Monday, February 25, 2008

"They're All Gonna Laugh at You!" - Crazy Mom from Carrie

As you know I'm a nut for themed parties, and as the dance committee head hancho I take it upon myself to offer as many dress up dances as I possibly can! This month I decided we should have our very own "Mock Prom". Not that I generally like stealing ideas from Ashlee Simpson, but that was what planted a seed in my head.

Gwenny just got called to be the activity chair person, and was pretty excited to get this party rolling! Which could possibly not be so good for the budget, to have her and I on the same committee, because if there's one thing Gwen and I know how to do. . . . it's spend money!

But non the less after weeks of preparation, and planning it all came together, and surprisingly enough they re-inbursed us for all our purchases. . . . yes even the louge and beta fish! And even though it was a smaller group then I expected, we all still managed to have a good time. Here's some pictures Severin and I captured through the night. Sister Bailey took some as well. So I will try to post those later, but enjoy!

This was our theme for the night, it was either this or "Under the Sea", they both topped the list for cheesiest Prom Themes.

Big thanks to Gwen's credit card for the crowns and septer's, and Gwen's mad ironing and puff painting for the sashes and the display was masterfully put together by Miss Lynette

Sarah Bryant who I am Dubbing "old faithful" constructed this back drop, she pieced it together herself, and made the bouquets for the Prom Queen court. This is Gwen and Severin looking fabulous as you can tell. Real men rock sparkly pants that's all I have to say. Big shout out to Gwen's Mom for the amazing jewelry and hairdo tips through the years, and MAJOR!! thanks to Janet Berguson for providing dance costumes for Severin and Amber.

Amber and Anthony (just wait for a better shot of the belt buckle, it's a doozy!) and then Lynette looking amazing in this dress complete with wind machine!!!

Just call me DJ Em K Dubb!!!!

The Prom Queen Nominees. . . . .
Dania Peterson, Myself, Gwen, and Amber
and if you'll notice the balloon arch. . . . constructed by Gwen (yes I know it looks like a gay pride arch, but unfortunatley the dollar store only sells assortments!)

The Prom King Nominees. . . . . .
Anthony Johnson, Severin Bergeson, Levi Bisnett, and AJ Mitchell!

The Prom Court (You see what I mean about the belt buckle?)

And the Winner is. . . . . . . . .

Hands down I think Gwen really rocked the better frock, and hair. . . . .so in my mind she's the real winner!!!!
You know what they say. . . . . "You Gotta Kiss a lot off Frogs. . . . . . .
. . . . . before Severin will take a picture with you!"

Don't ask me how the bush ended up in his pocket!!!!

Chalk it up to another fun night with all my favorite Mormons!!!!!!! Here's to the next themed activity, let's hope we can wiggle in a balloon arch, because that was awesome, huh?

Peace Out!!!


krystind said...

you and severin are meant to be together.. you and gwen looked so cool!!!! I love the picture of her hairspraying her hair.

Em K DUB said...

I think Severin and I are the perfect 10. . . . he's the one and I'm the zero. . . . get it?

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