Monday, April 21, 2008

"Your Momma must be a Gardner, because you have the prettiest Two Lips I've ever seen!" -Pick Up Line Website

For About 4 or 5 years now I've been told about the gloriousness that is the Tulip Festival in Skagit Valley, and the first year we all planned on hitting it up, my Mother threatened to turn off my cell phone if I went. (She's never been a big fan of me taking trips. . . . .mainly because I'm supposed to be saving my money!) So, pretty much I chose my cell over the tulips and then the years that followed I was at school or last year Angie and I had just returned from Reno, and I couldn't afford to miss any more work.

Apparently, this was my year! Angie asked me if I wanted to go along with her Kim and Elsie, and since we where supposed to be pulling weeds at the stake center for Singles ward on Saturday, I was like umm "Heck Yes I wanna go!". . . . . . .sorry Gwenny! Don't hate!

Well because of weather and stuff it ended up being just me and Angie, but we had an amazing time belting show tunes all along the way! Thank Heaven for Angie's i-pod! Car rides would suck without it!

Here are a few things I captured with my camera. . . . .enjoy!

ABBA Tulips! I wonder if these are the number one floral export in Sweden?

I friggin' love these trees, they are so gorgeous!

I dub these Bon Jovi Tulips, because they have fringe!

They kick it old school in SKagit Valley, You gotta pump your own water!!!!

If I ever become a witch, I'm probably going to live in this cottage!

This is not a very good shot, but Princess Irene's where my favorite, they reminded me of a Thomas Kinkade picture with the peachy, purple and blue colors!

It's amazing how many different species of Tulips there are.


AHHHHHh! Come on, have you ever seen a Holly tree in your life?

You know what they say. . . . .you gotta straddle a lot of frogs. . . . . OHHH, WHat? That's Dirty!!!!

What. . . . .when did we get to New York?

Garden Angels are so Much cooler then Knomes! I need to work on my angelic face, Angie seems to have that down! She even got some OOh's and Ahh's from other tulip town patrons!

I almost had a flip flop casualty, but it would have been worth it for a shot like this!!!

We did get pretty lucky weather wise, it didn't start hailing until after we got in the car. . . . .I don't know what we did to deserve that Karma, but I believe the Gods where smiling on us!
Oh and just in case anyone's wondering, judging by my new profile pic and what you may have read on Angie's blog, some of you are probably thinking. . . . ."Um Emily, that double ice cream scoop doesn't look too Weight Watcher friendly!" Well I assure you I am on a strict water and ex lax diet because of my splurges this weekend. . . . . .don't judge me people!!!!
Anywhoo, way fun trip, and way worth the crazy weather! I'm so thankful for the wonderful opportunities I've had to travel with my BFF's and see so many beautiful things, especially in our home state, we certainly have a lot around us to admire and enjoy!!!


krystind said...

no worries, thats what the extra 35 points a week are for!!!!

Hey and why aren't you emailing me anymore. :( tear.

You're totally pulling off the utah poof.

angie said...

that's dirty! that will never get old...

Jenifer said...

Nice pick up line...your weekend looks awesome! I would love to do something like that. Not too many flower fields in Arizona:(

Portia said...

oh my goodness emily how are you stranger????

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