Monday, April 14, 2008

"Being cool, is not trying to be cool." -Unknown

This may be a little bit too "Relief Society" like of me, but events this weekend have inspired me to start a "Emily's Definition of Cool" segment on my blog. I've decided that when something strikes me as being amazing, or fantastic then I will dedicate a blog post to it. . . . so all of you know what I think is cool and worthy of discussing!

Let's talk about my friend Gwen! Gwen is the kind of girl every social group needs. She's all about fun and making sure people have a good time I have a bunch of pictures of her doing amazing things because she is a ride or die chick!!!! When ever we play sports, even if it's all boys she can usual be found in that mix. When we dress up, she puts in 110% attention to detail and dominates! When we need a place to chill and hang out, her house always a staple place to roast some weenies or chill in the hot tub! When we need someone to drive, she's always down and willing to caravan those in need. The list is endless!

She also has some pretty amazing sisters that I'm pretty sure have breed Gwendolyn from the beginning to be cool and as a result have turned her into a powerhouse of awesomeness!!!!

Gwen is my definition of cool for this week because. . . . . No matter what! No matter where! There's always fun, if Gwen is there!

Here are some pictures to prove just how awesome Gwenny is

This is Gwen's Hematoma from being kicked by some steel toe boots, but like a champ she got right back in the game, and proudly rocked the massive bruise that followed, by wearing shorter skirts to church, and shorts whenever possible!

Gwen and I on one of our many shopping trips to WalMart. . . .I had to get a pinata for my work PotLuck, and we decided it was a great photo opportunity to take some pictures!!!!

WOOOAAAAAHHH There!!! Easy Now!

"LLAMA FAce!!!!!!"

This is why you shouldn't leave your toys out!!!


"If I had Wings I would Fly!!!"

And Too the none believer's I say. . . . .PEACE!


Gwen said...

I feel so special to be the first annual "cool" person/thing honored in your blog!!

angie said...

yeah i wonder what she had to do to get that honor ;)

Carolyn said...

Oh I love Gwenny too! I think she is a very worthy choice for your first cool person/thing blogs. I'm excited to see what else is worthy!!

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