Monday, July 28, 2008

"Tell Me Something Good!"- Chaka Kahn

As I have previously mentioned time and time again I am an avid celebrity gossip fan, I cannot quite pinpoint what it is that fascinates me so, but there's just something about peering into the lives of the rich and famous that's so exciting. But sometimes I get sick of the same scandals over and over and over again. So today's post is my. . . . .

Top 5 things in Celebrity Gossip that no longer shock me!

1. DUI's-

I just found out Shia LaBuoef got arrested for one. . . . add him to the list. In the entertainment biz It's almost becoming a right of passage and one of those things that "Everyone Does". So it quite literally does not shock me! What I can't seem to figure out is those guys have all that money, why can't they afford to have someone drive them around if they're gonna get trashed, If I had money like that I think I could afford to cover my rear end and completely avoid the issue. . . . . ever heard of a cab. . . . .seriously guys, wise up!

2. Rehab-

Old NEWS! Who doesn't check themselves into rehab these days! I guess to cope with the stress of being in the spotlight, almost every famous person has some kind of vice, usually in the form of drugs or alcohol, but some people can get creative and go the prescription route, or dare I say it porn! You know every body's got their something. So when celebs check themselves into their cushy rehabs or Detoxes it offers no shock value because just like the DUI, Every one's doing it!

3. Good Girl's Gone Bad-

New School

Old School

I can't tell you who it started with, but it seems to me every Pop Princess, Teen sensation, and even sometimes Child Actresses do the same thing if their career continues when they turn 18. The squeaky clean image turns blase and they want people to start taking them "seriously" so they vamp up it up, they get boobs, piercings, wear short skirts, maybe even poise scantly clad on the cover of Rolling Stone, and make all their material about sex. And say things in the news like "Oh I'm just being me, and if people don't like it then who cares!" News flash ladies women have been Skank Hoin' it up since the Mini skirt revolution in the 60's! Ever heard of Cher?

She broke major modesty boundaries in her prime back in the 70's, so any of you new comers if you think your doing something original, you are sorrily mistaken and totally boring!

4. Plastic Surgery-


A) If your majorly in the public eye and pictures are posted of you everywhere, we're gonna know if you've had some work done, so own up to it! You saw something you didn't like and wanted to change it, and you had the money to do so. . . . your human big deal!


B) We all have heard it time and time again there is an insane amount of pressure to stay young in Hollywood, so when you get you're Botox injections we know why. . . .some may not agree, but the fountain of youth quest has been going on for quite sometime so if your attempting to cheat father time, we get it and it's not a scandal! If you wanna inject yourself with poison instead of saving refugees in Africa. . . . it's your money!

5. Celebrities in the news after they've been dead for a while!

You know what I'm talking about, every year around the anniversary of her death Princess Diana sparks some kind of media blitz.

When I was younger and JFK Jr. passed away in his plane with his wife I swear that story was in the news for a year with all these different theories and what they could have done to save themselves and blah blah blah, seriously so annoying and I bet they would have hated that the media kept beating their story into the ground.

I'm surprised I haven't heard much about Anna Nicole Smith lately because that was getting a ridiculous amount of air time! And the New developments just kept coming!

Can we please just except that these people are gone and it doesn't matter if any other scandals are unearthed or any new theories about their death emerges. The only thing I want to be informed of is who really shot Biggie and Tupac. . . . . and maybe John F. Kennedy!

In the meantime. . . . let it go!

I realize you reporters and writers for E! and Entertainment Tonight, The Enquirer, and the Insider etc etc etc. Can sometimes come across some dry spells, but that's when you get creative. Instead of feeding us the same tired story, think of something else! It can't be that hard! If Madonna can continue to re-invent herself then you in the media circus can certainly mix it up a bit!

Think About It!



angie said...

hahahahhahahaa. so funny em!

Portia said...

lovveeddddd this!!! SO i have a question for you....i really want a blog list like you have but I can not figure out how to do that...can you tell me how!!! Please thanks xoxoxo

Susan said...

I got another dead person forever in the news for you....Jon Benet Ramsey. Enough already!! It is seriously annoying.

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