Thursday, February 7, 2008

"Besides having sex with men, I would say the Finer Things Club is the gayest thing about me." - Oscar (from The Office)

I've been in singles ward for a good 6 years now, and it has been fairly common to have stuff going on every night of the week with the ward. It seems more lately we've been not as social. . . . .or maybe I've just haven't put forth as much effort as I used too, either way Nette and I decided we needed to get ourselves back in the game and make sure people are aware of how cool we really are. So we sorta talked it out with some people mainly Gwenny and Ellarey to see how they felt about having some kind of gathering every Wednesday night. They where all for it. And Gwenny and Nette decided to dub it our very own "Finer Things Club" night!

I don't know if any of you saw the episode of The Office where Pam, Tobey, and Oscar started this, but because mostly all of us are huge Office fans, we all thought it fitting especially since we do things like this. . . . . .

Guitar Hero!!!!! (Nothing says class better then this!)

(No Game Over!!! I'm gonna shoot you for real!)

Man. . . . He's really shredding that guitar!

Yum Taco's!!!! we would have had tea sandwiches, but this is the "Finer Things Club"

This is me talking on the phone cooking dinner. . . . .because I dominate when I do 2 things at once!

It's just a love tap, after this we watched a special on sexual harassment! Thanks Gwen!

Severin making a refined choice and drinking his juice from a shot class

Probably the most dignified thing of the night was us checking out the PartyLite catalog Gwen brought from the party she attended. . . .(closes Monday if your interested!)

We also watched American Idol. . . . .(anyone else excited the auditions are over?) So all an all I think we really stuck to our theme well. . . .I don't think you can make classier choices then what we did! Maybe next week we'll have Hot Dogs and wrestle with pigs, Huh?

So hopefully Wednesday Nights are going to be a little more exciting! Here's to us enjoying the better things this life has to offer, one wednesday at a time!

Peace Out!!!!


krystind said...

I LOVED that episode. I told my boss that we should start a finer things club at work.

Not shout out about the taco recipe?

I love your blog picture!!!!!!

Brandon Dee Anne and Boston said...

I will alwys be jelous of all the fun single times you have....oh and hey I tagged you, check out my bog to see what it's about