Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"Dreams are nothing more than wishes, And a wish is just a dream you wish to come true!" - Harry Nilsson

A couple years ago on the Ellen DeGeneres show, Ellen got an idea I think from an audience member about making a life list, or composing a list of things you want to do before you die! I've decided, though it's a little passe, to start to write down those things I want to do before I can't anymore.

I got some dreams people, and they say the first step to accomplishing things is blogging them. . . . . or is it writing them down? HMMMm. . . .Anyway here is a start to My Life List!

1. I've always admired those artsy type people that do crazy stuff with their hair, and always have interesting accessories that compliment how cool and artistic they are, well first I want to do something that would merit me being an "Artsy" person, and then have the hair to back it up, like Mia Michaels on So You Think You Can Dance, her hair is crazy! But It fits her so well! I wanna be that person, I could go without the mullet style like her, but something creative and makes a statement that says "Hey, I love all things beautiful, because I'm an artist!" You know what I mean?

2. At some point in my life I would like to win a Karaoke competition and win prize money! That would be amazing! Kind of like on Crossroads (Yeah I watched it, don't judge me!) when Britney Spears character gets the crowd rocking and they win that competition in that bar and get all that money! Well, minus the skanky outfit, I want that experience!

3. I wanna go to a Hollywood Movie Premiere and walk the Red Carpet! I don't need Joan Rivers to diss my outfit, I don't even need the Paparazzi to know who I am and wanna take my picture (although that would be pretty cool in moderation!) I just want to get all dressed up and link arms with a hot man and strut my stuff! Perhaps I should start sending in Proof's of Purchases now, you know how they always have those kind of prizes available on cereal boxes, or fruit snacks.

4. Everyone always puts something about wanting to see the world on there list of things to do, and I am no exception! Here's a list within a list of some of the things I can think of right now I wanna do regarding travel!

  • Picture at the statue of liberty with one of those foam crowns you can get as a souvenir!
  • Picture of me kissing hopefully a man I love with the Eiffel tower in the background, but I'll settle for someone random if I'm still single and there!!! Come on you don't get more romantic then that!
  • I need a ride on a double Decker bus in England, and a Gondola ride in Italy
  • I need an African Safari in my life, and I will probably sing "Circle of Life" complete with African chants the whole time!
  • I need a picture of me With the Hollywood sign in the background, and my picture with someones star on the Hollywood walk of Fame preferably Bette Midler but I'm not sure if she has one. . . . .she should if she doesn't! Can someone get on that for me!
  • Even though I've heard it's really dirty, I want to see a show at the Moulin Rouge! Just to day I did it!
  • I wanna ride a camel in a white linen outfit and take a picture with pyramids in the background!
  • I wanna stomp grapes with my feet to make wine, preferably somewhere foreign, but I'll settle for like Nampa Valley!

The list could go on, so for now. . . . To Be Continued. . . . . .

5. I wanna be on a reality show! When I was younger I wanted to be on the Real World soooooo bad, then the Las Vegas season aired and I realized I probably couldn't handle my roommates having Orgy's in the Hot Tub all the time, so that might be out, but I've tried out for American Idol Twice, so I'm thinking, maybe something more like "Flavor of Love" or "Room Raiders" and I'm totally kidding, but seriously I need to be on a reality television show! Any suggestions?

6. I really want to own a designer bag! No rip offs, no fakers, the real deal! The only problem is I can't decide which brand. I would say Burken, but that seems a little out of my league meaning as people wait there whole lives for one of those, so it's a toss up between Coach and Luis Vuitton.

7. Someday, I'm going to get me some turntables and a sweet DJing set up and I'm going to learn how to scratch! I don't know who you get to teach you how to do that. . . . .but I will find a way! Seriously picture me. . . . one hand on an ear phone, head bopping to the beat and the other hand scratching and spinning and mixing jams together and getting the party HYPED!!!! It would be so amazing! I think all you really need is a good sense of rhythm and timing. . . . . right? And a cool DJ name! DJ Em K Dubb? No? Yes? No?

8. I want to write a song or two, I don't need them to be good, or a hit record, I just want to write something to say I've done it, and maybe record it!

9. I at some point want to own a little dog that I carry in my purse and dress up, and sometimes rock matching outfits, and I'll only give it bottled water to drink in it's swvarski crystal encrusted bowl, and I take it to a boutique to get doggy pedicures and little bows in it's ears, and I'll make it do tricks at parties. . . . .well that's a little extreme, but I defiantly want a little dog to dress up fo sho!

And last for now anyway. . . . . .

10. I wanna play Madame Rose in Gypsy, it's been my dream role since I first saw that show when I was 11 and I've dreamed of playing it since! So, I don't care if it's community theatre or Broadway itself that's the one show I really really really want to be the lead in, for nostalgia sake! Kind of silly, but you know me!


Jenifer said...

You've tried out for American Idol twice? That's cool, were you on tv? I love you travel list, I have a picture of myself at the tower of Pisa trying to hold it up, too cheesy, I know.

Katie said...

Not to discourage, but Moulin Rouge is in a SCARY part of Paris. Seriously. I did get a picture by the outside, but I wouldn't recommend going IN. I totally agree, you must star in Gypsy before you die. "Sing out, Louise! Sing OUT!"

Carolyn said...

Oh my gosh, I never knew you tried out for American Idol. I always wondered why you didn't try out...and why didn't you make it?! That is the most amazing list I have ever seen. I have wanted to make my own, and you might have inspired me to do so. Thanks!

krystind said...

That's it! i'm making mine right now!!!!!

Mardis Family said...

Dreams are great things to have, and good goals to set for yourself. Gondola rides are a must, I have a picture of us by the tower of Pisa, but that's about it. Otherwise, all I have to say is "Go Go Go Em'ly, you know what they say! Hang on now Em'ly, you'll make it some day! Sha La La Em'ly, you're doin' fine! You and your dream list ahead of your time!!!!!"