Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"This. . . . Is American Idol!" - Ryan Seacrest

Yeah it’s “Emily’s Opinion on American Idol” Time! I debated about starting a weekly review of my thoughts and feelings about the show, but it just never paned out. I guess I got a little exhausted sharing my opinion with the various groups around the office, and I didn’t feel the need to express myself on my blog. But today, I have something I feel like sharing with all of you!

Last night was the kick off for the “Idol Gives Back” campaign, it’s a telethon they started last year, I guess they figured since people spend so much time calling in, might as well make it useful and get peoples money while they’re at it. I love that they do that, and last year I really enjoyed the show they put together. This is not my issue by the way; I guess I’m just trying to preface my shpiel. The theme last night was inspirational songs, which is fitting due to the whole Idol gives back thing, I do feel a bit bad for the contestants because there are so many inspirational songs to choose from, I bet it was tough to narrow the choice down.

But anyway, on to the good stuff. . . . .

Let’s talk about Syesha. It’s pretty undeniable that this girl can sing, she has a presence on stage, she’s gorgeous, and she’s an actress! But I can’t stand her! I don’t like her personality, I think when she does that baby cry thing it’s so stupid (and she’s done it twice!) I think Syesha has the same problem Latoya London had in season three. A phenomenal voice, with incredible range, but lacking a personality that America could fall in love with. I think Brooke White if you where to stack her up vocally with Syesha or Carly she does not compare. But there is a special place in my heart for her, and I find myself a lot more forgiving in her case because she seems like such a nice person and I enjoy the passion she puts into her music and her stage presence although gawky and awkward at times it is a bit endearing. I just all around like her better and get more of a genuine feeling of warmth from her. Syesha on the other hand, comes across to me as being fake!

Last night she sang a song called “Believe” which was the song Fantasia Barrino sang when she won “Idol”! Let me remind you of some things about season 3’s winner. Fantasia was 19 (I think) when she won, and she had a 2 or 3 yr. old daughter, so she was this unwed mother from the projects who had obviously been through some things, infact I believe she said that after she won. Anyway, we now know at the time she was apparently illiterate . . . . . she couldn’t even read! But man that girl knew how to connect with a song! I’ll remind you of when she sang “Summertime” she had Paula in tears, not that that’s difficult, but it was one of the first times I had seen it happen. And the judges raved about her performance! Because she was able to relay the emotion of the song, you couldn’t help but be touched by her rendition, and I was not the biggest Fantasia fan and even I saw the spark there!

So anyway when Fantasia sang the song “Believe” her and the second runner up that year
Dianna DiGarmo had to do the same song, I felt pretty bad because much like Jordin and Blake last year the song was obviously a much better fit for the person who won then the 2nd runner up. Because Jordin and Fantasia had the chops to pull it off unlike their counterparts. The night before the finale Fantasia dominated with her version, and that could be what got her the title in the first place. Then when she sang it again after she won, all teary eyed, on the ground, and looking at her daughter. It was like a scene from a movie, and I was sitting there balling and thinking to myself, “Man, nothing is impossible . . . . . if you believe!” So when Simon said last night that he didn’t get that wave of emotion from Syesha like he did from Fantasia, I was like AMEN! Like I said before I’m not a huge Fantasia fan, but that girl makes you feel songs like that in your soul! If you will remember one of my previous blogs, where I mentioned her performance on the Tony’s last year, same thing . . . . . long story short Fantasia’s got it, Syesha doesn’t!!!!

I also thought it was funny that she got a lot of attitude with the judges, when they critiqued her performance. She got all sorts of defensive, but I guess I would have too! If I would have hit a note like she did last night and nobody recognized it, I might have stirred up some dust myself, and said “did you not hear that note I just hit!” But it takes me back to my point. Your range, your intonation, your tone, can be the best anyone’s ever heard, but if you lack character and personality behind it, most of the time people don’t care!

So it just goes to show, being a superstar is a lot like being in a beauty pageant. While Talent makes up for a huge percentage of the total score, you are judged on the other factors as well. Your Poise, your look, the way you communicate, if you want the judges to pick you, you must dominate on all of these! It’s not enough to just be talented!

So it’s my prediction that Syesha might be the one to get the boot! But who knows!!!! Stranger things have happened. I just hope you all are rooting for a show down between the two David’s. I need them to go head to head in the finale . . . . . that would be ideal!!!

Until next time. . . . Happy Idol Watching!

Peace Out!


angie said...

totally agree. my bottom three were syesha, michael johns, and sadly kristy lee i hate kristy!

Tiffany Fackrell said...

I was super bummed I missed American Idol last night...we had some other things come a super sick baby! I am not a huge syesha fan, but let me tell you I too hate Kristy, she needed to go a long time ago. I can't even stand her personality, she drives me bonkers!! The two David's would be Ideal. I love David A. (not even going to attempt to spell his last name) His voice is so smoothe and so emotional.

krystind said...

SADLY kristy lee cook?
I would happily kick her in the butt off the stage myself! she has been on WAY too long.....
Oh and when i heard it was inspirational songs, i turned to jeff and said "If Kristy Lee Cook sings Amazing Grace i'm gonna flip." Cuz it seems like that's all she can sing.

battle of the Davids! that would be so cool!!!

Jenifer said...

How about how rude Ryan was? Last year we didn't kick anyone off on this night, but tonight we are. Classy.