Friday, July 25, 2008

"Tears on my pillow, Pain in my Heart, caused by you!"- Little Anthony and the Imperials

Alright friends we need to talk, last night was the worst night ever for reality dance shows because two of my favorite groups/people where in the bottom two and I don't understand why, so this is my plea to get you all voting!

First things first "America's Best Dance Crew"

The last two weeks my favorite group "Super Crew" has been in the bottom 2! Are you all captivated by Boogie Bots name and not focusing on their dancing? Because I have no idea how they are getting more votes then Super Crew! Watch this clip and tell me it's not awesome!

This particular week the assignment was to put together a routine that personified the action word in the chosen song, Super Crew got "We Fly High" by Jim Jones

I hope you're wearing socks because their about to get blown off!

These B-Boys rock my world and I need them to win. . . . .so wise up America!

Next on my list is So You Think You Can Dance

So far we've had 2 contemporaries and a Ballroom dancer claim the prize and I think it's time to see a Hip-Hoper dominate and I think the one to do that is none other then


Simon said it best this week when he said Twitch is by far the most untrained out of all of them, yet continues to deliver every week and risen to every challenge! In my mind that means he deserves to win!

Not to mention he's Friggin' ADORABLE!

These are two of my favorite numbers Twitch has done, and they happen to both be choreographed by Mia Michael's one of my most favorite's as well!

You can't tell me he's not awesome!

I also love how amazing he is theatrically, he's always in character!

Now I realize a lot of you might be rooting for Chelsea Hightower because she's a Utah girl and most likely LDS and a Brilliant, Brilliant dancer, (and so gorgeous that I wanna stab her!) I can see how your votes would be swayed in her favor, but have you seen Twitch's abs? And he's funny, and he's got personality out the gills! By this time they've narrowed it down to the top six and they are all amazing, but for diversity sake. . . . . give the Brotha a chance! OK!!!

You all better start voting, I don't wanna have to be on the edge of my seat almost ready to have a heartache because my boy is getting show'n no love!

Do the right thing. . . . I trust you!



krystind said...

i think what you are forgetting to mention is that WILL is an amazing dancer, and he definately shouldn't have gone home lastnight. Hello why didn't mark go home.

Carolyn said...

Oh my gosh. I totally agree with that comment. Mark should have gone home and I was so upset when he was safe. I just wanted to cry. Will was one of my favorites. But....I do have to admit, I think I am a Courtney girl myself. I love, LOVE her. She just has the best personality ever.

Amber and Spencer said...

i love twitch and hope he wins. i love the show so much! that is messed up about will going home. i didn't like mark. but anyway, twitch is awesome.

Ty and Jenny Robbins said...

So, maybe this is just me (and I'm sure no one else would have noticed this), but Twitch, to me, looks like what Daniel (my bro) would be black. Even a little bit of the personality. I love Twitch....he's kinda amazing!

angie said...

what's with all the WILL lovers here....I think they were all brainwashed. And em, although i applaud your cry for everyone to vote, do I dare ask...."have you ever voted?"

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