Thursday, July 10, 2008

"But if you place me among the lyric bards, I shall touch the stars with my exalted head.”- Horace

On 107.3 this morning Reesha was quizzing people on the top ten worst lyrics, and I was so mad because I knew all of them they had 2 callers that hardly got any. . . . Don’t you hate that?
So I’m going to test your knowledge, and list some lyrics myself and see how you guys do. . . . Let me know!

First off here's the radio quotes. . . . .

“She got a Prada bag with a lot of stuff in it”

“He was a boy, she was a girl, can I make it anymore obvious”

“Is that yo A@#$, or is yo momma half reindeer”

“She had dumps, like a truck, truck, truck”

“I’m serious as cancer when I say Rhythm is a dancer”

“I Love You like a fat kid loves cake”

Now here are some of mine, maybe not the worst lyrics, but some I think are funny or weren't sure of exactly. . . .

“Slowly walking down the hall, faster then a cannon ball”

“My sticky paws were into making straws out of big fat slurpy treats an incredible eight foot heap”

“The way Kathie Lee needed Regis that's the way I need Jesus”

“Mirror queen, mannequin, rhythm of love Sweet dream, saccharine, loosen up”

“Hit my people off with the flow that be marvelous Oh Sh%$ my whole clique victorious Takin no prisoners, is straight up warriors”

“There was a good man named Paul RevereI feel much better baby when you're near”

“Sip the teajuna... I wanna roam
Find the old town chillin fools then come back home
Start an escort service, for all the right reasons
And set up shop at the top of four seasons”

“You think I'm trippin', well, I ain't trippin'
I'm buyin' if you got nice curves for your iceberg”

“Beauty's where you find it, Not just where you bump and grind it,
Soul is in the musical, That's where I feel so beautiful”

“Jiggle-a-mesa-cara she's a pumpin' like a matic, She's movin' like electric, She sure got the boogie”

Answers are posted in my comments box. . . . . .good luck my friends!!!!!



Em K DUB said...



Gettin' Jiggy Wit it, Will Smith

Sk8er Boi, Avril Lavigne

SHake Your Tale Feather, Nelly

Thong Song, SisQo

Rhythm is a Dancer, Snap

21 Questions, 50 Cent


Champagne SuperNova, Oasis

If You Steal My Sunshine, Len

Jesus Walks, Kanye West

Pour Some Sugar On Me, Def Leopard

If You Really Wanna Party With Me, Busta Rhymes

Summertime Girls, LFO

Cowboy, Kid Rock

Shake It Fast, MystiKal

Vogue, Madonna

Electric Boogie, Marcia Griffiths

krystind said...

shoobie doo wop and scoobie snacks, met a fly girl and i can't relax. That one's my favorite.

krystind said...

you need to post.. PRONTO