Monday, February 4, 2008

"Close Every Door To Me" -Donny Osmond

Funny story!. . . . .about a month ago I was late to sacrament meeting as usual and I missed the opening announcements. So Lynette, like usual, filled me in on what they said. She informed me that the stake was putting on a production of Joseph and The Amazing Techni-Color Dream Coat, and then asked me if I was trying out.

I immedialtely got way pissed and was like, heck no I'm not trying out! What part could I possibly play! That's a show full of dudes! And then proceeded to rant about how much I hate it when they pick a show with a majority male cast. They did it at BYUI when I was there. They did this show called "The Fantastics" which is an all male cast except for one girl, of course they made one non speaking role originally intended for a boy into a girl, but totally beside the point!

I was all excited and I had been working for a month in advance on my monologue and song, I did a scene from "The Importance of Being Earnest" and I sang Big, Blonde, and Beautiful from Hairspray. Now I know for a fact I nailed that song, maybe the monologue was a little iffy, but I gave a great prepared audition! Then about a day before, My good buddy John Walker decides he wants to particpate. So he throws together this audition piece, we perform back to back. Now I Love John to pieces, but I think he would even admit to you my audition was better than his! And that lucky shmuck got in and not me!!!! Granted he did dominate at the actual performances, but that's not the point. I didn't get in because I don't have a Y chromosome, and i'm not a soprano, which you had to be in order get the one girl part!

So annoying, I mean especially when theatre programs are highly populated with female participants! Then you end up having to practicaly beg guys to help out and there never as good as the girls, and they get lead roles!!!! I mean it's just ridiculous! It litarelly makes me want to punch people in the face!

Anywho, last week when Nette and I where making weekend plans she reminded me of the meeting for the musical, and asked if I wanted to swing by the Stake center on our way out of town. Well I was like there really isn't any point, in that show I could be the Narrator which is the lead female role (also Soprano) or Potipher's wife, in case you aren't familiar with the story Potipher's wife trys to seduce Joseph and when he doesn't comply, frames him for trying to lie with her! And I'm pretty sure it's mandatory for her to have long legs and be smokin' hot. . . . once again all things I'm not! Not too mention, this is a stake function which means I'm pretty sure they've already cast Shawna Roylance or Jasmine Turner as the lead or flying Kjirsti Peterson in specially for the show and there was positively no way I could beat any of those ladies out for that part. So I decided fine I can help out, and be in the backround(LAME!)

Friday before the meeting, Nette, Aubri, and I had "appeteazers" at Michael's and we ran into Jasmine Turner. She asked me if I was auditioning, and I gave her my schpeal. She told me I should just do it anyway, and they where going to split the narrator role. So I left still skeptical, but my spirits where lifted.

Saturday morning roles around and guess what Shawna and Valarie Roylance talk to me and inform me that they are directing the show (that's one out of the way) and they said they had the cast pretty much already picked out before the meeting! And then after I gave them the same shpeal I gave everyone else, they mentioned that it was ok that I didn't sing high enough, and they where thinking Suzette Michie and I could split the part and she could cover the hard stuff. But Suzette was no dice because she's at BYU. (That's another one that totally dominates me outta the way)!

Well I was flabbergasted that had previously thought of me and actually considered me to do the show I was gonna completly ride off! It pretty much made my day!

Then this last Saturday was the actual audition, and I guess there was seven people who where interested in being the narrator, but 2 didn't show up, and 2 ladies thought it was a speaking part, so we ended up not having to audition at all, they just decided to split the part three ways!

So I'm proud to say that I will be sharing the role of Narrator with Jasmine Turner, and Melanie Moody (My former voice teacher). Now I feel like a big jerk face for talking all that smack about the show, and I ended up being in it any way and not in the background!

See what happens when you complain! The performances are the end of March. . . .and I seriously can't wait! I haven't done a show for 5 yrs, so I may be a little rusty, but I'm ready to get my Joseph on!!!!

Peace Out!


Katie said...

OH! I wish I could come see you! You'll be fabulous! AND HOW DARE YOU THINK YOU SHOULDN'T AUDITION!!! SERIOUSLY!

krystind said...

only because it's true.
I can't believe you said that that's so funny. Okay now i'll go read the rest.

angie said...

you know your #1 fan will be there...sitting right in front of your mom! :)

tamiearl said...

Em, I'm so happy and excited for you! You are a wonderful talent and such a personality. Can't wait!