Sunday, May 10, 2009

". . . . and like I always say If it's not Baroque. . . .don't fix it!" - Cogsworth

OK so this blog has been a long time coming, it has now been a month since Beauty and the Beast wrapped up, and I'm just now getting it blogged about, how silly! Any who, sorry for the poor timing, but here are some pics I rounded up, I apologize that they are mostly of me, I realize how self-centered it looks, but I never said I was perfect!



Enchanted Diva!

Human Again Diva!

A BIG thanks goes to the Mommala for not only finding and financing my finale dress, but helping me get ready every night and taking my dress home to iron it, washing my gloves, constructing me wig caps, she just did SO much that I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am for her, she always takes care of me, I love you Mom!

I've been informed that my blog posts can on occasion be a bit wordy, and sometimes have too many pictures, so this is a . . . .
WARNING: This blog post contains many photo's and possibly lengthy descriptions so proceed at your own risk!

True story Madame De la Grande Bouche does not have very many scenes maybe one more then the Disney cartoon, but Toby was nice enough to insert me in even though I really had no place.

For example just before the big "Be Our Guest" number I had a scene with Belle where she decides to go against the masters wishes and leave her room, but Toby thought it would be funny if at the end of that scene I take advantage of the time and sing a little opera diddy since after all I am a Diva, so I started singing a little snippet of Carmen I learned from a different musical, then I decided it would be cooler If I actually learned it in French. Tami Lybbert volunteered her husband Dave to help me with the pronunciation (he served his mission in France) Once I finally started rehearsing with my actual wardrobe costume, Danny Law (The Beast) was kind enough to show me some moves he thought I should try, and the rest as they say is history! I believe it was a hit, I mean nobody came up to me and told me what an awful job I did, so, you know! This picture below is a shot of me singing my Aria.

Cogsworth (Richard Law), Lumiere (Dave O'Neill), Chip (Jaimyn Law), Mrs. Potts (Jasmine Turner), and me singing "Something There"

Here's a shot of LaFou and I at the end of the mob scene when I dress him up as a woman for invading the castle (Yes Kevin Jackson I suggested it mainly because you commented about it)! David Anderson who played LaFou was so freakin' hilarious it was really tough for me to keep it together, because he would scream louder then I would sing, and then when he'd pretend like I was attacking him, it would make me laugh so hard (Milo Bushman you know why!)

Another shot of me in my home!

The scene just before the "Kill the Beast" number
Gaston's "Lodge"
You'll notice I put Lodge instead of Tavern, well here's the story. We are Mormons, we don't drink, so in our plays we don't drink, well mainly we didn't want a big ruckus from any of those Uber Mormons out there who may have had an issue with it meaning as it is an "appearance of evil" or whatever you would like to call it.

You'll notice in the backdrop their appears to be a very large mirror and a sign just adjacent to it! We borrowed this backdrop from a high school that had just recently done the production but that was not originally what appeared there. . . . .
Oh yeah, upon unraveling we where amazed to find this classy number! my favorite is the "Beware Loose Women" sign! This is funny, no?
A shot of the final scene when everyone is back to normal!

Danny the Beast and Jessica Kincaid as Belle. . . . true story, this dress originally had sleeves, but Jessica removed them, and you wouldn't believe the difference, the lace sleeves made it look seriously little house on the prairie!

Here's Shawn Turner (The Prince) Mrs. Potts, and Amy Jorgenson (Babette aka the Feather Duster!)

Here's two of my favorite guys Milo Bushman and Kyle Noyes! I know what you are thinking "Hey, I didn't know Hugh Hefner was in that show!"

Here are our Gaston loving Silly Girls. . . .all six of them!

Awe come on Gaston. . . . no playing favorites!

Here's me and my sis after our opening night, she wore purple just for me!

My Grandma Schaat and I. . . . I left her something to remember me by!

AHHHH WOLVES!!!!! Ferocious looking aren't they?

Angie took this shot, she says it's her favorite face! You know me though I love a good kick line!

Here's me and Rianne Jones! I wanna give a little shout out to her and her Mom, because on stage Rianne was 100% effort all the time, I was impressed with her commitment, and her Mother was the best backstage hand you could ever have, she was always right there with a safety pin, a band-aid or a drink of water, she was amazing! LOVE THEM!!!!!

I stole Maurice's hat for a photo op!
My Daughter. . . Odd?

Ok so this is my costume when it was a size 2 and had doors, those were removed when they realized they'd be a big hassle. . . . and they would have been, that costume was huge and I was knocking over small children as it was, I can't imagine the damage that would have been done had I had appendages like that to boot! David was kind enough to model it for me!

The real Beauty and the Beast! ha Ha Ha

A few more shots from the stage!

Toby Black was our Director, Darrin Vernon was our Assistant Director, then Valaree Roylance and Eric Knowles where our producers/stage director managers, pretty much every other behind the scenes position and they came up with the idea to give out an award each night for the best performer of the show that evening. They called it the T.E.V.D award which stood for Toby, Eric, ValaRee, and Darrin.

Belle thought it sounded more like a venereal disease, and I thought that was hilarious!
I won for Wednesday's performance, here's me with my trophy that I didn't get to keep, sigh!

I promised myself I wouldn't do this!

So, people I would just like to state for the record that playing the Wardrobe in Beauty and the Beast was my most favorite of all time! I had a blast on stage every night, because my character was so much fun to play!
And might I also say I really loved everyone in the cast they where all so awesome to work with, and I miss them terribly!
I think most of us where worried that the show wouldn't be as good as Joseph was last year, but in my opinion it was, and I hope all of you who got a chance to see it thought so too!
Here's to next year!
Peace out!


angie said...

I think they should have kept the original backdrop...that would have been awesome!

Jeremy & Ashley said...

you were fabulous, an absolute diva. I so enjoy you as a person and your many talents :) Cant wait for next year!

The Harris Family said...

Emily you look awesome! I wish I could have seen the show.

alicia west said...

Hey Emily,
It's your cousin, Alicia. You look amazing! So cute in your costume. I really wanted to go to the play but I had to work, sorry I missed it. Maybe I will catch the next play your in. Love ya!

Mike and Aubrey Asay said...

Such fun & awesome pics!! Wish I could have seen it live :) You looked fabulous!!

Jordon and Terra said...

We really wish we could have been there to see this, looks like it was a lot of fun! And I just wanted to clear up that OF COURSE we are going to name our first child after you, we just decided to switch the name around a little! So from Emily we changed it to Hallie, just a few minor changes! What do you think? :)

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