Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"Weekends I Prefer the Weekends Aha hah ha ha ha ha!"- Will Ferrel as the Devil

Listen people, I don't know if you guys have figured this out yet, but I live for stuff to blog about, I carry my camera with me everywhere in hopes that at some point I can snap shots of something interesting and either make it my profile picture on facebook or throw it up on my blog, and this weekend blogging topics where not in short supply!

For the second time I hosted the Lip Sync Contest at Springfest, the theme was music from the 80's and so you know I had to represent!

Here's my salute to Madonna's MTV Video music performance of "Like a Virgin" minus the rolling around on stage.

I secretly want this dress to keep forever!!!! I would wear it everyday!!!!!

Angie posted some stories about Saturday's events so check her blog out for more details, but I also hosted Springfest Idol, and i think it went well other then in 17 and under division 3 out of the 10 performers sang "Black Horse and a Cherry Tree" (I didn't know it was 2006) and Angie and Michelle felt like they where at Creationfest due to the amount of Praise songs sang for the 18 and older round, The guy that won was the only one who didn't sing something from church, he sang Foreigner's "Cold as Ice" and he was actually really good!
We hit up the moonlight Parade, got attacked by a Carnie and I discovered I can't go out in public anymore without getting recognized!

It's Snuggie Time!!!!!!

Monday Angie decided a road trip to Leavenworth was in order, so off we went to get a little Bavarian culture, and so I could pay homage to my people!

Ahhh men in literhosen (sp?). . . . doesn't get much better then that!

Fierce, fierce, fierce, fabulous!

Us at the Munchen Haus yah, gettin' our Brat on!

The highlight of my Leavenworth trip was this little shop, simply titled "The Hat Shop"

And there where hats. . . . oh yes there where hats. . . . .

But their glasses collection was amazing, here are some of my favorites that we saw!

". . . .and this is Dixie Wetsworth Mahhhhh! Dance for me Pool Boy!"

"I cannot tell a lie!"

"if i could Turn Back Time. . . .WoooH!"

"Domo Arrigato Mr. Robato!"

"My, My, My Poker Face, My, My Poker face"

"Greetings Earthlings we have now taken over your radio"

"Wasted Away Again at Margaritaville"

but this picture by far steals the show. . . . I'm pretty sure I've seen this exact shot in my Parents High School Annual!

"Peggy Sue, Peggy Sue, oh how I love my Peggy Sue!"

Pretty sweet right?

anyway the fun doesn't stop there, towards the end of our little day trip I got talked into climbing this rock wall they had set up in the middle of town. No that is not me pictured towards the top of the wall, that is a much more successful little kid!

Here's Emily still feeling optimistic that she could actually do this, even though the only thing she lifts regularly is the remote control as long as Angie's not around.

Here I am up. . . . .

. . . . .and here I am down!

Best idea ever guys!!!!!

I don't even think I made it half way up, and my arms where killing me, so this was a classic example of all pain, no gain.

Someday Rock wall . . . you will be mine!

Great weekend, lots of fun memories, hope you all had the same!

Peace Out!


Kacey Nielsen said...

I am so glad Moses Lake has realized how awesome you are! Really at this point the whole world should know but, for now, I am positive the world of moses lake performance has improved DRAMATICALLY since you started taking the stage. Someday I'll say, "I knew her when..."

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

"all pain, no gain"--I'm glad you documented that rock wall, Emily. What a funny shot.

Whitney said...

I have never laughed so hard! I love you, i love you, i do! We are so going to do rock climbing for our activity on Tuesday.

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