Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"Tag Team Back Again"- Lyrics from Whoomp there it is, by Tag Team

Well, I can't think of things to blog about and Lindsey did tag everyone who hasn't done this. . . . .so here goes nothing!

10 years ago...I was

14, in middle school and I was a performer and the Assistant Director for my Drama class production of "September and Everything After" a collaboration of skits we made up and monologues about school. I was very proud of my contributions to that show, I came up with some amazing ideas, that I mainly stole from SNL. And I only got called bossy and a stage hog once, so good for me!

5 things on my list today-

1. Cover the Front Desk, because Gary's sick
2. Buy supplies for me and Tabitha's surprise I will be blogging about later!
3. Look like I'm doing something important, while i'm really blogging
4. Eat Chinese with Eric (hopefully I don't need to use chopsticks, because that'll be embarassing!)
5. Watch American Idol with Angie, I have my fingers crossed for better song choices!

My Favorite Snacks-

A better question is my least favorite snacks . . . . ha ha ha!

I love sweet treats. . . . . .mainly hostess cupcakes, and snickers bars (especially ice cream, but I settle for regular)

I also love tortilla chips with a hint of lime, and mild salsa because I'm a pansy!

And on my good days, which are rare, those 100 calorie grasshoppers are delightful!

What I would do if I were suddenly a millionaire?-

Let's see I owe Angie an Italion Villa. . . . . . My Parent's a trip to Panama. . . . . My Sister and brother in law a sweet guesthouse. . . . . . I owe nette atleast a years worth of grocery's. . . . . and Michelle $25 from christmas. . . . So I guess once those debts are paid off I might splurge and get a video i pod like all my friends!

3 Bad Habits-

Oh it's so hard to think. . . . . .what are my bad habits. . . . . .anybody wanna help me out here?

1. I could probably love people less

2. I don't think I take time to think of myself enough

3. And my friends could really handle me mooching off of them more. . . . you know service opportunities!

5 Places I've Lived (Or actually 3)-

1. What's up Tacoma, What's Up?

2. Mo-Town, Mo-Town definately in the house!

3. The Burg, aka IceBurg, aka Rexburg

5 Jobs I've Had-

1. Waitress @ JonathINN's (it's now closed)
2. Perkins Family Resaurant and Bakery where I was the quote "Hostess with Mostess"
3. Columbia Basin Federal Credit Union now Horizon Credit Union, Member Service Representative, why do I feel like I'm filling out a job application!
4. Style Associate @ Payless ShoeSource, and devoted SMILES captain
5. Quality Assurance Leader @ National Frozen Foods or to my friends I worked in a Pea Factory

5 Things People Don't Know About Me-

Well really my life is an open book and I don't hide much from anyone, but just for funzzies, let's see if I can surprise you!

1. I'm way more comfortable talking to multiple people, then one on one, I more often then not get really awkward with conversations only between me and another person, I like talking in groups way better!

2. By someway unknown to me, I passed some kind of test to get into the NOVA program, which was a program for smart kids, and I have no idea why I got put in that class, because when they started doing logic stuff, I was not getting it, and then when I was in 7th grade I passed the test to get into pre-alegebra a year early (I think I just might be a good guesser) but I had to drop it after a month or two, because It was WAYYYY over my head!

3. I stole a candy bar from Excell when I was like 8 or 9 because my sister only gave me enough money for two, and I didn't want to share. . . . .which is why I believe I have a weight problem to this day, it's God punishing me for not sharing! Ha Ha Ha

4. I did a commercial for KDRM when I was in young women's to promote a fire alarm service project we did for Youth Conference. That could be considered my 15 minutes of fame, Maybe?

5. According to the Red Cross I have Aids and I can't ever donate blood again! (Don't worry, unless you CAN actually get it from toilet seats there is absolutley NO WAY!!!!! I have AIDS!)

Well that's all from me! It's closing time!

Peace Out!


krystind said...

I laughed so hard when i saw NOVA. I was in NOVA for a while, but my sixth grade year i quit because the guy i liked quit... HAHA.

Oh Excell. I loved Excell.

angie said...

forget the homecoming queen fact...if you were ever on american idol i think you should say "one thing america might be surprised to know about me is...i have aids"...now that is funny!!

krystind said...

i didn't do the egg drop, but i did go to nationals as an alternate for the older team. Pretty cool.

I agree with angie.