Monday, January 7, 2008

"Dear little Baby Jesus, Who's sitting in his crib, watching baby Einstien Videos learning about shapes and colors. . . ." -Ricky Bobby

Ok So I've lived in Moses Lake a long time, and anyone from here knows the huge Mexican/American population there is. I thought I was pretty wised up on various Mexican traditions, but today I found out about one I think is truly fascinating, and I'm sad i've gone this long without hearing about it sooner!

Jan. 6th is the holiday called El Dia de Reyes' which in english means Three Kings Day. This is the day they believe the three wisemen arrived bearing gifts for the Saviour. Which is why in Mexico they open there presents this day instead of Christmas Day.

One of the Traditions of this Holiday is a dessert called "Rosca de Reyes". It's a cake like pastry baked in a round shape to symbolize a crown, But the fun doesn't stop there inside the cake is baked a plastic Baby Jesus! And apparently whoever finds it has to host the Dia de la Canelaria' (Candlemas Day) Feb. 2nd. The Hidden Baby Jesus is symbolic of Jesus being hidden from Herod, when he decreed all baby boys to be killed so none of them would take his crown!

Will someone please tell me why we are wasting our time with foolish traditions like fruit cake! Next Christmas Season please believe I will be making me some Baby Jesus cake. . . You can't tell me that's not awesome!!!!! Stay tuned for my special Candlemas Day blog. . . .because I think by default I found the Baby Jesus. . . .and it now sits on my desk for good luck!!! Happy Belated Three Kings Day! and. . . .Peace Out!


angie said...

why did me and michelle not know about this holiday? and question can you only have baby jesus cake on this day or can be a weekly tradition?

Em K DUB said...

I believe much to my dismay you can only celebrate it once a year!!! And I found out through One of my Co-workers who brought the cake in to work today!

Ashley said...

Em you are hilarious...I'm trying to stay out of public because of all the questions too...It just gets annoying that everyone has to ask when I feel like crap because I'm in so much pain!! And you are adorable inside and out no matter what. And not mention the best personality! Everyone loves you!! I don't know why I haven't seen you around! I guess we just don't get out much anymore now that we have kids and Roger's so busy with school!! Miss ya though!

krystind said...

thats funny... they do a similar thing for Mardi Gras down south

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