ago I bought a dress from Macy's that I dubbed my magic dress, because every time I put it on I managed to magically catch the eye of everyone in the room. I don't know what it was that made that dress so special, but seriously it was crazy peoples reaction. That dress was worth every extra cent of interest I paid on it!

You know some would say it doesn't matter what you wear, but I'm a firm believer that how you present yourself on the outside is a reflection of your inside! And when I watch these makeover shows, that take these people that normally don't care about fashion or anything like that, give them a little taste of what it's like to be well dressed and they are hooked. So it just goes to show, you should care, because there is an amazing feeling that comes from rocking a killer outfit! Maybe you don't have to concern yourself with the latest crazes, and constantly stay on top of what's hot, but taking pride in your appearance is a must.

MAN! Do I sound like I'm giving a workshop or what? Enough of that. . . . .Good Day, Good Dress, Good Times!

I've been reflecting on my personal style over the years, and although I've always had an interest in dressing cute sometimes, It was not a mission I accomplished. I didn't get my first pair of jeans until 6Th grade (and the only reason I got those was because they had stretchy sides!) So I was rocking stretch pants and T-shirts until that faithful day I found jeans that actually fit, I blame that for why I have such a complex about clothes. In my efforts to stand out, I once tried to make stick on earrings happen when I was 13, That was also when I decided that it was OK for me to rock the double buns in my hair and I got a pair of JNCO's I wore like everyday. Then in high school I attempted to work the skirt over the pants, but I was never quite able to pull it off, I also made my own T-shirts with funny sayings and I always cut them up, also something that sounded awesome, but never really looked great.

I've made a lot of mistakes as far as clothes go, so right now I feel I'm in my fashion prime if you will! And I'm loving it! Here's hoping I continue on this lucky streak. . . . . and please stop me if I ever attempt to rock gaucho's or a poncho!

Peace Out!

Monday, March 17, 2008

"They're always after me lucky charms. . . . why does everyone always laugh when I say that!" -Irish guy in Austin Powers

Happy St. Patricks Day Everyone!!!!! I'm sorry for the sabbatical I took from the blogging world last week. I was in Yakima for a conference and they had this ridiculous excuse for a business lounge so I couldn't blog, the good news is I have plenty of stuff to talk about this week!

I love holidays, and I love going all out and making those days as special as possible. Most of the time I fail and build them up to be better then what they are, but I guess it's the thought that counts?Anyway, St. Patricks Day is especially disappointing, because all I can do is dress up, everything else associated with this holiday I never participate in like. . . . drinking. . . no matter if it's jello shots or green beer this is not a favorite holiday pass time I can do, and it's a shame because it seems so festive.

Getting kissed because I'm Irish, my Grandma says we do, and my Padre says we don't, there's a chance I could have some Irish in me, but I haven't done the research to find out for myself. . . . .which means I'll probably never know!

Reuben sandwich. . . . um A)Sauerkraut whose idea was that? B) Rye bread, double Yuck!, and C) There is something kinda weird about corned beef it just doesn't make sense, why is it called that? I don't understand there fore I don't eat it!

I think I should start my own St. Patty's day traditions, like only using Irish Spring soap, Eating Lucky Charms, or only watching Movies with Colin Ferrell in them. Does anyone else have any fun and exciting ways to celebrate this holiday mainly used for an excuse to get drunk?

So enough of my rant on this topic here is a list of some of my favorite Holidays, and why I love celebrating them.

New Years Eve/Day-

You get dressed up and can wear silly hats or crowns, it's expected of you to stay up late, and unless you work somewhere kinda lame you get the day off to recover from the party! AWESOME!!!! New Years, for me rarely disappoints!


2 words. . . . NEW DRESS! Always the best part of my Easter Sunday, my new digs, and sometimes a hat! Oh and the Easter Candy wasn't too shabby as well!

Valentine's Day-

Even though it's a day people celebrate the kind of Love I don't currently have in my life, I still Love the idea of it, and I hope someday I'll learn to love it like the people around me that actually get stuff on that day love it!


