Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"Celebrity and secrets don't go together. The bastards will get you in the end." -George Michael

Last week on Idol gives back, Carrie Underwood performed a song called “Praying for Time” and like a devoted Idol fan I am, I downloaded it! And as result have fallen in love with that song! Upon further examination of the words I’ve realized it’s a completely perfect song for the time we are in now! I found out that, that song was originally written and recorded by George Michael (thank you Angie as usual!) and it sent me into a tizzy on how much I love George Michael!

I grew up listening to Wham, in fact I distinctly remember the Christmas My sister got a keyboard and the Wham tape, I remember curling up on the coach with my new doll and my sister and I listening to Careless Whisper and other amazing Wham Jams! I also remember when the “I Want Your Sex Video” came out, of course I was a little too young to understand all the controversy behind it, I just remember not understanding why the girl in the video was getting written on! Same thing with the Freedom 90 video apparently the burning leather jacket was a big symbol of George disowning his former image, but I don’t think I picked up on that, I think I was too busy wishing I had long legs like all the models in the video. And then I remember KDRM playing George Michaels version of “Don’t let the Sun Go Down on Me” and then hearing him say “Ladies and gentlemen Mr. Elton John!” and the crowd goes crazy, and I just remember thinking WOW, what an amazing pairing of two superstars, if I was there at that stadium when they performed together, I’m pretty sure I would have gone crazy as well!

Now I know George can’t seem to steer clear of controversy, and he tends to make pretty silly mistakes, that may cause some of you to question him as a person, but as I get older I am continually impressed with the genius that is George Michael. So all scandals aside, the man has written some incredible songs that have stood the test of time, and manage to get re-did! You know you’re a good song writer if people re do your stuff! Not to mention he has an amazing voice! His range and tone are pretty hard to top!

I’m really excited that he came out with a new album, and apparently is a staple figure on the show Eli Stone! Good for you George! Could have been all washed up like so many other 80’s pop icons. . . . .but nope not you, you just keep coming back!

For those of you who may not be as familiar with Mr. Michaels work, here is a list of my most favorite George Michael jams. . . . . .

“I’m Your Man”- This Wham hit is so much cooler then “Wake Me Up Before
Go-Go” same poppy dance beat, but not nearly as played out!

“Father Figure”- There’s a lot of reasons why this song is amazing, the times when George goes into his falsetto, the gospel choir, and how can you forget the “To Be Warm and . . . . (said in a seductive whisper) Naked . . . .” Need I say more!

“One More Try” - This is a great little ditty about not wanting to commit because you don’t want to get hurt again, but finally deciding to give it one more shot! I myself personally cannot relate to this song, but I love it because it gives me a little taste of what that might feel like. And I know everyone for the most part can relate to being closed off in order to protect their pride! Also this song has a great melody, and a little bit of a gospel soul vibe to it, which of course I always dig!

“I Knew You Where Waiting” (Duet W/Aretha Franklin) – I don’t think there are enough upbeat love duets! So this song not only tops my favorite George hits, but it also reigns supreme on my danceable love jams! Aretha and George couldn’t be more different, but put them together, and what do you get Magic. . . .That’s what you get!

“Freedom 90”- As I mentioned earlier, this song had a bit of controversy, because George was going through a “I don’t want to be a sex symbol for women, because I like dudes phase!” but putting all that aside, when I was younger you could catch me rocking out to this song with my brush in hand and dancing all over the house when my parents where away! I loved it then, and I love it now!

So there you have it, I love George Michael and I’m not afraid who knows it!



Mardis Family said...

Woo-hoo! First commentator!
Anywho (see my blog on this phrase), I love George Michael as well, and LOVE that he pops up on Eli Stone occasionally (I admit to watching that show too - it's hilarious!). Now my curiosity is peaked about Carrie Underwood's song. Can't wait to hear it!

angie said...

I have been a huge fan of our boy George since the beginning as well, and Love him on Eli Stone. Infact in last night's episode he sang "song for you"...and I thought...yep he's still got it. I love and totally agree with your list of George Michael favorites..just need to add a couple more from Wham!. My personal favorites "Wake me up before you Go-Go"(try not to move your body to this jam) and Freedom (the the george michael solo hit but the one from wham...amazing!)

angie said...

sorry it was "feeling good" that george sang on eli stone not a song for you.... i'm retarded.