Thursday, January 31, 2008

"Snoop Doggy Dogg. . . . Need to get a Jobby Job" -Old Man from Snoop Dogg Video

Today is the day for "The Future is Here" Job and Career Fair, I've been helping plan this event for a month and a half now, and I'm super excited it's finally here! I'm also super nervous, because I got ropped into being on this employer panel with a bunch of people mostly my age, and I'm not excited because I have to be professional. . . .And there's no room for me to be jokey jokey, and there fore I don't know if I can handle being that serious, and that boring!

Also, everyone else on this panel is supposed to be representing companies with high wage positions, and I think they may have looked over that when deciding to put me on board for this forum, so I also feel a little under qualified, but oh well. . . . the exciting part is my co-worker Tabitha (who is also an AmeriCorps member) and I got to put together a cool display board to try to lure High Schooler's in and talk to us.

It was my idea to take pictures of ourselves doing day to day things, and put them on the board, so I thought I would share those with you!

Here is a glance into the life of an AmeriCorps member at WorkSource. . . . . . .

Here is Tabitha, with her favorite mug! I secretly think she's just trying to fit in, because people around here can't live without their cups of joe!

This is me at my desk, probably blogging, or sending e-mails to Krystin, and thinking about actually doing something productive. If You'll notice according to the "Dundee" I'm currently "The Hottest in the Office" take that Lucy!!!!!

"Your probably wondering why I called you here today."

This is the conference room, that Tabitha and I actually never use, I really wish they'd let us watch movies on that flat screen! What a waste I say!

So this is Tab and Ida (the main secretary for SkillsSource). Tabitha's getting some Job shadowing in!

Meanwhile, I'm doing what I do best and supporvising miss Ida and making sure she's working efficentily. . . . .This picture is not posed at all. . . . .and it's Decaf I swear!

Don't mind her she's looking over her materials!

"Excuse me. . . . . Can I have the Attention of the class. . . . . for one second?. . . . "

This picture. . . .also not posed!

Anyway, that's my life at work, sorta! Pretty amazing Huh? Here's hoping everything goes well!

Peace Out!


angie said... you get to tell the kids about the "perks" of your job? cause that would be awesome.

krystind said...


1. That you mentioned our emails in this post.
2. I hopefully think you're making fun of the girl with her mug because she has it in every picture and its ridiculous.
3. You decorated your cubical
4. And that you work in an office comparable to the "Office"

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