Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"Act Your Age Momma, Not Your Shoe Size" -Prince

OK People I'm gonna come right out and say it. . . . .

get outta my head and go. . . . .

here's the deal. . . . .

I DON'T wanna grow up!

I've gotten a taste of being an adult, and "ME NO LIKEY"

I hate having to spend my money on boring things like toilet paper or tires. I liked it better when Mom and Dad had to pay for everything and I didn't have to worry! I also really hate adult things like Investing, Politics, and Insurance. All things that people use big words I don't understand to describe or even just talk about!

I'm sure I don't have to remind you how much more awesomer it was to be a kid! And no one needs to tell me to suck it up and be a "Big Girl", because I WILL! But, I do have somethings I'm reserving the right to hold on too.

So. . . . . Here's my list of little kid things I love even though I've out grown them!

Capri Suns-

I don't care if it does take a whole box of these to quench my thirst, there's just something about a cold "Pacific Cooler" Capri Sun that fills my heart with joy! And has my taste buds saying "Thank You" Because they are delicious! I also really like blowing air back into them and making it look like there's still stuff in it. . . .you can't do that with a juice box.

Happy Meal-
It's called such for a reason! Because it makes you happy! Even if you get a really dumb toy, but just the fact that it comes with a toy and that toy is considered free, that's awesome! Plus McDonalds has orange Hi-C which has been my most favorite libation since age 3. And I'm not afraid to order it even when I don't order a Happy Meal, or I'm with my friends and I know they're gonna tease me.

Ok so the name doesn't make it sound super appetizing, but trust me they're fantastic!
I Love them because. . . .
A) You don't need a spoon to eat them (now my Mom won't yell at me for taking her silverware)
B) You can freeze them and TADA! Yogurt Popsicle!
C) They come with lame jokes and trivia just like Laffey Taffey!

Crazy Printed Slip-On Shoes-
If anyone knows the actual name of these shoes, I would appreciate that info, because I've heard a lot of different names. Anyway, I sorta started a collection of these thanks to my days at Payless. I couldn't resist, some of the patterns where so adorable, like my music note ones, come on! When something screams my name, I don't care if only 15 yr. old girls with Hello Kitty backpacks are wearing them! Also, no laces, you just slide them on and go! I'm not seeing the problem here!

Jam Pack Jam-
This is a Cranium game, and by far my most favorite one produced by those people! Forget humming songs and molding things out of clay. With this game, you have to pack the trunk of the toy car with little plastic models of things like a couch, rug, birthday cake, chair, fish tank, and a tire. All Before the time runs out, otherwise it spits it back at you! It's meant for ages 6 and up, in my case way up. Thanks to Aubrey for introducing me to this one!
There you have it! This is the stuff that keeps me young! And has me saying "I Won't Grow Up"


Tiffany said...

This is really funny, Just the other day as we were leaving the car repair shop and spent mucho bucks, I turned to david and said, "why do we have to be grown ups, I don't like to be an adult sometimes..." and I still like capri suns, and fun games, happy meals and go gurt - so i guess I am a kid too!!! We have to keep the fun things in our lives...not all adults are boring!!!

angie said...

oh em you make me laugh....mostly at you and not with you....but still! thanks.

sarakorbi said...

Man, that means I'm not a grown up yet. I own 4 pairs of those slip on shoes. I love them! I think they're called boat shoes. Anyways, it's korbi just saying hi. :)