Tuesday, February 5, 2008

"Got a Light Skinned Friend Look Like Michael Jackson...Got a Dark Skined Friend Look Like Michael Jackson" -Kanye West

I know MJ's been out of the spot light for a while and it's kind of random for me to talk about, but just recently I've discovered all over again how much I really love Michael's music, and it seems to me there are some amazing jams that most people have never heard before. Say what you will about his personal life. . . . .the man was a musical genius (last I checked Beethoven didn't have the cleanest record!). And as a result has some of the most well known and recognized tunes in the world (ie Phillipino inmates re-inacting thriller). But here are some of my most favorite not as famous Michael Jackson songs. . . . . . .Prepare to jam!

1. PYT (Pretty Young Thing)-

It wasn't until recently, WHEN ANGIE TOLD ME IT WAS HER FAVORITE! I never even heard of this song, but apparently it's a lot of people's jam! This song is up beat and rhythmic, and most importantly makes me wanna dance. I just wish it had a signiture dance move to go a long with it, also does anyone know the exact definition of Tenderoni? This song makes reference to that word and I really wanna know what that is!! Also little known fact this song is sampled in Kanye West's hit "Good Life", listen for it, it's hard to pick up on!

2. The Girl is Mine, Duet with Paul McCartney-

Even though they aren't buddies anymore because Michael kinda screwed him over, I think they made a fantastic duo. Also another little known fact the first time I ever heard this song was when Blake Lewis Performed it with the acapella group Kickshaw before he was famous,loved his version (also because the other guy that sang it with him was ADORABLE, but I don't remember his name!) I like it, it's a catchy tune and even though the dialogue in the song is a little corny, it's still a great song!

3. Butterflyz-

If you've ever worked in a mall or some kind of retail establishment that uses the sound system Muzak, or watched the season of American Idol when Ace Young sang it (but adorably butchered it!) Then you've most likely heard this song! I believe this track can be found on Michael's comeback album, but i don't know if it was ever released, because the only time I ever heard it was at the above mentioned places. But it's worth checking out, mainly because his Falsetto is nothing short of impressive, and you can tell those nose jobs are really working for him!

4. Workin' Day and Night-

Yet another great dancable tune!

5. Ease on Down the Road-

This song is from the musical "The Wiz" aka the BET version of Wizard of Oz. Michael Jackson plays the scarecrow and Diana Ross plays Dorothy and i've never actually seen the show, but if this song is any indication of how good it is then i should have checked it out by now! Anyway this song is probably my most favorite out of all I just mentioned. I like it's message and i especially love the beat!

Peace Out!