This is kind of a Duh! but I love the carols, I love the shopping, I love the whimsical feeling it fills my heart with. I love the marathon of "A Christmas Story" and the countless cheesy hallmark or lifetime made for TV movies about the miracles that happen during this special time. Christmas rocks my world not just because of the gifts, but there so much about this holiday that's special!

Pioneer Day-

Ok so only Mormons celebrate this holiday, but when I was a school we had this day off, and it usually was like the funnest day of the summer! Of course the whole Mormons crossing the plains thing is pretty special as well. . . .I guess, but the fact that we had the day off and nobody else did was something to be excited about!

My Birthday-

I think someday this may actually be a National Holiday, So you might as well start thanking me now for the greatest holiday of them all. Birthdays are special I don't care what anyone says, and I love celebrating mine!

Also I wanna wish a big "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY" To My Favorite Sister and Brother in Law, Amy and Darin!!! I hope you guys have a good one, and I Love You more then my luggage!

Peace OUT!!!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

"... I need to know who put my calculator in Jell-O or I'm gonna lose MY FREAKIN' MIND!" - Andy Bernard (The Office)

My Co-worker Tabitha and I are buddies, we get a chance to bond a lot because we aren't as important as the other people in our office so we have time on our hands to be friends, shhhh don't tell the boss! Anyway we both work with a guy named Eric, Now Eric is a man of many rituals one of which is drinking his morning and afternoon cup of green tea (also known as "Hot Sock Juice") in his favorite mug from Cat Tales the feline zoo in Spokane (I'm sure there is a more official title then Feline zoo, don't judge me Eric it was the best I could come up with!). One day Tab and I where shooting the breeze and decided it would be fun to play a prank on someone, and since we both LOVE the Office, I said why not put something in JELL-O, and I believe tab said, why not Eric's mug, and I said BRILLIANT!!!!!!!

While I was in Disneyland it was Tabitha's mission to confiscate it. The opportunity never presented itself, so we kinda just bagged it. But then the Gods smiled on us and amazingly enough Eric left his mug by the sink before he left to teach sword fighting in Mexico City, and project JELL-O was back on.

Not to toot my own horn, but I think I did a pretty good job of pretending like I didn't know what happened to the mug when Eric and I discussed it, so to those of you who think I can't keep secrets. . . . .your still right, I suck at that, but like I said Heaven smiled upon me!

As you know Wednesday's are our "Finer Things Club" night and I invited Tabitha to come, and in honor of that we put our plan into action. Here is how we did the deed, for those who'd like to know!

I got 4 boxes of jello and a four pack of gelatine, but that wasn't enough so last minute steal som from Nette, all she had was orange so the Jell-o turned into an Army Green instead of Lime like I had originally intended. And a plastic container with a lid big enough to fit whatever you want to mold, for a regular mug I recommend upping your gelatine to six instead of four, that way it might even firm up more.

Eric Lovingly refers to his mug as "Pumug" Because there is a puma on it and it's a mug. . . .funny right?

Here's Tab, looks like she means business
Then Proceed with your regular Jell-o making instructions!
When I checked it out online the site I looked at for instructions said to use dentil floss and tape to actually make your item look like it's suspended in the mold, but it ended up being unneccessary, maybe it works better with a stapler. Here's how it works anyway!
You tape 3 strings of dental floss (duck tape works best) to one side, slide the items through the string and then tape the other side, it's not really rocket science!
Then make room in your fridge, because it takes atleast 8-10 hours to set! I left ours in for a good 24 just to be safe!
This morning, because I was late as usual, we didn't have much time to fancy anything up, to get the JELL-O out I took a thin bladed knife and cut around the container, and it slurped right out! We then set it on a platter, and placed it in front of Eric's computer! I tried to get a face on photo of the JELL-O, but Eric was rounding the corner, and I still had to put new batteries in my camera. For the next victim I will be more prepared! I think since Eric reads my blog maybe he should leave a comment and tell you about his reaction. Nobody in the Office except Tabitha and I have really actually watched the Office, so not a lot of people saw the humor in the prank, but they just wait until I throw someones cell phone in the ceiling, then it will get all sorts of funny up in here!
All in all for the first time around, not to shabby if I do say so myself. But I issue this warning. . . . . .WorkSource staff beware because the prank train doesn't stop yet!!!!
Have a GREAT! Weekend and peace out!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

