Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"No one's gonna buy the ice cream truck when your giving out the popsicles for free!"- Molly Shannon in Never Been Kissed

I'm so ready for this writer's strike to be over! I need The Office back, I need Reaper back, and pretty soon I'm sure they'll run out of House and then I'm gonna need that back! I really don't think it should be too much to ask to give the writer's the money they deserve for the work they do. . . . .if the big wigs would stop being selfish, this issue would have been resolved and I could be continuing to enjoy Jim and Pam in love!

In the mean time I'm trying to be grateful for what I've got, and right now that's American Idol (DUH!) and dare I say it Rock of Love. I know most of you know how addicting trashy shows are, I am no exception, i'm hooked! I guess I'm amazed that the people on all of the celebrity dating shows VH1 comes up with, think they have everyone fooled that the shows are in fact reality TV. When I say no way!

I'm pretty sure I'll have something to say about idol tomorrow, but let's talk about Rock of Love for a second. Brett Michaels is the lead singer of Poison and for some odd reason is not able to find a girl to love him and take care of him and be all ok with all the throngs of groupies he encounters! I say "WHAT WOMAN WOULD?" and what woman in her right mind could handle living in a house with a crap load of girls all after the same man, and watch him kiss and rub up on several different woman in a matter of minutes! Never, Never, Never. . . . unless, I was after something else like. . . . oh I don't know. . . . being on TV or being with a famous Rock Star.

There's this French girl named Angelique (I'll let you guess which one she is!) on the show that just got kicked off the other night, thank heaven, but I couldn't believe how unbelievably skanky she was. When I think of French woman I audimatically think classy and put together, I mean even when they are portrayed as prostitutes, they still don't look trashy. . . .wait I take that back the only time I have ever seen a dumpy looking french woman was on the Saturday Night Live sketch "Old French Whore". This girl could have definately been on that spoof. Mostly because she looked old and looked like she learned how to dress from a 900 number commercial. She also had the hugest fake boobs and big fake lips, I mean just everything about this girl was a mess! I'm pretty sure she had to have been a drug addict or according to Angie a man, and all she talked about was sex. Plus she managed to flash the twins every episode she was on, and I was thinking sweety pie. . . .didn't anyone ever tell you the key to being sexy is leaving something to the imagination, she just put it all out there, like it wasn't gonna get old after a while. I mean this woman can't be serious, she has to be doing that for attention right?

I guess it really doesn't matter because she got kicked off, but I just needed you too know that I thought she was a super tramp! And I was Uber-annoyed!


krystind said...

i wanna see what's under the bandana on brett michaels head.

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