Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"When You Wish Upon a Star. . . . . . "- Jiminy Cricket

Oh Hey Blogging friends!

How are you?

I'm great! How was your weekend?

Good, glad to hear it!

Oh What did I do?. . . . . .well let's see. . . . .Nothing much. . . . .

just went to DISNEYLAND!!!!!

Yes that's right, thanks to my nice tax return (thank you Uncle Sam), and in honor of Michelle's birthday we hit up "The Happiest Place on Earth!" and I found out first hand that it really is the just that!

Prior to the trip Angie and I decided my goal was to take as many pictures with characters as I could. . . . so here are a few famous people I met while gallavanting around the park!

Peter Pan

Hi Fairy Godmother, I'm Princess Emily, from a land far far away!

I don't if you know this, but Tigger's are wonderful things!

Eeyore and I have similiar limb restrictments!

Pluto's a champ!

Off with MY Head?. . . Never! Me and the Queen of Hearts are BFF's

Well did you really expect Dopey to get the pose right?

We waited in line forever to see Mickey, and I think Michelle was a little disappointed with Mickey's height, but they kissed and made up!

Appparently some Queens don't pose when you ask them too. . . .that's alright, two can play at this game!

Here are my Top Ten Favorite Things/Moments @ Disneyland

1. Dole Whip (Pineapple frozen yogurt)- apparantly there's only 3 places you can get this tasty treat. Disneyland, Disneyworld, and Hawaii. Which means I might be making more trips to those places, because seriously. . . . .so delicious! P.S. the pineaple speer was equally as fantastic!

2. Space Mountain- I'm not the biggest fast ride fan, but this one was amazing! I really almost felt like I was in space!

3. Frank the Portrait Guy- This guy gave me an extreme makeover and gave me a little peak into what I would look like if I had Lypo, collagen injections, teeth whitening, and a killer boob job!!! Oh and maybe a neck extension (Do they do those?)

4.Pirates of the Caribbean- This was my favorite ride! It had adventure, fun, and a little fright. Visually, this ride was superb! Plus, pirates are so hot right now!

5.Clam Chowder in a bread bowl- The chowder at Disneyland could be the creamiest, tastiest thing I ever ate, I will continue to dream of how good that stuff was!

6. Soarin' Over California- This ride actually makes you feel like you are gliding over the sunshine state itself!!!! So much that you even smell it! The inventor of this ride was a genious!

7. The Firework display- For those of you who have attended the Malelucha 4th of july firework show in Idaho Falls, I'm here to tell you you have been lied too! Largest Firework display this side of the Mississippi. . . . .HOPPYCOCK!. . . .I mean POPPYCOCK! I have never ooh'd and aah'd over something so much! It was SPECTACULAR!

8. Lunch and a Show at the Golden Nugget? (Angie,what was the name of that saloon?)- Who knew fiddle players where so funny! I think we all where very entertained, and the chili cheese fries weren't half bad either!

9. The funny catch phrases heard on almost every ride-

"Dead men tell no tales"

"Beware of Hitchhiking Ghosts"

"Don't Forget Your Death certificate!"

"Hold on to your hats and glasses cause this here's the wildest ride in the Wilderness!"

"Next stop. . . . ToonTown"

maybe they are funnier when Angie quotes them?

10. Doing random things with my Girls- It doesn't really matter where we go, I swear Angie comes up with the funnest games and random things to do to keep us entertained! Even though our feet and backs hurt, we where sleep deprived, and grumpy at times, we still managed to have a good time even when we where parked on the wall freezing to death waiting for the firework show, or waiting in line for almost every ride. Or even on the airplane. . . .I'm still waiting for Southwest to call us and book us for in flight entertainment! I just really love that no matter what we do or where we are, we always laugh and make memories! Michelle always down for whatever, laughs at even the lame jokes, and sees both sides when we there is a conflict! Lynette always willing to be my travel buddy, and always making sure I have everything I need, or I don't for get something. (And thanks for being willing to ride the crazy rides with me!) Then of course Ang! You where our Travel Agent/Tour Guide/ entertainment and not to keep it cliche' but we can't do it without you!

I love my ladies. . . .you guys are my BFF's fo sho' and I wouldn't trade our good times for anything!. . . . . well maybe a husband!!! Jokes Jokes!!!

All in all, the trip was awesome, and everything I hoped it would be! I hope someday everyone can experience the Magic that is Disneyland, if you haven't already!!

Peace Out!


krystind said...

What's the deal with the same pose in every picture??

I'm glad you had so much fun. Love it love it.

angie said...

becca! becca boo? don't think i'm not blogging about that tomorrow.....cause i am....greatest game ever invented!

angie said...

1. k dizzle: the "pose" was part of the task, she had to try and get all the characters to pose the same...made it that much more funny.

2.emily: the restaurant was the golden horseshoe....but close.

krystind said...

ang: Thanks for the clarification :)