"Memories Light the Corners of My Mind"- Barbara Striesand

When I was teaching Relief Society in Rexburg, I taught a lesson about keeping a personal history of your life and meaningful experiences. I've never been super johnny on the spot with journal writing, but the lesson ingrained in me a greater appreciation for why that's important.

And thankfully prior to that I decided to start writing down some of my favorite stories through out the years, because I was starting to forget some of my favorites. So I didn't feel like a total hypocrite, telling the ladies how wonderful recording your life is and then not actually doing it myself.

This last week there's been a few times I've kicked up some stories and memories I haven't thought about in forever. . . . .stories I love because every time I tell them or think of them, they remind me that my life isn't as boring as I think.

For Example. . . . . . .

Last year around this time Angie and I road tripped to Reno to visit by friend John Walker. We wanted to hit up a Karaoke Bar, and the only one open the night we went was a Lesbian Bar called "The Patio" A Gathering Place. Angie and I where disappointed in the music selection, it was not what I expected from a place like Reno (apparently Lesbians AND gay men love show tunes!) Any who, I guess it was more disappointing that they didn't have our signature song "Shoop" by Salt and Peppa. We have been bringing down the house with that jam everywhere we go! And had great luck conquering the hearts of Vegas when we blew the roof off the Tropicana Karaoke lounge, but I digress. We had to settle for "Push It" by the same artist, but please believe we made some fans with our amazing rendition of "Don't You Wish Your Girlfriend was Hot Like Me!". . . . . . . You can't tell me that's not funny! That's like comedy gold! What has two thumbs and sings Pussy Cat Dolls at Lesbian Bars. . . . .this Girl!

American Idol asked their contestants this week about there most embarrassing moments, and it reminded me of mine.

When I was in middle school, eighth grade to be exact. I was really excited about my Mom and Dad picking me up from school because Hey no Bus, right? Plus I thought my Mom had a pretty nice ride at the time. So I'm waiting outside with the rest of the school, getting kinda cocky. I look across the parking lot, and through the parked cars I see this vehicle full of garbage with a broken rake sticking straight up and flapping in the breeze like a big "White Trash Banner" and I literally thought to myself "Man that would be so embarrassing if that was my parents!". . . . . . . (Can you guess where this is going?) The vehicle pulls up to the pick up zone and I realize, "Oh My Gosh, that's my Dad's car!" My Parent's picked me up from school not in our nice new red Ford Taurus, but instead opted for an El Camino full of garbage! And the worst part was my Mom opens the door and exclaims "Emily! Get in the car we're going to the DUMP!" I mean can you believe that? A side note for those of you who aren't familiar with El Camino's, I'd say they fit two people comfortably. . . . . and My family and I aren't exactly small. So stuffing three chubby people in a two seater car wasn't exactly the best idea! I couldn't hide my face too well because I was stuffed up against the window! Is your heart bleeding yet?

