Thursday, January 3, 2008

"Alright Mr. Demille, I'm ready for my Close-Up" Sunset Boulevard

Hello Blogging World!. . . . Here I am! I know it's been kinda hip to blog for quite some time now, but if you know me then you know how much of a late bloomer I am and I figured "Hey" it's a new year, why not try new things. . . .also K-Dizzle aka Krystin Davies needs more things to read to keep her busy while she's at work! With that said I would like to bless you all with some of my New Years resolutions!!!! Because Everybody else is jumping off that bridge, I might as well!

Resolution 1-

So pretty much all my life, I've been blessed with two chins. It's just kinda always been that way, but more lately in pictures I've noticed a third one creeping up on me. . . .that is where I draw the line! So thus it is my mission to lose my chins and see what life is like with one!

Resolution 2-

I love music, this is true. And for a while last year I was taking lessons. I really developed an appreciation for music and it really interested me how things work, well I most likely can't afford to take those lessons back up again but I still have all my notes and flash cards, and it's my resolution to continue my study of that and commit to memory the stuff I do know and the materials I do have, because what a waste if I don't! Plus I really like the idea of being able to spell any Major or Minor key, and knowing all the Modes and Chord Progressions!

Resolution 3-

Kiss More Boys!!!! A wise person once said "You Have to Kiss a lot of Frogs Before You Find Your Prince!" I know believe truer words where never spoken. I've decided after hashing it out over and over and over again with my friends (mainly Angie) that my old prudy way of thinking is stupid and it's time to step out of my comfort zone! Plus I'm tired of never having any funny stories to tell about this topic.

And last but not least . . . . . .

Resolution 4-

Move out of my Parents House! I'm 24, an adult, and my Parents will not miss me,(I know for sure I asked). I would like this year to get myself together enough to move out and start fending for myself. . . .I did a fair job in Idaho, but the time has come to spread my wings once more and stop throwing off my parents groove! It probably won't be until September, but atleast by the end of the year!
So there it is People, these are the things I want to accomplish this year! Here's to 2008! May we all improve and keep movin' forward! Peace Out!


angie said...

totally psyched out of my mind about this blog. good first post (although i would suggest not using the black font). can't wait for more.

p.s. also totally excited for you to be kissing boys! hahahahhaa.

krystind said...

YAY!!!!!!!! i'm so excited!!!!! I'm adding you right now.

Um, and i think we should come up with some daily topics of discussion.. mainly some better ideas for me so you and angie aren't bored with my blog...

Em K DUB said...

I'm not exactly sure how that black font thing happened! How annoying, sorry!!!!!

Tiffany said...

EMILY!!! I just happened to stumble across your blog, and then noticed you just started it today!! You Go Girl! Can't wait to read more, You always Crack me up!! It was good to run into you every once in awhile in Moses Lake, I just don't think we ever had Cambree with us. Check out our blog and you can at least see some pics of her.

Great Resolutions! - I too need to get back to my one chin self!!!

Tiffany, David, and Cambree Fackrell

Brandon Dee Anne and Boston said...

Dude You crack me up, I miss you chic!