Friday, April 25, 2008

"Grandmas are moms with lots of frosting." ~Author Unknown

If you have been my friend for a while, you will have heard my stories about my Grandma Schaat (pronounced Shat, yeah yeah yuck it people!) Anyway, my dear Grandma who has been quite the source of entertainment all my life turned 80 on Tuesday and I can't even believe it! She looks so good for her age! So this is my post dedicated to her, and here are some of my most favorite stories and memories of her, in honor of the big eight zero!

My G-ma has always been a stickler on weight and food consumption and I could possibly dedicate an entire blog to the times she's gotten after family members about their bad eating habits or made a comment about some ones physical appearance , but anyway One year for Halloween I dressed up as a bee, I was a Queen Bee as a matter of fact, and my grandma took the picture of me in that costume and made some slight adjustments and by adjustments I mean cut off my back fat in order to make me appear to be skinny, she then pasted it onto some paper put a border around it and showed it to me exclaiming "Look I made you slimmer!" Here is the shot of that for you all to see who haven't already. . . . . .

My Grandma the originator of PhotoShop!

Another time I had a friend over for dinner we where having spaghetti and unfortunately the french bread was in short supply! As some of us where finishing up eating, my friend Jessica had been saving her bread for last, but Grandma who must not have considered that, reached over snatched the bread off her plate and said "You gonna Eat that?" Well the bewildered Jessica just mumbled something about saving it for last and then of course the family chimed in. . . . .but it was a little embarrassing to say the least, I don't think I ever had Jessica over for dinner again. . . . . .BUT SOOOO FUNNY!!!

Grandma is pretty notorious for giving us crazy gifts! I got a shelf one year complete with a few little knick knacks of a cat and what looked like a goat or a sheep, I'm not quite sure. I got a puff paint your own apron kit, when I was in middle school and I didn't wear aprons or do puff paint! One year as a family gift we got a banana rack which is actually quite useful, but at the time seemed funny. Another year she picked something for us from her jewelry box my sister tried to let her know she really wanted this ring with purple stones, and she ended up giving it to me instead. But the ultimate was when she gave my father Pear body splash for Christmas. . . . .I'm not sure, but I think only girls like to smell fruity, but whatever!

I know she's a silly silly lady, but I love her! When she lived in Idaho and would come to Moses to visit, she would always help me clean my room, and try to teach me about organization and the wonderful joys of having a clean household, in one of those moments I remember her giving me my first lesson in harmony. We started singing "You Are My Sunshine" and she tried to teach me the higher part, but that didn't work too well. So I tried to stick to the melody, and she sang the harmony, needless to say it was a little rough, but bless her heart for trying.
My Grandma is the Queen of home remedies and health advice, if you have an ear infection you should try the wax, smoke, and dowel trick! It sucks that infection right out! Just ask my Aunt Francis and Uncle Ray! Did you know rubbing onions on your face helps clear your skin? Well thanks to an article my grandma salvaged, I learned that delightful trick, Mom had me try it once, but I couldn't handle it! So I have yet to know if it actually does work! She also informed me once the more you chew your food the less fat it will make you! Because her Grandpa was always trim and she attributes that to him chewing his food properly, but my point is it just seemed to me every time there was a health concern my Mother would always call Grandma and she'd have some way to solve the problem, looks like all those years as a nurse paid off!
My Grandma is a wonderful seamstress, and was always altering or adding things to her clothes to fix them up and make them look nice and If it wasn't for her mastering that art and teaching my Madre I would have never had all the amazing dresses and costumes I had all growing up!
All joking aside, Grandma Schaat may not be the most tactful person ever, but she has a kind heart and any comments we may have not appreciated, where only because she wanted us to be healthy! I've rarely seen her blow her top she is for the most part mild mannered and very patient. And I've always appreciated her example of Faith! On the occasions I spent the night with her, I would hurry through my nightly prayers, but her never! She took her time, and as I waited for her to finish instead of being annoyed that I couldn't turn the light off and sleep, I remember being impressed with how long and fervent her prayers seemed, I know that she took her communion with Lord very seriously, and I know by her dedication to scripture study and genealogy that she has a strong testimony that has been able to stand the test of many trials.
Below are some shots from dinner on Tuesday at Pillar Rock Grill. . . . . . .
If you'll notice, that glass of milk she ordered is in a beer cup!. . . . .You can't tell me that's not funny!

Drink Up!

Sorry for the crazy lighting, the picture was a little dark, so I attempted to fix it, but anyway pictured below from left to right starting with the back row is my cousin Paige and her son Parker, my Aunt Jenifer, My Padre, Me, Aunt Francis, and my Uncle Ray. At the table is Mommala and of course Grandma!

I took her out to lunch at her favorite burger joint Woody's! I felt the need to document it!
So. . . . .Here's too many more laughs and stories! I Love Ya Grandma, Happy Birthday!


krystind said...

oh my gosh, i love love your gradma shat. i remember when i found out about her, it was when tyson, brett, and john taylor came to see us. Um, and remember when you bought a gma shat gift.. it was that wrist pillow thing? oh how i love her.

Amy said...

I laughed my arse off at all those stories I'm just sad it was to late to call and laugh with you. You are so funny and I'm not just saying that cause you're my sister! You rock!

Love you!

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