Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"To All the Ladies in the place with style and grace!"- Notorious BIG

This is just one of the many fun things I did this weekend, with my good buddies Kayla Chamberlain and Whitney Smith!

After a fun filled adventure in Quincy in honor of our friend Kelly Hodges Birthday, we had to make a stop at WalMart so I could collect the makings for Fruit Pizza for Linger Longer later that day after church, (I say later that day because it was a little after 4 AM when we arrived. . . .it's not the Sabbath until you go to sleep right?)

Whitney is really getting into character here!

Here is the epitome of laziness! Hey Whitney can you get that for me?
Yeah, yeah right there!
No, No, little to the left!

Yes, Finally!!!!

Kayla laying low and keeping it cool! No unnecessary cart usage here sir!

Bumper carts anyone?

Our reasoning for this is totally legit!

Do I look like I just got caught doing something I shouldn't or what?

This is officially my favorite thing to do at 4 AM

More fun weekend stories to come!
Peace out!