Monday, July 7, 2008

"Hikey's are for White Trash Carnies!" Angie Bates

It's White Trash BBQ TIME!!!!!

I've attended many a White Trash BBQ in my day, the first year I was in singles ward they had one, and it left such an impression on me, that I went on to throw 2 myself when I was in Idaho. and then a few months ago Gwenny decided to bring it back and give it a go with our Singles Ward again, and while the turn out, and amount of people dressed up was slightly disappointing and probably the worst of all I went to, we did have a great time and made the most of it, just like always! Plus you know me and Gwen love and appreciate anytime to dress up and take silly pictures so we can blog about it!

Here's some of the games we played, to get in the spirit of things!

Watermelon seed spitting contest! Jordan Baker wins for best form!

It's not a party without a pinata, but we didn't have one so Gwen constructed one out of a Trash Bag and Duct Tape!

What's more Trashy then Nascar? Probably our attempt at recreating a Nascar!

Big thanks to Gwen for being the pace car!

The loser of this Race was me. . . . I don't know how I lost. . . . . maybe because I'm pregnant and I had been smoking all day. . . . .what do you expect. . . .plus Michelle was cheating, so that's why she won!

Nothing like a good old Wrestling match!

Here's Ben dragging his defeated opponite in a what I dub "The Drag of Shame!"

Here's a little game I invented called "Who can make the Carniest Face"

Not a bad attempt by Josh "Big Biz" Bisnett

Um not quite there Joe. . . you still look pretty normal!

Here's Michelle looking like she just left the set of a "Panic at the Disco" music video!

Um I said Carniest face, not trashiest face. . . .this isn't an ad for an escort service!

Here's Ben the quintessential Gay Redneck. . . . .there's one at every party!

Don't you totally believe Sarah loves Cheese whiz!

Gwen looks like she got punched in the face. . . . .again!

Canada looks like he needs to be punched in the face!

Nice try Boyce! But I'm pretty sure I just caught you eating!

Come on right?? Carniest picture ever!!!! but nope. . . .

I'm willing to admit Nicole takes the cake. . . . don't you think?

Mad props to Gwenny and her commitment to the costume craft! She bedazzled this Jacket herself!

Nobody rocks flat hair and a black eye better then Gwen!

I thought I told you Michelle, I don't like people touching my belly!
These are our winners for best dressed, aren't they cute!!!

These are our second runners up for best dressed, aren't they cute!!!!
Nothing says class more then the two food essentials, Spam and Cheese Whiz!
Don't you think so Martin and Jordan? Nice Tan by the way!

So chalk it up to another fun time. . . . .I hope I don't have you all on fun overload, but what can I say I'm trying to keep up with those of you that have important things to blog about like husbands and children, until that happens this is what you get! So stop the hatin' and start appreciatin'!
Peace Out!


krystind said...

i don't hate. :(
I can still here "i like my women a little on the trashy side" blaring on the outside radio as lacey's car lay hood up in your front yard in idaho. Loved it.

Thank you for posting today. I've been really bored.

Anonymous said...

Okay this brings me back to the day when Angie & I did the White trash BBQ for the 1st time in Moses. I'm going to have to scan some so you can see the love. ~Mindi

Em K DUB said...

Oh my gosh Mindi. . . . Please do!!!! That would be sweet!

Jenifer said...

Oh my gosh, I was cracking up out loud from the first second your blog came up! You are the funnest person I know!

Ashley said...

When I visit your blog, you always deliver!

Carolyn said...

Haha. That looks like it was a lot of fun. Kevin and Brent were VERY impressed with your outfit though. :)

Ty and Jenny Robbins said...

Wow, so remember how I know like maybe four people in those pics of singles ward? That's amazing. Not gonna lie, I'm totally jealous of the White Trash BBQ idea. Just might have to pull one of those outta my hat someday.

Portia said...

Ok I have never heard of that but that has possibly been the funniest thing I have ever seen how fun!!! You did a great job on your costume wow halloween costume here I come!!!

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