Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"You Can't Triple Stamp, a Double Stamp!" Harry from Dumb and Dumber

So My good buddy Dee tagged me, and My "punishment" if you will is to post my ten favorite pictures, so here are my Top 10 favorite pictures (On My Laptop) and why, I hope you enjoy!

This is my cousin Rachel, who at Christmas when all the girls wanted to do a fashion show, insisted on wearing everything I had! Including my pimp cup!

This is a rare moment of acceptance, when My father decided to embrace the fact that Justin Timberlake will be his Son in Law. Consider this our first family picture!

Oh Brother Lybbert! Two years ago this is what he came dressed up as, for our Halloween Dance! He built his own outhouse costume. . . . .now that's commitment! This is Michelle dancing with him, not knowing he's inside!

Just Me and My Ladies getting ready to rob a bank!
I just really think we all look so fly in Angie's wigs!!!
Hey Angie! Remember when you got ninja kicked in the spine at this dance?. . . .That was AWESOME!!!!!!

Even though this Halloween wasn't as eventful as the former, we still rocked amazing costumes like it was nobodies business!!!! First off Michelle hand made her headress (her and angie even died the feathers!) Nette's hair was fabulous, plus she was handy with the craft glitter and glue gun herself! Then there was Angie always pulling something amazing together, even if she sacrificed some of Michelle's hair in the process, and I was a Nun and we went to the bar. . . .I mean you just don't get funnier then that!!!

This is Me and my cat Soprano, I was trying to get her to pose for a christmas photo, but the hat was a bad call, because she got a little distracted as you can tell!

Here's the story behind this picture, We went on a picture scavenger hunt for Family Home Evening (FHE) and while snapping pictures at Walmart, we stumbled upon a lady sitting in the racks breast feeding her child. REALLY LADY, Really? You couldn't find a more convenient place to feed your baby. . . .You said no I must do this here, in the toy aisle, with lots of people around!!! So WEIRD!!! But of course we attempted to take a picture, thanks Gwenny!

This is what happens when you put two beautiful people in a picture. . . . Magic! When's the big day guys? Just Kidding

This is Me and Justin at his concert!

Who knew that I got my love for dressing up from my Mommala! She won best dressed in this get up! That makes me proud!

I'm pretty sure after this weekend my top favorite's will be a little different, but you'll have to stay tuned for that!!!! Happy President's and Michelle Day!!!!!