Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"I'm Black, Handsome, I Sing, Plus I'm Rich, and I'm a Flirt" -R Kelly


I heard on the radio that along with being National Croissant Day it is Flirt with Someone Day! So I have enclosed my top ten favorite pick up lines, so you all can get your Flirt on. In honor of the day set aside for it!!!! And be sure to leave me some of your favorites as well!

1. "Do you believe in love at first sight?. . . . .or do I need to walk by again?"

2. "You must be from Tennisee. . . .Because your the only Ten I See!"

3. "Was your Daddy a Terrorist, cause you da bomb!"

4. "Is that kryptanite you got there. . . . cause you know what that kinda stuff does to me!"

5. "I may not be Dairy Queen, but i'll treat you right!"

6."You gotta a band-aid? because I'm cut!"

7. "Bewwwwup Booooop Bewwwwup Booop, that's the sound of the ambulance coming to take me away, because the sight of you stopped my heart!"

8. "Hey yo Cat. . . .Drop the Zero, and get with the Hero!"

9. "You must be an adverb, because you sure do modify me!"

10. "There's something wrong with my cell phone. . . .it doesn't have your number in it!"

And honorable mention goes too. . . . . . . .

Girl asks- "Why didn't you ask for my number?"Guy says- "Because I know I'll see you again!"

I think only one person will appreciate that! (You know who you are!)

Peace Out!


krystind said...

thank you for posting two days in a row. I am very bored at work- everyone is gone, i have nothing to do... i'm running out of things to check online..

Tiffany Fackrell said...

this is my all time favorite!!!! goes...
I knew milk did a body good...But DAAAAAANNNNNNNGGGGG, how much milk have YOU been drinkin!!!?

pick up lines are so cheesy, do they really work...? or should I say, do people use them in real life?

angie said...

all the pick-up lines i know are a little more scandalous. :)

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