Tuesday, April 8, 2008

“The only reason why we ask other people how their weekend was is so we can tell them about our own weekend.” -Chuck Palahniuk

How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was pretty good if I do say so myself and a lot of stuff went on, and I think it’s exciting enough to talk about, so here’s what I did . . . . .

Friday- I had a date! Yes that’s right; my two year streak is over!!!! I’m back in the game! This kid from singles ward named Stu asked me out, and I have to give him props having the gumption to just come right out and ask. A lot of fellows in the ward are not that brave (no offense!) We went to Sporty’s and had dinner, and it was delicious! Everything went as expected nothing much to talk about there, except for when we where playing pool and this random guy out of no where came up to me and asked if I was quote “That Actress Lady” and I was thinking to my self this guy does not look like a guy that would have seen Joseph, as I chatted with him a little more I found out he remembered me from high school then he asked if Stu and I where together and I told him he was my date, then he said “Your to good looking to be with a guy like him!” Right in front of STu!!! So awkward right? I was secretly flattered though because the guy was slightly adorable!

He even remembered my name. Well at first he thought I was Emily Davis. . . . Who was another girl I did drama with, and when I corrected him he was like that’s right you’re a lot prettier then her. Man, at this point I was really racking my brain trying to place his face, it looked really familiar, but I did not remember that guy. I had no idea I had such a super fan! I guess I will be frequenting Sporty’s a little more . . . . .*wink* *wink*. Now I know what you all must be thinking, “Was That Guy Drunk?”

Yeah most likely . . . . . but if he’s willing to throw that much flattery my way, I don’t care how intoxicated he is! I am no judger of Emily fans!!!!

But anyway. . . . . .

My date with Stu ended with a plutonic hug, but it was fun Stu is a good guy and going to make some little Philly really happy someday!

Saturday I got to sleep in, and then I had to hurry over to Nette’s before she left for Canada. I’m keeping an eye on her bed while she’s gone! Ha ha Ha anyway, and then it was onto tackling my room! I was really close to taking before and after pictures, but I don’t think I need to tarnish my image like that just yet. I’ve been pretty open about my faults on this blog, and all my close friends know that I’m like the biggest slob that ever was, but nun the less I’m not sure I’m ready to broadcast the proof of my untidiness! So I put the K-Bosh on that idea!

Around 4 or 5 I told Michelle I only needed one more hour so naturally around 7:30 I headed over to Ephrata so we could start our super fantastic conference weekend extravaganza. See a couple weeks ago Bro. Byington was talking with Michelle and decided that unless she watched conference she had to give a talk in church, so I promised her I would help her out, and we could watch conference together and make a weekend out of it. Because there’s nothing like hearing the words of the Prophet and his councilors, and being spiritually uplifted by the messages they take such care in preparing! So we switched it on while we where making dinner, and then settled on the couch to really focus in and pay attention. But all it did was make me sleepy. . . . so I looked at Michelle and I was like I need something that’s gonna give me a little more pep. So instead of watching conference. . . . . .We watched Bridget Jones Diary and a little bit of animal planet,. . . . . .Which was when you weigh the options obviously the better choice. . . . . .? I’m totally kidding! Lightning please don’t strike me! I also justified in my head. . . . Hey we still have all day tomorrow to catch up!

Sunday rolls around and we got a pretty early start, thanks to one of Michelle’s old friends that felt the need to call her at 5 in the morning after he got a DUI and needed some legal advice. I don’t know if you guys know this but apparently if you work for some kind of law firm or you have lawyers for relatives that makes you an expert, and makes you available 24 hours a day for assistance. Just ask Angie or Michelle! The funniest part of all of it was I awoke to this. . . “They see me Rollin’ they Hating’ Patrolling’ and trying’ to catch me riding’ dirty, trying’ catch me riding’ dirty, trying’ catch me riding’ dirty. . . . . “ And then it ends up being someone who was actually “riding’ dirty” that’s funny right?

So after those shenanigans Michelle and I could not go back to sleep and I was like seriously hungry and for some reason chips and salsa taste so much better around six in the morning, so we got up had a little snack and back to bed it was! Who needs warm milk! All I needed was some whole grain Tostitos and some deli salsa and I was out!

The rest of the morning/afternoon went something like this. . . .

10:30- Wake Up

Emily- showered
Michelle- make breakfast, turned on conference

11:ish- finish Saturday mornings session of conference (it’s now almost Sunday afternoon in case you forgot)

12:ish –

Michelle- showers gets ready for the day
Emily- contemplates watching more of conference, but instead reads Chicken Soup for the American Idol Soul!

12:30- watched Saturday Night Live with Christopher Walkin, which was hilarious! Meanwhile conference was still hanging out on the DVR waiting to be watched

A little after 1- got a call from Michelle’s Mom and made plans for lunch over at her parents, and I think Michelle and I gave up on all hope of us watching any conference for the rest of the day.

What was supposed to be the “Super Fantastic Conference Weekend Extravaganza” Just turned into a weekend extravaganza! I’m not gonna lie I feel a little guilty about some of the choices I made this weekend, but Nette still has all 4 sessions on her DVR, so all hope is not lost!

The rest of the Sabbath was pretty fun we had an amazing lunch with Michelle’s adorable family, and she made some cookies that where pretty scrumptious. We then hit up Mo-town attempted a nature walk twice but just ended up goofing off at the elementary school playground where we got made fun of by some little kids who didn’t realize we where big kids, because I was giving Michelle a little music lesson while we where crawling or mainly resting in the tubes and apparently they thought we where crazy. Also another opportunity to take pictures that was not seized! My bad!

And to end the night we had a little get together, played a little name that tune with kazoo’s, played a little sing star, and watched highlights from America’s Best Dance Crew! I believe I also won another round of whose life is more pathetic Love edition! I am the current champ of that game twice in a row! BOOYAH!!!!

I hope everyone else had an eventful and exciting weekend, and I certainly hope some of you took advantage of the spiritual smorgesborge that is conference, unlike myself! I'll do better in October I promise!



Michelle said...

Such a freakin' awesome weekend...fo sho! I'm still trying to figure out if he's gonna make me give a talk...we did watch the 1st session...Oh, and I do believe it was around 3 when you told me you'd need another hour, but who's keeping track ;o)!!!

Jenifer said...

Nice weekend! I also DVR'd conference. I made the same choices you did! :] Woo hoo on the date!! Sounds like a fun time!

Carolyn said...

Oh girl, I love you!! You make me laugh! And, your weekend sounded like so much fun!