Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"Mary Mary quite contrary, how do your flowers grow."- Mother Goose

This is a bush in Lynette's backyard, and when Michelle and I where babysitting her house memorial day weekend we discovered it, I thought it was really pretty! So pretty in fact that I rocked one of these flowers in my hair at church that Sunday, but it didn't last long, by the time Sacrament was over it had wilted into a big lavender blob in my hair. . . . not cute! But anyway at least I have these pictures to remember it by!

I got a little crazy with the teasing comb and hairspray!
Here's Michelle looking cute as ever!
Are we HOT or what!!!!
We even got Kyle to join in on the fun!

Big thanks to Nette, because not only is she one of my best friends and one of my loyalist readers, but she trusts me with her house and wardrobe plus she lets me eat all her lucky charms and sleep in her bed! I'm sure lucky she's so forgiving!!!!! I Love You to Pieces Nette Nette!



krystind said...

lynette is pretty nice.
And those flowers are BEAUtiful.
And i love your teased hair.

Anonymous said...

those flowers are really pretty.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah it's a good thing I am sooo forgiving. Jokes, thanks for taking care of my house. -Nette

Portia said...

Oh I love clamatis!!! I love that pic of you standing next to it how cute!!!!

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