Friday, April 18, 2008

"I Would Rather Wear a Barrel, then Conservative Apparel!" -Aida

I believe it is a well known fact my obsession with fashion, and what's hot! And so the last few months when ever I turn on the TV I've noticed a trend!

It started with American Idol every week it seemed to me someone was wearing scarves even in sunny California, and it struck me as odd that people would be wearing knitted winter looking scarves when it was obviously warm and summer like outside! In magazines I noticed several famous people rocking the same style, but I guess it didn't really shake me that much, because people like the Olsen twins have been dressing like Hobo's and wearing funny stuff for a while now! Oh and a couple weeks ago I saw a girl in person rocking a scarf similar to the one I had seen on Ramiele Malubay just earlier that week!

Then last night Nette and I where watching Saturday Night Live and Ashton Kutcher came out rocking a scarf much like my favorite idol contestants, and that was it for me. . . . . . .I said "You know what? No! I'm not putting my scarves away for the winter!!!!! If Ramiele and Michael and now Ashton can wear with pride regardless of the season, then so can I!

So guess what I wore to work today. . . . . . .

I attempted to do a little research to wise you all up on this new fad, I didn't get much but this is what I did found out. Pictured below is a scarf called a Shemagh Scarf or Pakistan scarf and I'm not going to lie I kinda love it and I kinda want one really bad!

The only thing that concerns me is I worry this just might be the way the terrorists are trying to brainwash us and eventually take over, by making us dress like them! So if we all start wearing them like this . . . . . . .

Then game over because before you know it I'm going to be sporting a burka and that my friends is where I draw the line. . . . . I demand the right to bear my ankles and I will not no matter how obsessed with Fashion I get or how my ankles aren't much to show off anyway I WILL NOT allow that to be taken away. . . .so don't even think about it Pakistan!

Another trend that concerns me, and will probably take a little bit of getting used too, is the high waisted "Mom" Jeans! I'm not a hundred percent in love with this style right now! Because not only is it a little reminiscent of Urkel, but you also can only wear them if your a size 2, so they fall in line right behind gauchos for me!

I guess to each his own! But Anywhoo this is my fashion report or update for the time being! I hope you all are rushing to shake the dust off your winter scarves and getting geared up for the greatest trend since panchos! Happy Accessorizing!



Carolyn said...

So, I have noticed the scarf thing too, but I have a problem with that. My neck gets really, REALLY hot. I even have a problem wearing them in the dead of winter. Tell me what to do! How do I be hot and rock my scarf even in the summer?

Lindsay said...

You crack me up!

I noticed the scarf thing too. I don't think I can do it though because my neck gets hot too. I've got long hair so long hair+winter scarf=really sweaty and crabby Lindsay.

I'm also completely out on the mom jeans. They aren't flattering on anyone.

But just watch, I say all this now and come August you'll see me in my mom jeans with a big scratchy wool scarf on my neck!

angie said...

I'm really glad that being trendy and fashionable is your schtick...takes alot of pressure off of me to put this tuff on my body. :)

sarakorbi said...

are you serious, these "mom" jeans are for real? How long before you think it really hits Moses Lake? ike...