Also another thing I get reminded of a lot (especially recently) is our YCL (Youth Camp Leader?) skit we did my last year of Girl's camp, the summer before I graduated. There was a lot of drama that year because they switched up some stuff, and because nobody likes change, we all kinda threw a fit. So any chance to rebel, was usually taken. We where supposed to do like a 10-15 minute skit introducing ourselves, and we made it into like an hour long production! We may have had some leaders upset with us, but it was kinda worth it! We did this beauty pageant spoof, that was nothing short of amazing if I do say so myself. Kacey Earl (Nielson now) rocked a "Spear Britney" shirt and slam danced to the punk version of "Hit Me Baby One More Time" Nicole Hansen (now Gartner) did a little spoof on the scene from Miss Congeniality when the dumb girl exclaims about red underwear being Satan's Panties. . . . . .and the Stake President was there. . . . .so awkward, but hilarious! I had this red Lycra bag that I'm pretty sure I stole from my best friend from elementary school. It's hard to explain, the bag is like a costume, and it's big enough to fit an averaged sized male, when it's on it kinda looks like a burca that Muslim women wear. I sported this, while I danced to Michael Jackson's "Thriller", mind you this was like six or seven years ago before that song was kinda played out, but I think it was a big hit, I think this because all the little girls I was a leader over at Girl's camp, keep coming to singles ward and reminding me of it! It was a good memory, I wish I remembered every detail because everyone made an amazing effort, and I just remember that night having such a euphoric feeling of job well done!

I was checking out my walls on Sunday, and I saw the picture of Dee and I all dressed up for the 80's dance we went to the summer we where roommates at BYUI. I think you where supposed to have dates, but Dee and I went stag. I can honestly say we had probably the best outfits there. . . . .I kid you not, well if we had to rank, Dee's was far more amazing then mine. She sported my tube top as a mini-skirt! Anyway we both where nominated for best outfit, but Dee got screwed over, and I ended up winning. It took some effort though, there was a guy booing at me in the front row, but I made sure he was aware my shirt said "Fat Chicks Rock!", and that seemed to shut him up. I won tickets to the enchanted ball they had a little later in the semester and got hooked up with a guy that served his mission in Moses Lake, but I don't think I ever met him then. In the two years I attended BYUI that was the only time I ever saw that guy I think his name was Alan, he was shorter then me and he had one of those chains clipped from his pants to his wallet, and he was rocking big skater pants (You know before they switched to skinny) that if I remember correctly where stapled on the bottom and pretty beat up Airwalks and then a white shirt and tie, he was a funny guy. What was also funny was when we went to take our picture the lady asked if we where dating and he said we just got engaged that night, and I was thinking they musta thought we where a funny pair what with me being obviously bigger then he was. But really that night was fun!

I think Pres. Monson was right when he said memories are like June in the December's of our lives, or something like that. But anyway I love recollecting and reminiscing about things I've done, and I appreciate your going along for the ride, for my sake!

Peace Out!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"Honest to Blog" -Ellen Page in Juno

Last Thursday me and the girls had a little night out, we hit up Tsunami Sushi (which was tasty) I actually had Sushi. . . . .Thanks Tabitha for introducing me to the good stuff! And we hit the Movie Theatre to catch Juno which indeed was amazing, It was like an intelligent "Napoleon Dynamite". I loved it and "Next time I see that Bleeker kid I'm gonna punch him in the wiener!" SO Funny!

Anyway after dinner and between the movie, we had a little time to kill. So I bummed some quarters off of my buddies and got my game on. I'm not normally a lover of video games, I lack the hand eye coordination, and whenever I got roped into playing games like James Bond or Halo. I usually just found a way to kill myself, it was a lot easier then trying to figure out those buttons.

I don't understand guys obsession with video games, and I especially don't like how it turns them into completely different people. Since I was in High School, every time I went to hang out with my buddies that where serious gamers, it was like I didn't even exist they where so focused on there "mission"! I mean the hottest chick in the world could have walked through the door and they wouldn't have noticed. The biggest culprit is World of War Craft, that game's is like the bane of my existence. I think Satan may have invented WOW and he lures his gamers slowly to Hell by sucking them in and forcing them to abandon all priorities, and only focus on killing other mythical creatures and getting more magic skills. . . . . .I do like the create your own character mode, that's fun, oh and sometimes your characters have super sweet dance moves, also entertaining! But that's not important, I'm pretty sure WOW is evil! And that's all I have to say about that. . . . .wait one more thing, I believe it was recently stated that guys that play video games loose there sex drive! Just something to think about!

OK back to my gaming experience, it started out as a photo op, but then I actually played one of the games and it reminded me of why I don't, because I suck so much. Here are some of the shots!

This is a shot of my car getting towed?

This is a shot of my car on fire!

This is actually how close I sit to the wheel in my own car!

I guess You'll just have to ask yourself one question. . . . .do you feel lucky?. . . .well do ya?. . . . .Punk!"

"You know my name, now gimmie my money!"

I'm sorry we could not capture the moment I ran in to plane getting ready to take off, or the many pedestrians I killed as well as my very own passenger. I did how ever turn into a monster truck Taxi, which meant I did something right, I don't know what though!

Video games are no good (minus RockBand, SingStar, and sometimes Guitar Hero but even that has its moments) and because I don't like them, that means they suck, but thanks for keeping me entertained before the movie!

Peace Out!

Monday, March 3, 2008

"I'm gonna make a change. . . . for once in my life!"- Michael Jackson "Man in the Mirror"

As my friends and family members have made their endevors this past year to lose weight and get healthy, it's been nagging at me for some time now, that maybe I should follow suit and start making some changes myself, but then I'd get hungary. Then Angie's fat jeans started to get unbareably tight and I couldn't handle it anymore, so I put my comfy pants on and ate some candy. Then I started noticing a third chin creeping up on me in various pictures, but yet I continued to indulge thinking "yeah it be a good idea to cut back. . . . .maybe I'll start tomorrow!" So finally my Mommalla asked me last week if I wanted to start Weight Watchers with her, and I said You know what, why not!

So last Thursday I attended by first meeting, I weighed in (it was pretty bad) and since Friday I have been watching my points, and trying my hardest to kick the bad habits I have built up so much over these past years or wait actually my whole life. I know it's only been 5 days, but it's almost like every 2 hours is a struggle with my mind. For example, after I got off work on friday I had to talk myself out of getting an Arby's Chicken Cordon Blu sandwich, and then at I was hanging with Angie and a Pizza Hut commercial came on and I had to convince myself I didn't need any pizza, then we went to Burger King and Angie got a frozen coke, it took a lot of effort for me not to order anything, especially after seeing that advertisement for the York Peppermint pattie pie they have now.

Anyway that's just a few instances, but it's almost like my mind goes into panic mode if I don't seize the opportunity to consume the food available. Why do I think it's the last time I'm ever gonna be able eat that stuff.

All of these things got me thinking. I'm pretty much just like anyone else addicted to something. Drugs, Porn, Food. . . . . it's all the same. It is in my nature to be accesive as every personality test has elluded too, so I guess I really have to put off the natural man on this one and tell myself no.

I'm doing pretty good, I'm giving myself a lot of pep talks, and I really hope I can eventually re wire my brain to think better when it comes to food, what a silly thing to let get out of control right? Well It's sad but true!

Another thing I've been thinking about is since I was little I've tried so hard to be "Fat and Proud" and "It's ok for me to be this way", and "Why can't people accept me for me", and blah blah blah, but I've come to realize no one should be proud of being un healthy! Right? I think Jeffery R. Hollund said this in conference 2 years ago-

"We should all be as fit as we can be—that's good Word of Wisdom doctrine. That means eating right and exercising and helping our bodies function at their optimum strength. We could probably all do better in that regard. But I speak here of optimum health; there is no universal optimum size."

I remember that really sticking with me, and now I think it's time to put that into action.

Although I seriously doubt I would be anything like I am today If I didn't struggle so much with my weight all my life, having to push extra hard for exceptance, really molded my personality, and for that I don't regret. I am a little concerned, because one time someone told me they couldn't imagine me skinny, and that it would change me. Well I really hope the only thing that changes for me is the amount of hearts I brake!!!!!! Yeah! take that boys who didn't like me when I was fat!

I'm getting ahead of myself, I haven't even lost any weight yet that I know of, but just to some things up. Michael Jackson said it best when he said "I'm starting with the Man in the Mirror, I'm asking him to change his ways, and no message could have been any clearer, If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and then make a change!" Cue the gospel choir, and Peace Out!